September 21, 2000

ZCU statement on selection of team for 1st Test.


Further to our media release of 12 September 2000 we wish to further advise as follows:-

1. The ZCU Chief Executive Officer, Dave Ellman-Brown visited Bulawayo on 13 September to clarify the situation

2. ZCU has ascertained that the misunderstanding between the ZCU Administrators and the selectors on the one hand and the National Team Management on the other arose from the fact that it had not been clearly stated as to whether the team had been released as a final XI plus a 12th man, or released as a squad of 12

On the assumption that a squad of 12 had been given to them, the team management had met and finalised the selected XI. In their deliberations the team management had strategised to include an extra batsman, namely Craig Wishart, at the expense of a bowler, David Mutendera

3. When this matter was brought to the attention of the Selectors and the ZCU Administration, in an attempt to clarify the situation, the final XI was reviewed to the extent that Mutendera was re-instated at the expense of Wishart

4. ZCU regrets the incident and has immediately introduced measures to ensure that no such misunderstanding will occur again in the future

5. With regard to the Guy Whittall situation, ZCU is pleased to advise that the matter has been discussed in full with Guy Whittall and the Union is looking forward to his continued participation as Vice-Captain with immediate effect.

D Ellman-Brown 18 September 2000