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Stock image of a computer programmer's screen

The wizard Elz

Close to three decades ago, an Australian computer programmer pioneered online text commentary for cricket matches

Wasim Akram laughs after the fall of a West Indies wicket

Hate to Love

Wasim Akramam

What one Pakistani genius meant to two generations of an Indian family

James Anderson bowls


The art of Anderson

Jimmy A talks us through how he does what he does

Fans cheer


Inside batting

This month's cover story goes into territory cricket writing normally fears to tread

Ravindra Jadeja had Hashim Amla clean bowled


Of sports and hatred

Why do we take to social media in droves and pour scorn on players?

Ian Botham bats


The line of greatness

Some soar over it, some walk it, some fall cruelly short. A brief history

Two of the greatest spinners of all time, Muttiah Muralitharan and Shane Warne, have a chat

Cricket All-Stars Series

The '90s show is back, so is the lost childhood

Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne face a dilemma in their attempt to sell the game to a new audience, but for fans of a certain vintage it's nostalgia that continues to win the day