Also knows asJamia Millia Cricket Ground
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The Jamia Millia Islamia University is situated in South Delhi, about 15 kilometres away from the heart of the city. Completed in 1989, it is now rated as one of the finest playing surfaces in the capital. Although the location and the facilities available leave a little to be desired one cannot fault the actual playing area on any count. The outfield is an even, well manicured lush green and the wicket is a good batting strip. The three turf pitches used in the ground were laid at the time the ground was made ready for use. The boundary ropes now stand at an even 75 yards from the stumps and can be pushed back a further five yards.
The grounds also have long brick walled sight screens installed at both ends, making things very convenient for batsmen. Since then, a comfortable pavilion has been built and work is on to convert barren patches into lawns and beds of seasonal flowers. Although the Jamia Millia Grounds have not yet had the privilege of hosting a first class match, it has hosted a number of important tournaments, including the Sail Trophy and the Escorts Trophy. In 1997 its premises were also used to conduct three matches of the Women's World Cup in 1997. In its eleven year history thus far, it has seen the likes of Mohammed Azharuddin, Sanjay Manjrekar and Venkatesh Prasad ply their wares. The ground has been brought to its current state thanks mainly to the unstinted efforts of the Physical Director of the College, Noor Mohammed Khan. It was he who persuaded interested members of the staff including Vice Chancellor Professor Zahoor Qasim in 1989 to embark on this ambitious venture. (Anand Vasu)