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'Just had a reggae reggae chicken pasty as a desperation snack'

Also in our Twitter round-up, Mark Wood reveals his life-goal checklist and Virat Kohli flaunts his introspection

Alex Bowden
Back in October, when we made fun of Tino Best for settling down to read his own autobiography, little did we suspect that he was a trailblazer.
You can draw your own conclusions about the nature of Nasser's facial expression.
Kevin Pietersen's latest addiction would appear to be crying emojis.
Is it honestly necessary to deploy four of them? Surely one would have done the job?
At least he's not been reduced to Warniemojis.
Small mercies.
Mark Wood's feeling significantly perkier than KP. And with good reason.
And here's another potential pick-me-up.
Last time around, Sourav Ganguly provided us with a selfie at an airline check-in desk, encouraging the notion that the former India captain hadn't quite got to grips with the art of social media.
Selfies should be glamorous, Sourav. You're meant to show off your opulent lifestyle, eliciting jealousy in all who see your tweets.
So what does he give us this week?
A committee meeting.
You might want to check out Chris Gayle's feed for some tips, Sourav. His profile pic is of him in a gold suit.
Twitter's for extroverts. It's no place for introspection.
Although if you do want to partake in such an activity, ensure it's captured in an arty black and white photograph so that each of your 13.2 million Twitter followers can fully appreciate just how deep and thoughtful you are.
This isn't strictly speaking a selfie, but it does capture a moment of (somewhat surprising) pampering.
Ian Ward's rictus grin also warrants comment. One can only presume he thought he was going to be in a photograph.
Of course the main thing that Twitter's for, other than selfies, is telling your followers that you're having breakfast.
Still, we have to say we're huge fans of Mark Richardson addressing his audience with something approaching contempt. Very refreshing. More of this kind of thing.
Styris, meanwhile, had other weighty matters on his mind.
He kept track throughout.
This could be a new record.
Somewhere in the world there is always a cricketer asking whether they should be complaining about air travel.
Or committing to their complaint wholeheartedly.

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