Highest totals by New South Wales in List A

Highest totals
Match Date
397/450.07.941v TasmaniaSydney14 Oct 2001List A
35049.37.071v VictoriaNorth Sydney18 Nov 2012List A
348/650.06.961v West AustSydney2 Oct 2019List A
344/750.06.881v VictoriaSydney24 Nov 2021List A
338/350.06.761v CA XISydney5 Oct 2015List A
332/850.06.641v CA XISydney8 Oct 2017List A
328/650.06.561v CA XISydney7 Oct 2016List A
325/650.06.502v West AustNorth Sydney31 Oct 2004List A
324/649.36.542v VictoriaNorth Sydney24 Oct 2013List A
32249.16.542v South AustNorth Sydney5 Nov 2022List A
319/750.06.381v South AustNorth Sydney5 Oct 1997List A
318/340.37.852v VictoriaNorth Sydney30 Oct 2011List A
318/950.06.361v VictoriaNorth Sydney15 Feb 2021List A
317/645.07.041v South AustNorth Sydney12 Dec 2010List A
317/650.06.341v QueenslandNorth Sydney27 Oct 2013List A
316/650.06.321v TasmaniaPerth2 Oct 2017List A
314/345.56.852v VictoriaNorth Sydney20 Oct 2013List A
311/750.06.221v TasmaniaHobart25 Jan 2006List A
310/446.56.612v VictoriaNorth Sydney16 Oct 2016List A
310/450.06.201v South AustSydney3 Dec 1981List A
310/550.06.201v VictoriaNorth Sydney15 Oct 1991List A
309/850.06.181v West AustPerth4 Nov 2005List A
307/750.06.141v TasmaniaNorth Sydney24 Oct 1993List A
305/550.06.101v QueenslandBrisbane22 Sep 2019List A
304/650.06.081v QueenslandSydney16 Oct 2015List A
302/850.06.041v West AustNorth Sydney4 Feb 2001List A
30149.46.062v South AustSydney6 Oct 2017List A
300/445.46.562v QueenslandSydney1 Oct 2018List A
300/850.06.001v TasmaniaHobart17 Nov 2022List A
298/350.05.961v South AustAdelaide18 Oct 1992List A
296/750.05.921v South AustSydney15 Feb 2004List A
295/550.05.901v VictoriaCanberra10 Dec 2006List A
294/547.56.142v VictoriaNorth Sydney12 Oct 2014List A
29450.05.881v South AustWollongong26 Jan 2010List A
293/450.05.861v QueenslandSydney3 Feb 2010List A
29149.55.831v TasmaniaNorth Sydney16 Feb 2023List A
291/750.05.821v South AustAdelaide20 Oct 2023List A
291/750.05.822v TasmaniaHobart7 Dec 2008List A
291/550.05.821v South AustNorth Sydney15 Oct 2006List A
288/650.05.762v VictoriaSydney20 Feb 2008List A
287/750.05.741v QueenslandBrisbane21 Feb 1988List A
286/550.05.721v VictoriaSydney4 Nov 1992List A
283/448.55.792v QueenslandSydney13 Oct 2017List A
283/650.05.661v QueenslandBrisbane8 Dec 2000List A
283/350.05.661v West AustPerth23 Jan 1998List A
282/450.05.641v South AustAdelaide18 Dec 2005List A
282/550.05.641v TasmaniaSydney16 Oct 1990List A
281/550.05.621v West AustPerth16 Sep 2012List A
28044.46.262v VictoriaMelbourne23 Feb 2011List A
278/750.05.561v South AustSydney16 Feb 1985List A
278/450.05.561v QueenslandBrisbane10 Oct 1993List A
277/750.05.541v VictoriaMelbourne23 Sep 2022List A
277/950.05.541v TasmaniaNorth Sydney14 Nov 1999List A
276/448.25.712v West AustPerth25 Feb 2001List A
27548.55.632v TasmaniaHobart4 Nov 2007List A
275/650.05.501v QueenslandSydney13 Nov 2005List A
275/650.05.501v VictoriaNorth Sydney2 Nov 2008List A
275/950.05.501v VictoriaNorth Sydney26 Oct 1997List A
273/448.25.642v TasmaniaHobart29 Nov 2003List A
27349.45.491v South AustSydney16 Feb 2003List A
273/850.05.461v QueenslandNorth Sydney15 Oct 1995List A
272/850.05.441v South AustNorth Sydney16 Oct 1994List A
271/750.05.421v QueenslandBrisbane30 Nov 2001List A
271/850.05.421v TasmaniaNorth Sydney15 Nov 2009List A
26948.05.602v South AustAdelaide14 Jan 2001List A
26949.55.392v QueenslandBrisbane26 Feb 2023List A
26749.55.351v West AustSydney22 Nov 2006List A
267/950.05.341v West AustPerth13 Feb 2002List A
267/850.05.342v West AustPerth12 Oct 2007List A
266/850.05.321v South AustAdelaide17 Feb 2013List A
266/450.05.321v VictoriaSydney13 Feb 2005List A
266/950.05.321v South AustNorth Sydney8 Oct 2015List A
26449.55.291v TasmaniaNorth Sydney25 Nov 2007List A
264/450.05.281v West AustSydney12 Mar 1994List A
264/850.05.281v South AustSydney14 Feb 2013List A
264/750.05.281v TasmaniaSydney2 Feb 2003List A
264/550.05.281v West AustSydney10 Oct 2015List A
26247.25.532v QueenslandCanberra2 Dec 2012List A
262/940.0x84.911v West AustSydney2 Feb 1974List A
26142.06.212v VictoriaNorth Sydney23 Sep 2018List A
261/349.05.321v South AustAdelaide15 Oct 2011List A
261/950.05.221v South AustAdelaide22 Oct 2008List A
261/850.05.221v South AustSydney4 Nov 2011List A
26049.25.272v West AustPerth29 Sep 2017List A
260/549.55.212v West AustSydney3 Feb 2002List A
260/250.05.201v VictoriaSydney19 Nov 1981List A
259/945.05.751v West AustPerth26 Nov 2010List A
259/647.55.412v QueenslandBrisbane9 Dec 2009List A
259/748.55.302v TasmaniaHobart18 Mar 2021List A
25949.55.192v VictoriaMelbourne17 Nov 2019List A
259/750.05.181v VictoriaMelbourne28 Nov 2007List A
259/850.05.181v VictoriaWangaratta2 Jan 2006List A
256/340.56.262v VictoriaNorth Sydney14 Feb 2024List A
256/750.05.121v West AustSydney21 Nov 1979List A
256/950.05.121v VictoriaSydney7 Oct 2001List A
255/750.05.101v TasmaniaHobart18 Feb 1995List A
254/649.25.142v South AustAdelaide8 Nov 2006List A
25343.25.831v QueenslandNorth Sydney17 Oct 2013List A
25347.05.382v West AustPerth19 Jan 2001List A
252/842.06.001v South AustSydney22 Oct 2013List A
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

New South Wales vs Western Australia at Sydney, The Marsh Cup Final, Feb 25, 2024 [List A]

Victoria vs New South Wales at North Sydney, The Marsh Cup 21st Match, Feb 14, 2024 [List A]

Western Australia vs New South Wales at Perth, The Marsh Cup 16th Match, Feb 1, 2024 [List A]