Most extras in an innings by New South Wales in T20s

Most extras in an innings
Match Date
14015.31642469.032v VictoriaNorth Sydney21 Jan 2006Twenty20
14220.01584127.102v South AustNewcastle7 Jan 2007Twenty20
16219.414201028.232v QueenslandBrisbane26 Dec 2008Twenty20
12120.01407706.051v QueenslandSydney8 Jan 2008Twenty20
10411.51000508.782v West AustSydney9 Jan 2011Twenty20
13920.01001636.952v Trinidad & TChennai28 Sep 2011Twenty20
16620.0915308.302v TasmaniaSydney12 Jan 2009Twenty20
12820.0904506.401v VictoriaSydney17 Jan 2009Twenty20
14020.0903517.001v QueenslandBrisbane24 Jan 2011Twenty20
16818.0807109.332v QueenslandNorth Sydney8 Jan 2006Twenty20
16519.5812508.312v TasmaniaSydney10 Jan 2007Twenty20
18820.0805309.401v TasmaniaHobart10 Jan 2006Twenty20
16420.0823308.202v QueenslandBrisbane5 Jan 2007Twenty20
14220.0824207.102v VictoriaMelbourne6 Jan 2008Twenty20
14420.0806207.201v EaglesDelhi9 Oct 2009Twenty20
15020.0802517.502v TasmaniaSydney19 Jan 2011Twenty20
20320.08125010.151v RCBBengaluru7 Oct 2011Twenty20
10117.0702505.942v MIChennai2 Oct 2011Twenty20
16118.2701428.782v South AustAdelaide6 Jan 2009Twenty20
15920.0705207.951v Trinidad & THyderabad23 Oct 2009Twenty20
16820.0700618.401v South AustAdelaide4 Jan 2011Twenty20
15320.0704307.651v South AustAdelaide5 Feb 2011Twenty20
13520.0700616.751v Cape CobrasChennai24 Sep 2011Twenty20
16820.0602408.402v West AustPerth1 Jan 2007Twenty20
14820.0601507.401v West AustSydney30 Dec 2008Twenty20
16920.0633008.451v VictoriaDelhi21 Oct 2009Twenty20
17820.0601508.901v VictoriaMelbourne2 Jan 2010Twenty20
12019.3511306.151v QueenslandSydney29 Jan 2011Twenty20
15920.0503117.951v West AustSydney10 Jan 2008Twenty20
20120.05022110.051v CSKChennai4 Oct 2011Twenty20
10712.5400228.332v TasmaniaHobart1 Feb 2011Twenty20
16720.0411118.352v VictoriaSydney24 Jan 2009Twenty20
19420.0400409.701v TasmaniaHobart30 Dec 2009Twenty20
569.0302106.222v QueenslandSydney13 Jan 2010Twenty20
11211.5301119.462v SomersetHyderabad18 Oct 2009Twenty20
7116.2300304.342v West AustPerth5 Jan 2010Twenty20
17020.0201108.501v Trinidad & THyderabad16 Oct 2009Twenty20
16820.0202008.401v VictoriaMelbourne22 Jan 2011Twenty20
828.4100109.462v South AustSydney17 Jan 2010Twenty20
13517.0100107.942v South AustAdelaide1 Jan 2008Twenty20
15720.0101007.851v TasmaniaHobart4 Jan 2008Twenty20
13020.0101006.501v SussexDelhi11 Oct 2009Twenty20
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Team is the team credited with the extras, Opposition is the team that conceded them.
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

New South Wales vs Royal Challengers Bengaluru at Bengaluru, Nokia Champions League T20 1st Semi-Final, Oct 7, 2011 [Twenty20]

New South Wales vs Chennai Super Kings at Chennai, Nokia Champions League T20 Group A, Oct 4, 2011 [Twenty20]

Mumbai Indians vs New South Wales at Chennai, Nokia Champions League T20 Group A, Oct 2, 2011 [Twenty20]