High scores For National League Division Two, 2005

High scores
Match Date
144164135191106.66Sussexv WarwickshireHove08 May 2005List A
137118105117130.47Warwickshirev YorkshireBirmingham20 Sep 2005List A
134*90711010188.73Somersetv SussexTaunton30 May 2005List A
132*15613610297.05Sussexv SomersetHove01 Aug 2005List A
129*16413112098.47Derbyshirev SussexDerby14 Aug 2005List A
129142105130122.85Somersetv YorkshireTaunton14 Aug 2005List A
122*15912514197.60Warwickshirev KentBirmingham01 May 2005List A
116*15112911089.92Yorkshirev KentLeeds31 Jul 2005List A
11611790151128.88Derbyshirev KentMaidstone05 Jun 2005List A
114*15612710189.76Leicsv SussexHove07 Aug 2005List A
114110106143107.54Kentv SomersetBath12 Jun 2005List A
1147261115186.88Somersetv YorkshireTaunton14 Aug 2005List A
112*122104100107.69Warwickshirev SomersetTaunton05 Sep 2005List A
11215212013193.33Derbyshirev ScotlandDerby19 Jun 2005List A
11114212716187.40Yorkshirev SurreyThe Oval17 Apr 2005List A
110*17412510088.00Sussexv SurreyHove31 Aug 2005List A
108*7763133171.42Surreyv LeicsThe Oval09 Aug 2005List A
107*15911912089.91Leicsv WarwickshireBirmingham19 Jun 2005List A
10716213411079.85Somersetv WarwickshireBirmingham17 Apr 2005List A
104*1201219085.95Warwickshirev ScotlandEdinburgh18 Sep 2005List A
101*13210711094.39Durhamv YorkshireLeeds11 Sep 2005List A
1011271119190.99Warwickshirev SurreyBirmingham14 Sep 2005List A
981431117188.28Yorkshirev SurreyLeeds13 Jul 2005List A
9812487140112.64Derbyshirev SurreyThe Oval17 Jul 2005List A
9811610811290.74Derbyshirev SurreyThe Oval17 Jul 2005List A
9715412010180.83Durhamv DerbyshireDerby20 Jul 2005List A
95*12210014295.00Leicsv ScotlandEdinburgh24 Jul 2005List A
94*1501218177.68Warwickshirev YorkshireBirmingham20 Sep 2005List A
93*9872143129.16Sussexv ScotlandEdinburgh10 Jun 2005List A
93*1151085386.11Warwickshirev LeicsBirmingham19 Jun 2005List A
9310275160124.00Sussexv DurhamArundel19 Jun 2005List A
9313311710179.48Leicsv SussexHove07 Aug 2005List A
92*114938198.92Leicsv SussexLeicester21 Aug 2005List A
921331136281.41Scotlandv SomersetTaunton17 Jun 2005List A
91*97985292.85Somersetv LeicsTaunton01 May 2005List A
911148663105.81Scotlandv SurreyEdinburgh20 May 2005List A
90*6871111126.76Surreyv YorkshireLeeds13 Jul 2005List A
9012910511185.71Durhamv WarwickshireChester-le-Street17 Jul 2005List A
89*1078571104.70Surreyv WarwickshireCroydon05 Jun 2005List A
89554695193.47Surreyv YorkshireThe Oval17 Apr 2005List A
88*121986089.79Scotlandv DerbyshireDerby19 Jun 2005List A
88*908592103.52Scotlandv SurreyThe Oval25 Sep 2005List A
88545376166.03Somersetv SurreyThe Oval28 Aug 2005List A
881331189074.57Scotlandv WarwickshireEdinburgh18 Sep 2005List A
8710983110104.81Derbyshirev SomersetDerby03 Aug 2005List A
86*1281138076.10Sussexv WarwickshireBirmingham23 Aug 2005List A
86444076215.00Somersetv ScotlandEdinburgh11 May 2005List A
86120948391.48Scotlandv DurhamChester-le-Street28 Aug 2005List A
85837533113.33Somersetv SurreyTaunton02 May 2005List A
84867882107.69Yorkshirev SomersetLeeds24 Apr 2005List A
84120937190.32Kentv WarwickshireCanterbury27 Jul 2005List A
82116855196.47Kentv WarwickshireBirmingham01 May 2005List A
821261128173.21Surreyv KentCanterbury07 Aug 2005List A
82766765122.38Warwickshirev SurreyBirmingham14 Sep 2005List A
80*1139810181.63Sussexv DurhamChester-le-Street02 May 2005List A
80*888111098.76Surreyv ScotlandThe Oval25 Sep 2005List A
80948514094.11Yorkshirev WarwickshireBirmingham20 Sep 2005List A
79109817097.53Derbyshirev KentDerby17 Apr 2005List A
791097681103.94Sussexv WarwickshireHove08 May 2005List A
79116879090.80Somersetv DerbyshireDerby03 Aug 2005List A
7993848194.04Durhamv ScotlandChester-le-Street28 Aug 2005List A
781411106070.90Sussexv LeicsHove07 Aug 2005List A
7812310710072.89Scotlandv YorkshireEdinburgh07 Aug 2005List A
781088910087.64Leicsv SurreyThe Oval09 Aug 2005List A
7892806197.50Leicsv KentLeicester25 Sep 2005List A
778056103137.50Sussexv SomersetTaunton30 May 2005List A
761008010095.00Somersetv DurhamTaunton21 Aug 2005List A
768459121128.81Kentv LeicsLeicester25 Sep 2005List A
75*1477391102.73Derbyshirev ScotlandEdinburgh26 Aug 2005List A
75*99837190.36Somersetv SurreyThe Oval28 Aug 2005List A
75*706451117.18Somersetv DerbyshireTaunton25 Sep 2005List A
75867271104.16Leicsv SomersetOakham05 Jun 2005List A
75816063125.00Somersetv DerbyshireTaunton25 Sep 2005List A
741241116166.66Sussexv DerbyshireHove24 Apr 2005List A
74124767097.36Somersetv ScotlandTaunton17 Jun 2005List A
73*1271057069.52Somersetv LeicsTaunton01 May 2005List A
73*544353169.76Sussexv SomersetTaunton30 May 2005List A
73*116965076.04Warwickshirev KentCanterbury27 Jul 2005List A
7382757197.33Warwickshirev DerbyshireDerby20 May 2005List A
721147610094.73Kentv DurhamTunbridge Wells29 May 2005List A
726862131116.12Surreyv YorkshireLeeds13 Jul 2005List A
72105828087.80Sussexv KentCanterbury18 Sep 2005List A
71*1511035068.93Scotlandv DerbyshireEdinburgh26 Aug 2005List A
70*716460109.37Durhamv SurreyChester-le-Street24 Apr 2005List A
7073768092.10Durhamv DerbyshireDerby20 Jul 2005List A
70109949074.46Scotlandv LeicsEdinburgh24 Jul 2005List A
708269111101.44Durhamv KentChester-le-Street04 Sep 2005List A
69*117986070.40Kentv LeicsCanterbury24 Apr 2005List A
696848102143.75Yorkshirev SurreyThe Oval17 Apr 2005List A
6986897077.52Surreyv ScotlandEdinburgh20 May 2005List A
69101746193.24Warwickshirev SurreyCroydon05 Jun 2005List A
691501087163.88Derbyshirev WarwickshireBirmingham09 Jul 2005List A
6984774289.61Surreyv LeicsThe Oval09 Aug 2005List A
6994779189.61Yorkshirev DerbyshireScarborough28 Aug 2005List A
694850131138.00Sussexv ScotlandHove30 Aug 2005List A
68105795086.07Yorkshirev DurhamLeeds11 Sep 2005List A
67*1456292108.06Durhamv WarwickshireBirmingham25 Sep 2005List A
67796371106.34Scotlandv SomersetEdinburgh11 May 2005List A
67115866077.90Leicsv SurreyLeicester15 May 2005List A
67987810085.89Kentv SomersetBath12 Jun 2005List A
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Yorkshire vs Sussex at Hove, National League Division Two , Sep 25, 2005 [List A]

Scotland vs Surrey at The Oval, National League Division Two , Sep 25, 2005 [List A]

Leicestershire vs Kent at Leicester, National League Division Two , Sep 25, 2005 [List A]