Bowling Best Strike Rate Innings

Records in Caribbean Premier League, 2014

Best strike rates in an innings
Match Date
1.0-1423.00Tridentsv HawksbillsBridgetown25 Jul 2014T20
2.0-2234.00Amazonv ZouksBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
3.0-2244.50Red Steelv TallawahsPort of Spain26 Jul 2014T20
3.0-1844.50Tallawahsv HawksbillsKingston31 Jul 2014T20
1.3-1624.50Tridentsv TallawahsBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
3.2-1145.00Amazonv ZouksProvidence19 Jul 2014T20
4.0-3246.00Tridentsv HawksbillsNorth Sound19 Jul 2014T20
4.0-1546.00Tridentsv HawksbillsBridgetown25 Jul 2014T20
4.0-1846.00Tridentsv TallawahsKingston03 Aug 2014T20
4.0-2746.00Tridentsv Red SteelBasseterre07 Aug 2014T20
4.0-3546.00Tallawahsv TridentsBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
3.01736.00Hawksbillsv Red SteelBasseterre09 Aug 2014T20
2.0-626.00Red Steelv TridentsSt George's12 Jul 2014T20
2.0-1626.00Tallawahsv HawksbillsNorth Sound17 Jul 2014T20
2.0-1226.00Hawksbillsv ZouksGros Islet03 Aug 2014T20
3.1-1536.33Zouksv TallawahsBasseterre09 Aug 2014T20
3.5-2637.66Red Steelv ZouksGros Islet02 Aug 2014T20
3.5-2337.66Tridentsv Red SteelBasseterre07 Aug 2014T20
4.0-3338.00Amazonv HawksbillsSt George's11 Jul 2014T20
4.0-2438.00Hawksbillsv AmazonSt George's11 Jul 2014T20
4.011338.00Tallawahsv HawksbillsNorth Sound17 Jul 2014T20
4.011838.00Red Steelv AmazonProvidence17 Jul 2014T20
4.0-3438.00Red Steelv HawksbillsNorth Sound20 Jul 2014T20
4.0-1338.00Red Steelv AmazonPort of Spain24 Jul 2014T20
4.0-3638.00Amazonv Red SteelPort of Spain24 Jul 2014T20
4.0-1738.00Tallawahsv HawksbillsKingston31 Jul 2014T20
4.0-3938.00Zouksv TridentsGros Islet31 Jul 2014T20
4.0-1438.00Tallawahsv AmazonKingston02 Aug 2014T20
4.0-3338.00Red Steelv ZouksGros Islet02 Aug 2014T20
4.0-2038.00Red Steelv ZouksGros Islet02 Aug 2014T20
4.0-3538.00Tridentsv TallawahsKingston03 Aug 2014T20
4.0-1538.00Zouksv HawksbillsGros Islet03 Aug 2014T20
4.0-2738.00Red Steelv TallawahsBasseterre13 Aug 2014T20
4.0-1938.00Tallawahsv Red SteelBasseterre13 Aug 2014T20
4.0-1938.00Amazonv TridentsBasseterre16 Aug 2014T20
3.0-1729.00Red Steelv TridentsSt George's12 Jul 2014T20
3.0-1829.00Tridentsv Red SteelSt George's12 Jul 2014T20
3.0-2729.00Tallawahsv ZouksSt George's12 Jul 2014T20
3.0-1129.00Hawksbillsv TallawahsNorth Sound17 Jul 2014T20
3.0-2129.00Amazonv TallawahsProvidence20 Jul 2014T20
3.0-2829.00Hawksbillsv TallawahsKingston31 Jul 2014T20
3.0-3029.00Tridentsv ZouksGros Islet31 Jul 2014T20
3.0-2529.00Zouksv Red SteelGros Islet02 Aug 2014T20
3.0-2529.00Hawksbillsv Red SteelBasseterre09 Aug 2014T20
3.0-2929.00Tridentsv TallawahsBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
3.3-22210.50Tallawahsv HawksbillsNorth Sound17 Jul 2014T20
3.3-22210.50Red Steelv HawksbillsBasseterre09 Aug 2014T20
3.3-14210.50Hawksbillsv Red SteelBasseterre09 Aug 2014T20
4.0-27212.00Hawksbillsv AmazonSt George's11 Jul 2014T20
4.0-29212.00Red Steelv AmazonProvidence17 Jul 2014T20
4.0-23212.00Amazonv Red SteelProvidence17 Jul 2014T20
4.0-19212.00Red Steelv AmazonProvidence17 Jul 2014T20
4.0-15212.00Amazonv Red SteelProvidence17 Jul 2014T20
4.0-37212.00Hawksbillsv TridentsNorth Sound19 Jul 2014T20
4.0-21212.00Amazonv ZouksProvidence19 Jul 2014T20
4.0-29212.00Red Steelv HawksbillsNorth Sound20 Jul 2014T20
4.0-27212.00Amazonv TallawahsProvidence20 Jul 2014T20
4.0-17212.00Hawksbillsv TridentsBridgetown25 Jul 2014T20
4.0120212.00Hawksbillsv TridentsBridgetown25 Jul 2014T20
4.0-34212.00Tallawahsv Red SteelPort of Spain26 Jul 2014T20
4.0-23212.00Tallawahsv Red SteelPort of Spain26 Jul 2014T20
4.0-33212.00Tridentsv AmazonBridgetown26 Jul 2014T20
4.0113212.00Red Steelv ZouksPort of Spain27 Jul 2014T20
4.0-42212.00Zouksv TridentsGros Islet31 Jul 2014T20
4.0-39212.00Tridentsv ZouksGros Islet31 Jul 2014T20
4.0-13212.00Amazonv TallawahsKingston02 Aug 2014T20
4.0-38212.00Tallawahsv AmazonKingston02 Aug 2014T20
4.0-20212.00Tallawahsv TridentsKingston03 Aug 2014T20
4.0-11212.00Tallawahsv TridentsKingston03 Aug 2014T20
4.0146212.00Hawksbillsv AmazonBasseterre07 Aug 2014T20
4.0-20212.00Red Steelv TridentsBasseterre07 Aug 2014T20
4.0-29212.00Zouksv TallawahsBasseterre09 Aug 2014T20
4.0-36212.00Zouksv TallawahsBasseterre09 Aug 2014T20
4.0-16212.00Red Steelv HawksbillsBasseterre09 Aug 2014T20
4.0-39212.00Amazonv ZouksBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
4.0-22212.00Tallawahsv TridentsBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
4.0-15212.00Tridentsv TallawahsBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
4.0-32212.00Tallawahsv Red SteelBasseterre13 Aug 2014T20
4.0-20212.00Amazonv TridentsBasseterre16 Aug 2014T20
4.0-18212.00Tridentsv AmazonBasseterre16 Aug 2014T20
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Minimum of 2 wickets
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Barbados Tridents v Guyana Amazon Warriors at Basseterre, Caribbean Premier League final, Aug 16, 2014 [Twenty20]

Jamaica Tallawahs v Guyana Amazon Warriors at Basseterre, Caribbean Premier League 2nd semi final, Aug 14, 2014 [Twenty20]

Jamaica Tallawahs v Trinidad & Tobago Red Steel at Basseterre, Caribbean Premier League 1st semi final, Aug 13, 2014 [Twenty20]