Keeping Most Dismissals Career

Records in Vitality Blast, 2019

Most dismissals
Max Dis Inns
OB Cox (WORCS)2019-2019141411832 (2ct 0st)0.785
CB Cooke (GLAM)2019-2019121110912 (2ct 0st)0.909
JR Bracey (GLOUC)2019-2019131310733 (1ct 2st)0.769
TJ Moores (NOTTS)2019-201912129722 (1ct 1st)0.75
AJA Wheater (ESSEX)2019-201914139542 (1ct 1st)0.692
D Smit (DERBS)2019-2019141499-2 (2ct 0st)0.642
DJ Vilas (LANCS)2019-201912118442 (2ct 0st)0.727
LD McManus (HANTS)2019-201913128532 (1ct 1st)0.666
OG Robinson (KENT)2019-201912128622 (2ct 0st)0.666
JA Simpson (MIDDX)2019-201914148532 (2ct 0st)0.571
BT Foakes (SURR)2019-201910107343 (1ct 2st)0.7
MGK Burgess (BEARS)2019-201911117612 (2ct 0st)0.636
AM Rossington (NHNTS)2019-201911117432 (2ct 0st)0.636
T Banton (SOM)2019-201913137612 (1ct 1st)0.538
JA Tattersall (YORKS)2019-20198766-2 (2ct 0st)0.857
LJ Hill (LEICS)2019-2019131255-2 (2ct 0st)0.416
OJ Pope (SURR)2019-201912344-2 (2ct 0st)1.333
AT Carey (SUSS)2019-2019101044-1 (1ct 0st)0.4
BC Brown (SUSS)2019-20195333-2 (2ct 0st)1
SW Poynter (DURH)2019-2019993121 (1ct 0st)0.333
N Pooran (YORKS)2019-20193322-2 (2ct 0st)0.666
PSP Handscomb (DURH)2019-20199311-1 (1ct 0st)0.333
AJ Mellor (BEARS)2019-201911---0-
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Innings refers to when the player was the designated keeper.
All figures exclude catches not made as a wicketkeeper.
Figures also include catches made as a fielder
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Worcestershire v Essex at Birmingham, Vitality Blast final, Sep 21, 2019 [Twenty20]

Derbyshire v Essex at Birmingham, Vitality Blast 2nd semi final, Sep 21, 2019 [Twenty20]

Nottinghamshire v Worcestershire at Birmingham, Vitality Blast 1st semi final, Sep 21, 2019 [Twenty20]