Highest totals For ICC Six Nation's Challenge, 2003/04

Highest totals
Match Date
295/749.16.002v NetherlandsSharjah6 Mar 2004List A
29045.56.321v U.A.E.Sharjah6 Mar 2004List A
258/546.55.502v NamibiaSharjah29 Feb 2004List A
258/650.05.161v U.A.E.Sharjah3 Mar 2004List A
254/850.05.081v U.S.A.Sharjah29 Feb 2004List A
249/248.15.162v U.S.A.Dubai4 Mar 2004List A
24848.35.111v NetherlandsDubai4 Mar 2004List A
247/550.04.941v NetherlandsDubai3 Mar 2004List A
246/546.05.342v U.S.A.Dubai1 Mar 2004List A
245/650.04.901v U.A.E.Dubai1 Mar 2004List A
236/750.04.721v CanadaSharjah1 Mar 2004List A
21449.44.301v CanadaSharjah4 Mar 2004List A
21045.14.642v ScotlandSharjah3 Mar 2004List A
208/547.24.392v ScotlandDubai6 Mar 2004List A
20649.44.141v U.S.A.Dubai6 Mar 2004List A
198/950.03.961v ScotlandDubai29 Feb 2004List A
19549.43.921v CanadaDubai6 Mar 2004List A
19049.23.852v NamibiaDubai6 Mar 2004List A
17845.13.942v ScotlandSharjah4 Mar 2004List A
17746.43.791v U.A.E.Dubai4 Mar 2004List A
17646.33.782v NamibiaDubai3 Mar 2004List A
16941.44.052v NetherlandsSharjah1 Mar 2004List A
16347.03.462v NetherlandsDubai29 Feb 2004List A
160/533.34.772v CanadaDubai29 Feb 2004List A
160/850.03.201v NamibiaDubai1 Mar 2004List A
157/950.03.141v U.A.E.Dubai29 Feb 2004List A
127/424.05.292v CanadaDubai3 Mar 2004List A
12648.42.581v U.S.A.Dubai3 Mar 2004List A
10740.02.672v NamibiaDubai4 Mar 2004List A
6722.52.932v ScotlandDubai1 Mar 2004List A
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Namibia vs Canada at Dubai, ICC Six Nation's Challenge , Mar 6, 2004 [List A]

Scotland vs United States of America at Dubai, ICC Six Nation's Challenge , Mar 6, 2004 [List A]

Netherlands vs United Arab Emirates at Sharjah, ICC Six Nation's Challenge , Mar 6, 2004 [List A]