Records in Pakistan Super League, 2022 to 23

Highest totals
Match Date
262/320.013.11v GladiatorsRawalpindi11 Mar 2023T20
253/820.012.652v SultansRawalpindi11 Mar 2023T20
244/619.112.732v ZalmiRawalpindi10 Mar 2023T20
243/218.213.252v ZalmiRawalpindi8 Mar 2023T20
242/620.012.11v SultansRawalpindi10 Mar 2023T20
241/320.012.051v ZalmiLahore26 Feb 2023T20
240/220.0121v GladiatorsRawalpindi8 Mar 2023T20
226/520.011.31v UnitedRawalpindi9 Mar 2023T20
220/620.0111v GladiatorsKarachi24 Feb 2023T20
210/320.010.51v ZalmiMultan17 Feb 2023T20
209/819.510.532v SultansRawalpindi7 Mar 2023T20
20719.310.611v QalandarsRawalpindi7 Mar 2023T20
205/520.010.251v UnitedRawalpindi7 Mar 2023T20
204/419.210.552v KingsRawalpindi3 Mar 2023T20
201/920.010.052v QalandarsLahore26 Feb 2023T20
201/520.010.051v UnitedRawalpindi3 Mar 2023T20
200/720.0101v UnitedLahore27 Feb 2023T20
200/620.0101v SultansLahore18 Mar 2023T20
199/520.09.951v KingsKarachi14 Feb 2023T20
199/820.09.952v QalandarsLahore18 Mar 2023T20
198/620.09.91v GladiatorsKarachi21 Feb 2023T20
197/520.09.852v ZalmiKarachi14 Feb 2023T20
197/520.09.851v KingsRawalpindi1 Mar 2023T20
196/720.09.81v QalandarsLahore12 Mar 2023T20
196/220.09.81v KingsMultan22 Feb 2023T20
193/520.09.652v SultansMultan22 Feb 2023T20
190/420.09.51v UnitedMultan19 Feb 2023T20
185/520.09.251v QalandarsKarachi19 Feb 2023T20
183/819.39.382v GladiatorsRawalpindi5 Mar 2023T20
183/820.09.151v UnitedLahore16 Mar 2023T20
180/920.091v SultansLahore4 Mar 2023T20
179/620.08.951v UnitedRawalpindi5 Mar 2023T20
179/820.08.951v UnitedRawalpindi12 Mar 2023T20
178/618.29.72v KingsKarachi16 Feb 2023T20
176/618.59.342v ZalmiLahore17 Mar 2023T20
175/620.08.751v SultansMultan13 Feb 2023T20
174/620.08.72v QalandarsMultan13 Feb 2023T20
173/720.08.651v UnitedKarachi16 Feb 2023T20
173/820.08.652v ZalmiRawalpindi1 Mar 2023T20
17219.48.742v ZalmiRawalpindi7 Mar 2023T20
171/620.08.552v ZalmiLahore16 Mar 2023T20
171/520.08.551v QalandarsLahore17 Mar 2023T20
168/619.58.472v KingsRawalpindi6 Mar 2023T20
168/720.08.41v KingsKarachi18 Feb 2023T20
167/320.08.351v SultansKarachi26 Feb 2023T20
16619.48.442v ZalmiRawalpindi12 Mar 2023T20
164/620.08.21v GladiatorsRawalpindi6 Mar 2023T20
162/520.08.12v GladiatorsKarachi18 Feb 2023T20
160/520.081v QalandarsLahore15 Mar 2023T20
159/414.510.712v ZalmiKarachi23 Feb 2023T20
159/720.07.952v QalandarsLahore4 Mar 2023T20
157/618.38.482v GladiatorsKarachi20 Feb 2023T20
15719.18.192v UnitedKarachi24 Feb 2023T20
156/820.07.81v UnitedKarachi23 Feb 2023T20
15418.58.172v SultansMultan17 Feb 2023T20
154/420.07.71v ZalmiKarachi20 Feb 2023T20
14819.27.651v GladiatorsLahore2 Mar 2023T20
13817.57.732v SultansMultan19 Feb 2023T20
135/820.06.752v QalandarsKarachi21 Feb 2023T20
131/720.06.552v QalandarsLahore2 Mar 2023T20
11817.36.742v KingsKarachi19 Feb 2023T20
111/113.38.222v GladiatorsMultan15 Feb 2023T20
11018.55.842v KingsLahore12 Mar 2023T20
11018.55.841v SultansMultan15 Feb 2023T20
10715.17.052v QalandarsRawalpindi9 Mar 2023T20
10116.36.122v KingsKarachi26 Feb 2023T20
9013.56.52v QalandarsLahore27 Feb 2023T20
7614.35.242v SultansLahore15 Mar 2023T20
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Lahore Qalandars v Multan Sultans at Lahore, Pakistan Super League final, Mar 18, 2023 [Twenty20]

Lahore Qalandars v Peshawar Zalmi at Lahore, Pakistan Super League 2nd qualifying final, Mar 17, 2023 [Twenty20]

Islamabad United v Peshawar Zalmi at Lahore, Pakistan Super League elimination final, Mar 16, 2023 [Twenty20]