Cricket Records in Indian Premier League, 2009/10

Most extras in an innings
Match Date
16320.021461018.151v MIBrabourne30 Mar 2010Twenty20
13920.0201514-6.951v CSKChennai13 Apr 2010Twenty20
11119.418-216-5.641v Kings XIDelhi11 Apr 2010Twenty20
18320.0188-829.151v Kings XIMohali27 Mar 2010Twenty20
16520.018111518.251v MIChennai6 Apr 2010Twenty20
16419.317-215-8.412v Kings XIBrabourne30 Mar 2010Twenty20
21820.0171311210.901v DaredevilsDelhi17 Mar 2010Twenty20
13517.31642917.712v MIEden Gardens19 Apr 2010Twenty20
21220.016-313-10.601v RRBrabourne13 Mar 2010Twenty20
19020.01623929.501v CSKChennai14 Mar 2010Twenty20
16620.016-11418.302v DaredevilsBengaluru25 Mar 2010Twenty20
14220.016853-7.101v ChargersDY Patil22 Apr 2010Twenty20
14313.315-213-10.592v KKRChennai13 Apr 2010Twenty20
16120.015-8618.051v ChargersDY Patil12 Mar 2010Twenty20
15520.015636-7.751v MIBrabourne22 Mar 2010Twenty20
22320.015464111.152v CSKChennai3 Apr 2010Twenty20
18420.015-114-9.201v ChargersBengaluru8 Apr 2010Twenty20
19120.015-411-9.551v RCBBengaluru17 Apr 2010Twenty20
18119.014-4919.522v CSKBrabourne25 Mar 2010Twenty20
15120.014-104-7.551v RCBBrabourne20 Mar 2010Twenty20
17120.014-10318.551v CSKBengaluru23 Mar 2010Twenty20
18020.014-4919.001v MIBrabourne25 Mar 2010Twenty20
18120.014-4919.051v ChargersEden Gardens1 Apr 2010Twenty20
14120.014-5727.052v CSKChennai6 Apr 2010Twenty20
11318.4134-9-6.052v CSKChennai15 Apr 2010Twenty20
17819.113-67-9.282v Kings XIDharamsala16 Apr 2010Twenty20
13819.413-49-7.012v ChargersNagpur12 Apr 2010Twenty20
14220.013-85-7.101v DaredevilsMohali13 Mar 2010Twenty20
20320.013219110.151v RCBBengaluru16 Mar 2010Twenty20
13620.01323716.802v Kings XIChennai21 Mar 2010Twenty20
18820.01344419.401v RRDelhi31 Mar 2010Twenty20
20020.013-111110.001v Kings XIEden Gardens4 Apr 2010Twenty20
18420.013-2929.201v RCBDY Patil21 Apr 2010Twenty20
15919.512246-8.011v ChargersNagpur5 Apr 2010Twenty20
15020.01241527.502v KKRDY Patil12 Mar 2010Twenty20
16420.012-102-8.202v ChargersCuttack19 Mar 2010Twenty20
17420.012-48-8.701v RRJaipur11 Apr 2010Twenty20
14620.012165-7.302v CSKDY Patil25 Apr 2010Twenty20
15115.411-47-9.632v ChargersAhmedabad26 Mar 2010Twenty20
12016.311128-7.272v MIDelhi17 Mar 2010Twenty20
16217.111-38-9.432v KKRBengaluru10 Apr 2010Twenty20
13117.411254-7.412v MIDY Patil28 Mar 2010Twenty20
13520.011-56-6.752v RCBBengaluru23 Mar 2010Twenty20
14820.011227-7.401v RRAhmedabad26 Mar 2010Twenty20
13720.01123516.852v DaredevilsDelhi29 Mar 2010Twenty20
18120.01121719.051v RCBMohali2 Apr 2010Twenty20
16020.011-110-8.001v RCBBengaluru10 Apr 2010Twenty20
16820.011-38-8.401v MIDY Patil25 Apr 2010Twenty20
20418.510414110.832v Kings XIBengaluru16 Mar 2010Twenty20
16219.01015228.522v RCBChennai31 Mar 2010Twenty20
19019.110-28-9.912v DaredevilsDelhi19 Mar 2010Twenty20
18419.110-3619.602v Kings XIMohali2 Apr 2010Twenty20
19519.410-5419.912v Kings XIDharamsala18 Apr 2010Twenty20
15719.51012617.912v RRNagpur5 Apr 2010Twenty20
18520.010-4519.251v CSKDelhi19 Mar 2010Twenty20
18320.010-3529.151v Kings XIMohali24 Mar 2010Twenty20
17220.0101-548.601v ChargersDY Patil28 Mar 2010Twenty20
18320.010-5329.151v DaredevilsBrabourne13 Apr 2010Twenty20
14920.010-2717.452v MIDY Patil21 Apr 2010Twenty20
15715.09-24310.462v Kings XIJaipur7 Apr 2010Twenty20
14217.19135-8.272v RRAhmedabad15 Mar 2010Twenty20
15320.09-27-7.651v RRJaipur7 Apr 2010Twenty20
16720.09144-8.352v KKREden Gardens7 Apr 2010Twenty20
15120.09-4417.551v RCBNagpur12 Apr 2010Twenty20
13919.18-26-7.252v CSKNagpur10 Apr 2010Twenty20
10919.28-53-5.632v CSKEden Gardens16 Mar 2010Twenty20
18619.28-26-9.622v RCBBengaluru8 Apr 2010Twenty20
10419.28-26-5.372v CSKDY Patil22 Apr 2010Twenty20
16820.08143-8.401v KKRAhmedabad20 Mar 2010Twenty20
18320.08-17-9.151v RCBBengaluru25 Mar 2010Twenty20
18420.0814219.201v RCBDelhi4 Apr 2010Twenty20
13820.08233-6.901v ChargersNagpur10 Apr 2010Twenty20
13720.08-17-6.852v MIJaipur11 Apr 2010Twenty20
14420.08-6117.202v MIBrabourne13 Apr 2010Twenty20
13020.08-5216.501v RCBJaipur14 Apr 2010Twenty20
11220.08--625.601v DaredevilsChennai15 Apr 2010Twenty20
17420.08-3418.701v ChargersDharamsala16 Apr 2010Twenty20
9310.47--7-8.712v RRBengaluru18 Mar 2010Twenty20
13316.17--7-8.222v RREden Gardens17 Apr 2010Twenty20
11518.2712316.272v MIBrabourne3 Apr 2010Twenty20
14619.57-52-7.362v Kings XIMohali13 Mar 2010Twenty20
9219.57-2414.631v RCBBengaluru18 Mar 2010Twenty20
15720.07-25-7.852v KKREden Gardens1 Apr 2010Twenty20
17820.07-25-8.901v ChargersBrabourne3 Apr 2010Twenty20
18120.07-16-9.051v DaredevilsEden Gardens7 Apr 2010Twenty20
11218.46-51-6.002v DaredevilsDelhi11 Apr 2010Twenty20
15219.16-2317.932v RRMohali24 Mar 2010Twenty20
13619.26-15-7.032v RCBEden Gardens14 Mar 2010Twenty20
14420.061-5-7.202v KKRMohali27 Mar 2010Twenty20
16020.06-33-8.002v RRAhmedabad28 Mar 2010Twenty20
24620.064-2-12.301v RRChennai3 Apr 2010Twenty20
13320.06222-6.651v KKREden Gardens19 Apr 2010Twenty20
20418.25-32-11.122v KKREden Gardens4 Apr 2010Twenty20
20820.05--5-10.402v MIBrabourne13 Mar 2010Twenty20
13520.0512116.751v KKREden Gardens14 Mar 2010Twenty20
14120.05--5-7.051v DaredevilsAhmedabad15 Mar 2010Twenty20
13420.05-41-6.702v RRAhmedabad20 Mar 2010Twenty20
16120.05-14-8.051v CSKChennai31 Mar 2010Twenty20
13420.05122-6.702v MIBengaluru17 Apr 2010Twenty20
19220.05-23-9.601v CSKDharamsala18 Apr 2010Twenty20
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Team is the team credited with the extras, Opposition is the team that conceded them.
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

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Deccan Chargers v Royal Challengers Bangalore at DY Patil, Indian Premier League 3rd place play-off, Apr 24, 2010 [Twenty20]

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