2nd Test, Wellington, Feb 14-18 2014, India tour of New Zealand
192 & 680/8d
(52 ov, target 435)
438 & 166/3
Match drawn
Player Of The Match
New Zealand
• The Report by Sidharth Monga

India hang on for a draw after McCullum triple

Brendon McCullum duly finished his triple, but Virat Kohli scored a sparkling century to make sure India didn't lose the Test

Match centre 
Scorer: Sanjay Murari
Commentator: Alagappan Muthu
Scorecard summary
New Zealand192(52.5 overs)1st Innings
India438(102.4 overs)1st Innings
Ajinkya Rahane118 (158)
Trent Boult3/99(26)
Tim Southee3/93(20)
New Zealand680/8d(210 overs)2nd Innings
James Neesham*137 (154)
Zaheer Khan5/170(51)
India166/3(52 overs)2nd Innings
Virat Kohli*105 (135)
Tim Southee2/50(16)
Trent Boult1/47(16)
end of over 52Maiden
INDIA: 166/3CRR: 3.19 
Rohit Sharma31 (97)
Virat Kohli105 (135)
Corey Anderson4-1-6-0
Neil Wagner11-3-38-0

5.50 pm Well, that wraps up the New Zealand summer. And what an amazing one it has been for them. Won over West Indies comprehensively and now they've beaten India rather soundly as well. India have a bit of soul searching to do but they get to do that in more familliar conditions with the Asia Cup later in the month and then the WorldT20. So watch out for that, but from here in commentary that is a wrap. This is Alagappan Muthu wishing good night and good luck

"Not too bad not, obviously pretty tired after batting," says triple-centurion and Man of the Match Brendon McCullum. "To come back from being under so much pressure against some tight bowling. We are going to enjoy this moment. Test series wins don't come around too often especially against good teams. Very satisfying, very respectful of all the guys I got past. Almost embarrassed to go past Martin Crowe. Incredibly humbling to get my name there and score the first triple. Thanks to all those who supported me through it all, especially the boys. It's been very special. Means a lot, we talked the other night when we found ourselves in a precarious situation. But we didn't want to end such a good summer on a sour note. We knew we had some scrappers and the whole team did not want to let the opportunity by. Real test of where we are as a team and the development we've showed has been very pleasing to us and to the fans. Still got plenty of work to do but we are getting there. The emergence of Corey and Neesham, they've been a revelation and Rosco and Kane with the bat. I cant talk highly enough of the energies the bowlers have put in over the last tow summers. In our own conditions we're a pretty strong team and will be looking to improve. The crowds have been brilliant. We haven't often been the most consistent team, but this one is for you"

5.35 pm MS Dhoni: "Appreciate what Brendon and BJ did, soak up the pressure when we were bowling well and score freely once the bowlers tired. Did well to in the series in this Test because we we fought back pretty well ourselves. We bowled the right areas which is important on flat tracks. Won the toss and bowled well in the first innings, Second innings also was a good start. Wasn't bad bowling, but they kept good deliveries out. We had to field for two and two and ha half days and I have to personally appreciate the bowlers. Even when the third new ball was taken, they ran in hard and looked for wickets. Quite disappointed with the ODIs, we were in position to capitalise. The Tests would be tough, there are not many players who have played more than five or six matches. So it was good exposure. Quite a few peole wondered if we could take 20 wickets. Especially with the spinner not getting too many wickets.But we showed that in the first Test and even in the first innings here. We have been improving, the pace at which it is happening we can be a much better side. It's a fantastic country, the atmosphere was very good. The wickets are quite flat, good bounce. Small outfield. Good fun for the fans. They appreciate good cricket, enjoy the opposition's success too. Testing. I love this venue and it was really good to witness Brendon's innings and the way the crowd appreciated his effort, not as an opposition captain but as a fan. "

5.23 pm New Zealand wrap up the series 1-0, the first time they've beaten India since 2002-03. McCullum leads his men out of the field, showing his appreciation to the crowd for their support. Gee, he looks rather gaunt to me. I can't even begin to imagine the effort this match has taken out of him. Virat Kohli has offered some consolation to India with a pretty and powerful century, full of crisp drives and some audacious pulls. But it still nowhere near enough to square the series. Stay on with us for the presentation

Prashanth: "With all the talk about McCullum, Neesham seems to have played along really well. He has scored 137 at a strike rate of nearly 90. Exciting prospect in the future."

kieren: "McCullum batted brilliantly, I really enjoyed watching him bat every second but the way Watling and Neesham helped him along was phenomenal."

Anderson to RG Sharma, no run
around the wicket again, full and wide outside off. Left alone. 'Enough,' asks BMac and enough it is. The match has been called a draw
Anderson to RG Sharma, no run
good length ball on and around off stump, Rohit is forward and blocks solidly
Anderson to RG Sharma, no run
and now he moves over the wicket. Fullish on off stump, Rohit keeps it out
Anderson to RG Sharma, no run
back around now. Angled in on a full length. Rohit defends off the front foot
Anderson to RG Sharma, no run
switches over the wicket now, fullish and outside off. Not bothered with
Anderson to RG Sharma, no run
back of a length on off stump, defends

Could be the final over of the match if both captains agree to call it a draw

Vidya: "It;s not batting. It's not bowling either. It's fielding! I believe one of the main reasons India is behind the ball in overseas tests is due to their poor fielding. Not sure what the fielding coach is doing. But we don't see top teams field consistently poorly. Bowlers get easily demotivated easily seeing catches go down consistently."

end of over 512 runs
INDIA: 166/3CRR: 3.25 
Virat Kohli105 (135)
Rohit Sharma31 (91)
Neil Wagner11-3-38-0
Corey Anderson3-0-6-0
Wagner to Kohli, no run
fullish, but still wide enough outside off to leave alone
Wagner to RG Sharma, 1 run
bit of width outside off to this shortish delivery as he dabs to deep point
Wagner to RG Sharma, no run
full and angled in on off stump, drives to short cover
Wagner to RG Sharma, no run
Wagner to RG Sharma, no run
goes a touch fuller, but he cant get it close enough to off stump to make him play
Wagner to Kohli, 1 run
full and a bit wide of off stump, Kohli lunges forward and drives through the covers

gaurav kautish: "jimmy neesham would be better prospect than corey as he is a better bowler and proper batsmen"

end of over 501 runs
INDIA: 164/3CRR: 3.28 
Rohit Sharma30 (87)
Virat Kohli104 (133)
Corey Anderson3-0-6-0
Neil Wagner10-3-36-0

Murali: "One thing good about this match is the unconventional fielding positions employed by the 2 captains. 2 short covers and straight short mid on , fine leg slip"

Anderson to RG Sharma, no run
just short of a good length and angled in on middle, Rohit clips to midwicket
Anderson to RG Sharma, no run
angles it in on off stump this time and Rohit has to block it towards mid-on
Anderson to RG Sharma, no run
fuller, but still far enough outside off to be left alone
Anderson to RG Sharma, no run
too wide outside off to tempt Rohit again
Anderson to Kohli, 1 run
back of a length and outside off, dabbed to deep point
Anderson to Kohli, no run
back of a length and a bit too far outside off, Rohit has an easy leave
Best performances - batsmen
BB McCullum
302 runs (559)
32 fours
4 sixes
Productive shot
leg glance
86 runs
5 fours
0 sixes
JDS Neesham
137 runs (154)
20 fours
0 sixes
Productive shot
off side drive on front foot
40 runs
6 fours
0 sixes
Best performances - bowlers
I Sharma
Z Khan
Match details
Basin Reserve, Wellington
TossIndia , elected to field first
SeriesIndia tour of New Zealand
Player Of The Match
Brendon McCullum
Series resultNew Zealand won the 2-match series 1-0
Match numberTest no. 2120
Hours of play (local time)11am start, Lunch 13.00-13.40, Tea 15.40-16.00, Close 18.00
Match days14,15,16,17,18 February 2014 (5-day match)
Test debut
Tom Latham
James Neesham
Richard Kettleborough
Steve Davis
TV Umpire
Derek Walker
Reserve Umpire
Wayne Knights
Match Referee
Ranjan Madugalle