5th ODI (D/N), Hamilton, Jan 8 2014, West Indies tour of New Zealand
(29.5/50 ov, target 364)
West Indies won by 203 runs
Player Of The Match
West Indies
• The Report by Andrew McGlashan

Edwards, Bravo set up WI's crushing win over NZ

A few days ago, West Indies barely had enough fit players to field an XI but, almost out of nowhere, they produced an outstandingly powerful display to square the one-day series 2-2

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Commentator: Rohan Sharma
Scorecard summary
West Indies363/4(50 overs)
New Zealand160(29.5 overs)

A nice visual of McCullum and Bravo sharing the series trophy, which seems just right for the volatility in results this series has produced. Both camps are content, and will look to keep going as we now move to the T20 leg of the tour. The first T20 will be played on January 11 in Auckland, so we look forward to your company. Till then, this is Rohan Sharma bidding you adieu.

Dwayne Bravo, West Indies captain and Man of the Match: Congratulations to my team, the NZ guys for a fantastic series. We needed a big win and thanks to everyone who played a big part and played hard to represent their country. Charles and Powell were going through a tough time, but it was important me and the coach backed them. They have done great things for us in the past, and the way Powell started put pressure on NZ straight away. Then Edwards came in at No. 3, under pressure, and took the opportunity by getting a maiden century. I can't single out anyone, but it was a great team effort. We always want competition. The coach says that we should make more options available. This will put us in a great position, and getting world-class players like Chris Gayle for the T20s will make a big difference. It was a decision by the management team (to open the bowling). Unfortunately Rampaul missed out in order to strengthen the batting, so we wanted to make sure we had a strong batting unit. Russell just came up and said I should take the new ball. It is important for Russell to be back in the one-day team.

Brendon McCullum, New Zealand captain: The West Indies boys came out today and put on a splendid performance. Sad for the fans we were unable to put on a competitive performance for today. Maybe we should have batted first? We are comfortable to bowl first, but chasing 360 is a mammoth total, and the extra 60 runs was a bridge too far. We are going alright as a one-day unit, today was a step backwards. We have a huge series coming up against India. We have put some good performance so far in the series. We are getting there as a one-day unit, and we are seeing an emergence of new talent. Anderson in Queenstown was sublime, and then the bowlers have chipped in as well. Looking forward to the T20 series, and hopefully we can turn up and put on a performance we know we are capable of doing.

So the West Indies officially beat New Zealand in the fifth ODI at Hamilton by 203 runs, a real shellacking that by the visitors. We will be back soon for quotes from the match presentation.

The West Indies huddle up after what has truly been a comprehensive win by them. The series is squared after five matches 2-2 all, and Dwayne Bravo led it from the front, tonking 106 off 81 balls, before taking a wicket early on to set New Zealand on the back foot, and then holding on to two catches. The West Indies will be delighted by their showing today, while the New Zealand team head into the ODIs with a bit of momentum lost.

Narine to Mills, OUT
once again goes for the reverse sweep as Mills charges down the other end, but don't you ever understimate Holder, who fires in a throw which hits the non-striker's stumps directly, as Mills is well short of his ground
KD Mills run out (Holder) 26 (25m 31b 3x4 1x6) SR: 83.87
Narine to Mills, FOUR runs
this time employs the sweep shot to get this away through fine leg for a boundary
Narine to Mills, no run
strikes him on the right pad, but this looked to be going down the leg side
Narine to Mills, no run
bowls the knuckleball which just beats the outside edge of Mills' bat
Narine to Mills, no run
decides to go for the highly risky reverse sweep, and finds short third man straight away
end of over 297 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 156/9CRR: 5.37 • RRR: 9.90 • Need 208 from 20.1ov
Mitchell McClenaghan0 (1)
Kyle Mills22 (26)
Nikita Miller10-1-45-4
Sunil Narine5-0-27-0

Andrew G: "Questions for NZC: 1) Why is Watling not in this side? He is one of NZ's best batsmen. 2) Why is Boult not given a chance to display his ODI ability, given the struggles NZ have with the ball. 3) Is Southee the answer in ODI cricket? 4) Is McCullum really the right captain to take NZ to the WC?"

Miller to McClenaghan, no run
leans forward to defend this one to the leg side
Miller to Mills, 1 run
strides forward to meet this one as it is played to the leg side
Miller to Mills, FOUR runs
lofts this one over extra-cover to get a boundary
Miller to Mills, no run
gets him to play at one just outside off which catches the outside edge before spooning really close to first slip

Mitchell McClenaghan is the last man for New Zealand

Miller to Southee, OUT
and Southee's vigil comes to a non-descript end as he goes for the big shot once more, this time hitting way high over mid-off, with that man, Dwayne Bravo, once again in the thick of it as he gets under the catch. Just one wicket away now, West Indies, from squaring the series
TG Southee c Bravo b Miller 9 (13m 7b 1x4 0x6) SR: 128.57
Miller to Southee, 2 runs
flights one outside off which is hit behind towards third man. Reined in by the fielder
end of over 287 runs
NZ: 149/8CRR: 5.32 • RRR: 9.77 • Need 215 from 20.1ov
Kyle Mills17 (23)
Tim Southee7 (5)
Sunil Narine5-0-27-0
Nikita Miller9-1-38-3

Daniel Alexander: "New Zealand still need 22 to avoid the follow-on"

Narine to Mills, no run
defended away to the off side to bring an end to the over
Narine to Mills, FOUR runs
goes for the slog sweep as this one is hammered down to midwicket for a boundary
Narine to Mills, no run
attempts a reverse sweep which doesn't come off quite to Mills' plans
Narine to Mills, no run
defended by MIlls
Narine to Mills, 2 runs
turns this one away down to deep fine leg
Narine to Southee, 1 run
defended away to the leg side by Southee

Narine into the attack

end of over 278 runs
NZ: 142/8CRR: 5.25 • RRR: 9.65 • Need 222 from 20.1ov
Kyle Mills11 (18)
Tim Southee6 (4)
Nikita Miller9-1-38-3
Andre Russell4-0-31-2

vignesh: "Last time i saw "hitwicket" is wen sachin gets out hitwicket of Bret Lee in australia"

Miller to Mills, no run
pitched up as Mills is enticed into a sweep, hitting this so hard at Russell, stationed at backward square, who can not hold on to a low chance to his right. Motions to the dressing room and players that he is in a bad way as he looks at his right hand, which had attempted the catch. Still on the field though
Best performances - batsmen
KA Edwards
123 runs (108)
12 fours
4 sixes
Productive shot
leg glance
43 runs
5 fours
1 sixes
DJ Bravo
106 runs (81)
12 fours
3 sixes
Productive shot
leg glance
38 runs
4 fours
1 sixes
Best performances - bowlers
NO Miller
AD Russell
Match details
Seddon Park, Hamilton
TossNew Zealand , elected to field first
SeriesWest Indies tour of New Zealand
Player Of The Match
Dwayne Bravo
Series result5-match series drawn 2-2
Match numberODI no. 3453
Hours of play (local time)14.00 start, First Session 14.00-17.30, Interval 17.30-18.15, Second Session 18.15-21.45
Match days8 January 2014 - day/night match (50-over match)
Ranmore Martinesz
Chris Gaffaney
TV Umpire
Ian Gould
Reserve Umpire
Gary Baxter
Match Referee
Chris Broad