1st Test, Wellington, Mar 19-23 2010, Australia tour of New Zealand
(23 ov, target 106)
459/5d & 106/0
157 & 407
Australia won by 10 wickets
Player Of The Match
AUS 2nd Innings
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end of over 232 runs
AUS: 106/0CRR: 4.6 
Simon Katich18 (65)
Phillip Hughes86 (75)
Brent Arnel10-2-31-0
Daniel Vettori7-1-32-0

Well, Australia will be very happy with a complete performance in this first test match. A magnificant century from Clarke in the first innings, which won his the man of the match award, with great support from North who also made a century under pressure really set up the game. The New Zealanders showed a lack of application in their first innings as Doug Bollinger bowled brilliantly to ensure the follow on was enforced. The second innings from the New Zealand batsman was a huge improvement with a fine century to McCullum and good support from McIntosh, Vettori and Tuffey. But, it was never going to be enough as the Australian openers made short work of the small fourth innings target of 106 to win the game by lunch on day 5. To add to the disppointment, Tuffey has broken his hand whilst batting and will be out for a number of weeks. From Wellington, this is Simon Allen signing off, thanks for joining us here at Cricinfo and we look forward to your company in Hamilton on Saturday for the second test.

Arnel to Katich, 1 run
and there it is, back of a length ball pushed into the vacant cover region to take a comfortable single to win the test in the last ball before lunch
Arnel to Katich, no run
slower ball back of a length outside the off stump has Katich defending to gully but no run
Arnel to Hughes, 1 run
on the hip of Hughes who turns the ball down to fine leg
Arnel to Hughes, no run
short again but this time Hughes looks solid ducking underneath
Arnel to Hughes, no run
well directed short ball has Hughes uncomfortable as he jumps out of the way as the ball hits the gloves and balloons up but safe into the off side
Arnel to Hughes, no run
short ball has Hughes bending at the knees and watching the ball fly by
end of over 225 runs
AUS: 104/0CRR: 4.72 
Phillip Hughes85 (71)
Simon Katich17 (63)
Daniel Vettori7-1-32-0
Brent Arnel9-2-29-0
Vettori to Hughes, 1 run
back of a length and straight and Hughes works the ball into the leg side to keep the strike
Vettori to Hughes, no run
full ball defended back down the wicket
Vettori to Hughes, no run
Hughes uses the feet but the ball find the foot marks and turns into the pads and balloons up to the man under the helmet on the off side. Big appeal and the New Zealanders look confident but no bat in that
Vettori to Hughes, no run
fuller length from Vettori has Hughes making a late lunge forward in defence
Vettori to Hughes, no run
length ball outside the off stump defended back into the ground from the crease
Vettori to Hughes, FOUR runs
short and wide and Hughes is on to it in a flash and cuts well through point
end of over 21Maiden
AUS: 99/0CRR: 4.71 
Simon Katich17 (63)
Phillip Hughes80 (65)
Brent Arnel9-2-29-0
Daniel Vettori6-1-27-0
Arnel to Katich, no run
thoughts of a single as Katich defends a full ball into mid wicket but mid-on moves around quickly to cut it off
Arnel to Katich, no run
back of a length delivery outside the off stump forced off the back foot to mid-off
Arnel to Katich, no run
full and straight and Katich watchful as he defends back down the wicket