2nd ODI, Auckland, Mar 6 2010, Australia tour of New Zealand
(43.2/45 ov, target 266)
Australia won by 12 runs (D/L method)
Player Of The Match
New Zealand
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end of over 441 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 253/10CRR: 5.83 • RRR: 7.80 • Need 13 runs from 10b
Tim Southee4 (8)
Ryan Harris8.2-0-34-3
Mitchell Johnson9-1-51-4

What a finish - full credit to the Aussies for getting over the line, another great game of 50 over cricket in the battle for the Chappell Hadlee trophy. Smart bowling in the end from Harris got the Aussies home when it looked like it was going to go the other way. Player of the match was Dan Vettori for his excellent bowling and bold batting - sadly his innovative batting was his undoing. Great to watch though.

These teams appear to be very well matched up and they will meet again on Tuesday at the lovely Seddon Park in Hamilton for the 3rd ODI. On behalf of the team this is Lawrie Colliver signing off - make sure you join us on Tuesday from Hamilton

Harris to Vettori, OUT
steps to the off side and he tries to glance it, but misses and loses his off stump - Australia wins the game and levels the series at one apiece
DL Vettori b Harris 70 (79m 49b 8x4 2x6) SR: 142.85
Harris to Southee, 1 run
drives at a wide length ball, edging to 3rd man, did well there the lad. Now Vettori on strike with 13 off 11 balls required

Harris to crank it up for Australia

end of over 4310 runs
NZ: 252/9CRR: 5.86 • RRR: 7.00 • Need 14 runs from 12b
Tim Southee3 (7)
Daniel Vettori70 (48)
Mitchell Johnson9-1-51-4
Ryan Harris8-0-33-2

What tension ------ ten from the over for the Kiwis. Maybe a dot ball might have been better there for the Kiwis, as Vettori would have had the strike

Johnson to Southee, 1 run
edges on the bounce just short of slip, Haddin dives tries to catch it, White knocks it down and a single is scored
Johnson to Vettori, 1 leg bye
late inswinger, hits him on the pad but angling down leg

16 off 14 balls needed

Johnson to Vettori, no run
makes room and hammers a drive to mid off, no chance of a run as he hit it far too well
Johnson to Vettori, no run
moves to the off side and tries to flick a length ball that goes over the top of middle................gee that was close
Johnson to Vettori, FOUR runs
backs away to leg again and lofts it over mid off.......just and it runs away for another four!!!! Great stuff from the skipper!
Johnson to Vettori, FOUR runs
makes room and drives a low full toss on middle stump through cover point, unbelievable shot!!!!
end of over 422 runs
NZ: 242/9CRR: 5.76 • RRR: 8.00 • Need 24 runs from 18b
Daniel Vettori62 (43)
Tim Southee2 (6)
Ryan Harris8-0-33-2
Mitchell Johnson8-1-42-4
Harris to Vettori, 1 run
full again, he digs it out behind the stumps to keep the strike - ending an excellent over for the Aussies

Harris just needs to get one on the stumps here...................perhaps?

Harris to Vettori, no run
another yorker, he makes room but misses again
Harris to Vettori, no run
moves to leg and tries to hit a yorker, no contact

Now can Vettori keep his head..................

Harris to Southee, 1 run
has a wild swing at a good length ball and gets an edge to 3rd man, bit of panic in that shot - but got away with it

single needed here by Southee to get his skipper on strike

Harris to Southee, no run
plays back and is beaten outside off - good bowling

Pressure starting to build..............

Harris to Southee, no run
comes forward in defence, fielded by the bowler

Interesting, with six in the circle Southee is going to need to take score a single somehow. Harris back to bowl

end of over 419 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 240/9CRR: 5.85 • RRR: 6.50 • Need 26 runs from 24b
Tim Southee1 (3)
Daniel Vettori61 (40)
Mitchell Johnson8-1-42-4
Doug Bollinger8-0-63-0

Now it's time for the batting powerplay with just 4 overs left this match

Johnson to Southee, 1 run
works to long leg - so Southee will have the strike

one more ball to survive for Southee

Johnson to Southee, no run
defends off the back foot back to the bowler
Johnson to Southee, no run
flashes at a wide ball outside off and misses it

Southee is the new man in, can he stay with his skipper and guide NZ to a 2-nil lead in this series?

Johnson to Bond, OUT
very full and he plays inside it and he loses his stump -- well bowled by Johnson, at last a bowler goes full and straight and it has paid off
SE Bond b Johnson 6 (17m 12b 1x4 0x6) SR: 50.00