After a lot of waiting around and tentative umpire inspections the game's off and it's still raining here in Aberdeen. Thanks for your patience and sticking with us today. Do enjoy the climax of the Ashes here on Cricinfo where England need 8 more wickets to reclaim the urn. Ireland take the ODI series 1-0 while Scotland take the spoils in the ICC Intercontinental Cup 9-3 and currently top the table. Next on the agenda Ireland take on England on Thursday while Scotland clash with Australia on Friday and you can join me Callum Stewart for ball-by-ball commentary then. Thanks to everyone who tuned in this week and as I type the rain is now coming down sideways in Scotland. Do take care and see you soon.

Well I'm afraid to say that due to the recent rain and the latest chat with the umpires that the game has been called off. The umpires expressed concern about a particular area towards the far end of the ground where there is a lot of water gathering which they said would be hard for players to gain footing.

The players shake hands and the game has been abandoned.

1.30pm - Unfortunately the latest news is that the rain is back on here in Aberdeen. It's a persistent light drizzle that's falling and this game is looking more like a Twenty20 by the minute. We will bring you any news as soon as we get it.

1.00pm - The rain has stayed away for the moment and the groundstaff are still working away. It's very windy out there though. More suited to birds and flying kites rather than cricket.

12.10pm - There's a bit of confusion out there as it's stopped raining but the covers and sheets are still on. The umpires are just having a chat with head groundsman. The news is that they ARE going to take the covers off this time and we could have a 30 over game at about 2.00pm.

12.25pm - Meanwhile here in Aberdeen the sun is starting to peek through. The groundstaff are out there working away hard with blotters removing the water from around the square. Looks like some of the players are going to head off for an early lunch.

Eoin emails from Austin in Texas and is waiting for his flight and says "I was hoping to check some of the early scores but guess I'll have to wait until I land. Trojan work being done by all at cricinfo." Not a problem! Unfortunately I think we're all going to have a long wait to have some cricket played here in Scotland. Glad too see people tuning in from across the pond.

11.40am - The umpires are back out on the pitch now it's stopped raining. They have a little wonder round the square with the groundstaff and one or two of the players. After some deliberation they have decided the the covers will start coming off if there's no rain within the next 15 minutes. The earliest start time that we can have is about 1.45pm with no more rain.

John McPherson has e-mailed in boldly summing up the state of Scottish cricket. "Scotland need to redress their appalling display in the previous match and develop a culture of consistency. Only then can they challenge for the next step up."

Do you agree with John or do you think he's being a little harsh? Do let us know by clicking that lovely blue button below.

11.15am - Well it's a sort of light drizzle out there now and the word is that unless there is a drastic improvement in conditions there will not be any play before lunch. Meanwhile please send us your views and comments using the commentary feedback link below. Select Scotland v Ireland from the drop down box and type away to your hearts content. Are you stuck at work? Are you sick of the rain in Scotland? What do you think of the current state of associate cricket? Would you just not be able to survive without cricinfo...?

10.45am - It's just started to rain again and I've just had a little visit to the outfield and it is very damp underfoot. Due to all the heavy rain on Thursday and Friday the ground is already saturated and the rain last night is just sitting on top of it. The umpires have retreated in to their special umpire room and are having a chat and most of the players are chilling out watch the Ashes previews. The minimum number of overs we can have today is 20 so it could be a long wait and a lot of hanging about as we could start as late as 4.30pm depending on the light.

10.30am - Good morning everyone and welcome to our ball-by-ball coverage of this second ODI between Scotland and Ireland with me Callum Stewart. I have to report that there has been some heavy overnight rain with some scattered showers this morning. The covers are on at the moment and the umpires are having a walk about the ground with the groundstaff. It is very windy and very overcast outside and there is a lot of casual water sitting on the sheets on the square. It is not raining at the moment however and we will bring you more news when we get it.