Player of the Match
Player of the Match
Morkel to Siddle, FOUR runs, not a bad shot this time, Siddle getting across and clipping a poor delivery down leg stump in the air well wide of Boucher and gets a boundary, cheered by the MCG
Steyn to Clarke, FOUR runs, up comes the 350 with a cracking shot off the back foot, do not bowl there to Clarke, he gets room and frees the arms with a punchy shot off the middle of the bat
Morkel to Hauritz, FOUR runs, full and wide, Hauritz throws the bat at it and slashes wide of point
Morkel to Hauritz, FOUR runs, edged away for four, Morkel hits a short length to force Hauritz onto the back foot, defending with loose hands and picking the gap wide of a hypothetical fourth slip
Ntini to Clarke, FOUR runs, too short and Clarke rocks onto it to pull it away
Steyn to Lee, FOUR runs, aye, thats the best he's played this morning! Mind you, this is the world's fastest bowler and Lee shuffles with top footwork and presents a full face of the bat, pushing the ball dead straight back down the ground, he's shaping really well
Ntini to Clarke, SIX runs, well thats a shot you don't see often, and the safest place to score your runs! Clarke gets a short ball and goes for the the pull, top-edging up and over the wicketkeeper and the ball clears the ropes at deep fine leg
Ntini to Lee, FOUR runs, bang, thats four! Ntini pitches on a length and Lee plants the foot forward before crashing a brave shot through the covers, he is simply going for it this morning
Ntini to Clarke, FOUR runs, and so is Clarke, that was short of a length from Ntini and Clarke gets back to push at it away from the body, getting a thick edge that squirts to third man, safely
Steyn to Lee, FOUR runs, not a bad shot at all from Lee, latching onto a short delivery and pulling through midwicket with panache, a real cracker of a pull, Lee making sure to roll the wrists
Ntini to Lee, FOUR runs, Lee gets some room outside off stump and hops up to chop it over the slips for four, he was full aware he wanted to play it there and a thick edge it was, safely
Ntini to Lee, FOUR runs, four to Lee first ball, leaning forward like Clarke and streakily square-driving a full and wide delivery wide of backward point and gully and its down to the ropes
Steyn to Haddin, FOUR runs, shot! Terrific! Haddin moves forward and drives the fuller ball through mid-off for four more, Steyn overcompensated by over-pitching after the previous short one
Steyn to Haddin, FOUR runs, short and wide outside off stump, Haddin goes after it and lashes the ball over point with a fierce cut
Ntini to Haddin, FOUR runs, edged and safe! Haddin stays on the back foot and tries to drive the short of a length ball on the up, the ball bounces a bit more and the edge flies between gully and second slip
Harris to Haddin, FOUR runs, Haddin's gone after the spinner again! He steps out of his crease and lofts the ball cleanly over mid-on, he didn't try to hit it too hard, he played that shot effectively against Harris in Perth
Morkel to Haddin, FOUR runs, shot! A nice juicy half-volley on the off stump and Haddin drives that beautifully wide of the the diving Morkel for his first boundary.
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