4th ODI (D/N), Bengaluru, Nov 23 2008, England tour of India
(22/22 ov)
(22/22 ov, target 198)
India won by 19 runs (D/L method)
Player Of The Match
ENG Innings
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end of over 227 runs • 2 wicket
ENG: 178/8CRR: 8.09 
Stuart Broad0 (1)
Matt Prior0 (0)
Munaf Patel4-1-22-2
Ishant Sharma5-0-41-2

Fourth win for the home side, which means they have taken an unassailable series lead at 4-0. England again outclassed by India. The rain interrupted play and eventually forced a 22-overs-a-side match. India blasted themselves to to 166 for 4, then the D/L method left England 198 to get. They only got 178.

Dhoni leads the celebrations on the verge of midnight in Bangalore. Another impressive series win for his team. In 2008, they've won the CB Series, beaten Sri Lanka 3-2, and now England. The only blips were the Kitply and Asia Cup finals. We'll have the post match presentation for you shortly.

Pietersen says its "not nice" to lose 4-0. He credits India for playing hard cricket as well as Shah for his batting, and says England were undone by Sehwag. Pietersen isn't sure what England are going to do in the coming three matches.

Dhoni credits the bowlers for doing so well in slippery conditions. He says Zaheer has been a big help all series. Wants to win all the coming matches.

Sehwag is the Man of the Match. He gets a fat cheque, trophy and a Hero Honda CVZ. Not too shabby. Sehwag enjoyed batting on this track. Says he knew what was coming his way. "If I see the ball, I try and hit it." Wah. Simple mantra.

That's all we have for you tonight. The next game is at Cuttack on November 26 at 14:30 local, 09:00 GMT. Thanks for joining us. On behalf of Binoy George, this is Jamie Alter signing off. Good bye and good luck!

Patel to Broad, no run
swing and a miss, and thats the end of that, India win by 19 runs!

This has been one-way traffic since Shah departed. Broad is in. Four slips and a gully.

Patel to Collingwood, OUT
ho hum, Collingwood swings straight to Tendulkar at midwicket
PD Collingwood c Tendulkar b Patel 22 (34m 14b 3x4 0x6) SR: 157.14

Matt Prior comes out. England need 20 from two balls.

Patel to Collingwood, OUT
easy as pie, Collingwood pushes a very full ball back to Munaf, Swann takes off and makes for the other end, Collingwood doesn't even react, Munaf collects and effects the easiest run out of his career with both batsmen saying hello to each other at one end
GP Swann run out (Patel) 5 (12m 4b 1x4 0x6) SR: 125.00
Patel to Swann, 1 bye
moves away, skips down, swings and misses, Dhoni fumbles
Patel to Collingwood, 1 run
heaves it to midwicket and bolts off, Tendulkar throws it back to Munaf, who is slow to break the bails and Collingwood is home safe with a big dive

That makes it 22 from five balls ... fine leg and deep square leg go back ...

Patel to Collingwood, FOUR runs
another loose ball, a big full toss down leg stump, Collingwood shuffles and heaves it through short fine leg and picks the gap ... Munaf is mortified!

Okay, make it 26 from six balls.

Patel to Collingwood, 1 wide
a really wide delivery, served up outside the stumps

Right. Last over. England need 27. It will be Munaf to bowl out. Field is spread.

end of over 2110 runs
ENG: 171/6CRR: 8.14 • RRR: 27.00
Graeme Swann5 (3)
Paul Collingwood17 (10)
Ishant Sharma5-0-41-2
Zaheer Khan5-0-20-2
Sharma to Swann, FOUR runs
full and he just manages to jam it wide of backward point for four
Sharma to Collingwood, 1 run
swings a full toss out to Sehwag, one bounce at deep midwicket
Sharma to Collingwood, 2 runs
takes a full ball from outside off and heaves to midwicket, Harbhajan collects and needlessly throws the ball at the nonstriker's end, allowing the second run, and Dhoni gives him a piece of his mind
Sharma to Collingwood, 1 wide
change of pace again, the cutter pitches and dribbles away from Collingwood's wild swing, but its then called a wide ... wont make a difference anyway