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Logtenberg sets new South African record

South Africa women completed a predictable 3-0 clean sweep against Netherlands as Johmari Logtenberg struck the highest score by a South African in one-day internationals and the sixth-best of all time

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Neth Women 2nd innings Partnerships

1st5VCE WattenbergCM de Groot
2nd9HW RambaldoVCE Wattenberg
3rd12HW RambaldoCFF Oudolf
4th1HW RambaldoJ Pashley
5th0HW RambaldoAS Tanke
6th8HW RambaldoME Nijman
7th21MEC de FouwME Nijman
8th24ME NijmanDM Braat
9th0M KornetME Nijman
10th1JC HartenhofME Nijman