4th ODI, Vadodara, Jan 31 2007, West Indies tour of India
(41.4/50 ov, target 342)
India won by 160 runs
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West Indies have surrendered rather meekly. The players, from both the teams, shake hands. And with the umpires. Greg Chappell is out there as well, greeting the players and the umpires. Smiles all around the Indian camp. So that's that. West Indies's tour of India is done and dusted. Brian Lara's last ODI innings in India ended up in tragic circumstances. Sachin Tendulkar had a great day though. Stroked a fine 100 before leading , after Dravid left the field due to cramps, the side to an easy win.

Man-of-the-Match Sachin Tendulkar . He has been nominated as the Man of the Series as well. "Ya. Much needed. I was playing well but not converting it. So this was pretty good.... I am quite happy. "

Arun Lal, the presenter, says something about how Tendulkar played like Tendulkar that we know and such stuff. Tendulkar looked grim and then said. :" I have always played the way I wanted to play according to the situation. I have been playing for a long while now,( read... I know what I am doing) so people should appreciate that." Ah! firm reply to the critics.

Lara has been awarded Rs 2 Lakh for playing his last ODI innings in Indian soil. Pity he had to go the way he did but that's that.

This is Sriram Veera, along with Sajan Nair, signing off. Ciao!

Yuvraj Singh to Powell, OUT
That's it. India wrap up the series with a comfortable win. Powell attempts to pull a slow delivery from Yuvraj, is too early into the stroke and skies it to for Raina to hold a simple catch at cover.
DBL Powell c sub (SK Raina) b Yuvraj Singh 1 (5m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 12.50
Yuvraj Singh to Powell, no run
drifts on the off stump line, defended to the off side
Yuvraj Singh to Powell, no run
on the middle stump line, worked to the on side
Yuvraj Singh to Powell, no run
well outside the off stump, he reaches out for it but can't get to it