1st Test, Dunedin, Mar 7-10 1997, Sri Lanka tour of New Zealand
222 & 328 (86.3 ov)
New Zealand won by an innings and 36 runs
Player Of The Match
New Zealand
New Zealand 1st Innings
BA Young not out26742260537063.27
BA Pocock c Mahanama b Vaas1864850028.12
MJ Horne c Mahanama b Ranatunga661081438161.11
SP Fleming (c)c Zoysa b Wickramasinghe5159698086.44
NJ Astle  b Vaas2748545056.25
DL Vettori c Mahanama b Vaas11314007.69
CL Cairns c Mahanama b Zoysa701231419156.91
AC Parore c Wickramasinghe b Vaas1928453067.85
DN Patel not out3042471171.42
Extras(lb 14, nb 21, w 2)37
TOTAL(146 Ov, RR: 4.01)586/7d
Fall of wickets: 1-55 (Blair Pocock), 2-195 (Matt Horne), 3-271 (Stephen Fleming), 4-337 (Nathan Astle), 5-343 (Daniel Vettori), 6-466 (Chris Cairns), 7-512 (Adam Parore)
WPUJC Vaas35614444.1115
DNT Zoysa40611212.8008
GP Wickramasinghe25411714.6805
M Muralitharan33613604.1200
A Ranatunga502915.8000
ST Jayasuriya803404.2502
Sri Lanka 1st Innings
ST Jayasuriya  b Doull0712000.00
RS Mahanama lbw b Doull26751022034.66
MS Atapattu lbw b Doull2566823037.87
PA de Silva c Patel b Davis3440075.00
A Ranatunga (c)c Young b Doull1440481035.00
HP Tillakaratne not out551602468034.37
RS Kaluwitharana c Fleming b Patel4350815086.00
WPUJC Vaas c Horne b Patel217180011.76
GP Wickramasinghe c †Parore b Davis4376776056.57
DNT Zoysa c Young b Davis0711000.00
M Muralitharan c Cairns b Doull01013000.00
Extras(lb 10, w 1)11
TOTAL(85.2 Ov, RR: 2.6)222
Fall of wickets: 1-4 (Sanath Jayasuriya), 2-55 (Marvan Atapattu), 3-58 (Roshan Mahanama), 4-58 (Aravinda de Silva), 5-79 (Arjuna Ranatunga), 6-135 (Romesh Kaluwitharana), 7-141 (Chaminda Vaas), 8-214 (Pramodya Wickramasinghe), 9-215 (Nuwan Zoysa), 10-222 (Muttiah Muralitharan)
SB Doull21.255852.7110
HT Davis1963431.7800
MJ Horne65400.6600
NJ Astle301103.6600
DN Patel2246723.0400
DL Vettori1453802.7100
Sri Lanka 2nd Innings (following on)
ST Jayasuriya c †Parore b Doull50681116073.52
RS Mahanama  b Doull2146653045.65
MS Atapattu  b Patel2257882038.59
PA de Silva lbw b Astle01420000.00
A Ranatunga (c)c Horne b Vettori1345581028.88
HP Tillakaratne run out (sub [Harris])855610014.54
RS Kaluwitharana c & b Vettori103103134132100.00
WPUJC Vaas c & b Davis57971307158.76
GP Wickramasinghe c Doull b Astle085000.00
DNT Zoysa not out16163330100.00
M Muralitharan c & b Doull26141841185.71
Extras(lb 9, nb 3)12
TOTAL(86.3 Ov, RR: 3.79)328
Fall of wickets: 1-49 (Roshan Mahanama), 2-82 (Sanath Jayasuriya), 3-85 (Aravinda de Silva), 4-99 (Marvan Atapattu), 5-115 (Arjuna Ranatunga), 6-133 (Hashan Tillakaratne), 7-270 (Romesh Kaluwitharana), 8-271 (Pramodya Wickramasinghe), 9-285 (Chaminda Vaas), 10-328 (Muttiah Muralitharan)
SB Doull20.358234.0000
HT Davis2227913.5902
MJ Horne421804.5000
NJ Astle1535123.4001
DN Patel1033613.6000
DL Vettori1535323.5300
Carisbrook, Dunedin
TossSri Lanka , elected to field first
SeriesSri Lanka tour of New Zealand
Player Of The Match
Bryan Young
Series resultNew Zealand led the 2-match series 1-0
Match numberTest no. 1358
Match days7,8,9,10 March 1997 (5-day match)
Test debut
Nuwan Zoysa
Christopher King
Ian Robinson
TV Umpire
Steve Dunne
Match Referee
Peter Burge
Fri, 07 Mar - day 1 - New Zealand 1st innings 343/4 (BA Young 154*, DL Vettori 1*)
Sat, 08 Mar - day 2 - Sri Lanka 1st innings 78/4 (A Ranatunga 13*, HP Tillakaratne 7*)
Sun, 09 Mar - day 3 - Sri Lanka 2nd innings 37/0 (ST Jayasuriya 20*, RS Mahanama 15*)
Mon, 10 Mar - day 4 - Sri Lanka 2nd innings 328 (86.3 ov) - end of match
Day 4
  • Lunch: SL 102/4 (Ranatunga 4*, Tillakaratne 1*)
  • Tea: SL 221/6 (Kaluwitharana 71*, Vaas 28*)
  • RS Kaluwitharana dropped by SB Doull (caught and bowled) with his score on 2 and Sri Lanka at 120/5.
  • RS Kaluwitharana 50 off 46 balls, 68 mins, 8x4, 1x6. 4th Test 50.
  • RS Kaluwitharana 100 off 98 balls, 130 mins, 15x4, 2x6. 2nd Test 100.
  • WPUJC Vaas 50 off 94 balls, 128 mins, 6x4, 1x6.
  • Record 7th wicket partnership for Sri Lanka v New Zealand set by RS Kaluwitharana and WPUCJ Vaas of 138 (previous best: 89 by CI Dunusinghe and WPUCJ Vaas at Napier in 1994-95).
  • M Muralitharan 26 is his highest Test score (previous best: 20* v Pakistan at PSS, Colombo in 1994-95).
  • BA Young was on the field for every ball of the match.
  • New Zealand's 1st win at home since 1993-94 v Pakistan at Christchurch (NZ won by 5 wickets, BA Young also scoring 120).
  • New Zealand's 35th Test win and 5th against Sri Lanka in 14 Tests between the 2 countries (NZ's best record against any country on winning percentage of Tests played). It is the 7th innings victory in Tests by New Zealand and 3rd against Sri Lanka.
Day 3
  • Lunch: SL 150/7 (Tillakaratne 30*, Wickramasinghe 2*)
  • Tea: SL 222 (Tillakaratne 55*)
  • HP Tillakaratne 50 off 142 balls, 208 mins, 8x4.
  • New 8th wicket partnership record for Sri Lanka v New Zealand set by HP Tillekeratne and GP Wickremasinghe of 73 (previous best: 69 by HP Tillekeratne and SD Anurasiri at SSCG, Colombo in 1992-93).
  • GP Wickramasinghe 43 is his highest score in Tests (previous best: 28 v Australia at Perth, 1995-96).
  • SB Doull's 5-58 is his 5th 5-wicket bag and 3rd this season. It is the 3rd best innings haul by a New Zealander against Sri Lanka.
  • New Zealand captain SP Fleming enforced Sri Lanka to follow-on It is only the 8th time in 251 Tests played by New Zealand that they have had the opportunity to enforce the follow-on (7th occasion that they did so). 364 runs represents the 2nd largest 1st innings lead by New Zealand in Tests (highest: 374 v Australia at Brisbane in 1985-86).
  • Tea taken early at the conclusion of the Sri Lankan 1st innings thus extending the final session by 30 minutes.
  • Rain ended play for the day after 9.4 overs of the 39 minimum to be bowled.
Day 2
  • Lunch: NZ 433/5 (Young 187*, Cairns 50*)
  • Tea: NZ 586/7 dec. (Young 267*, Patel 30*)
  • CL Cairns 50 off 96 balls, 119 mins, 6x4, 1x6. 9th Test 50 and 3rd in consecutive innings.
  • BA Young dropped by RS Mahanama at 2nd slip off the bowling of DNT Zoysa with his score on 155 and New Zealand at 349/5.
  • BA Young 200 off 355 balls, 519 mins, 29x4. 7th ever double century by a New Zealander in Tests and 6th New Zealand player to achieve it.
  • RS Mahanama 4 catches in New Zealand's 1st innings equals the Sri Lankan Test record already held by himself and HP Tillakaratne.
  • 9th occasion New Zealand scores over 500 (previous occasion: 671/4 dec. v Sri Lanka at Wellington in 1990-91).
  • BA Young 250 off 406 balls, 595 mins, 36x4. 3rd ever New Zealander to achieve this score.
  • DN Patel dropped by ST Jayasuriya at gully off the bowling of DNT Zoysa with his score on 22 and New Zealand at 565/7.
  • BA Young 267* (off 421 balls, 605 mins, 37x4) is the 2nd highest ever individual score by a New Zealander in Tests (highest: MD Crowe 299 v Sri Lanka at Wellington in 1990-91) and also 2nd highest ever by any player against Sri Lanka (highest: same as above). It is the 28th highest individual innings in Test history and largest score since BC Lara's 375 for West Indies v England at St Johns in 1993-94. It is the highest ever score by a New Zealand opener (previous best: GM Turner 259 v West Indies at Georgetown in 1971-72). It is the highest score by any player made at Carisbrook, Dunedin (previous best: 201 by Mushtaq Mohammad for Pakistan in 1971-72, previous New Zealand best: 143 by GT Dowling v India in 1967-69). Also it is the 2nd best aggregate runs scored in a match by a New Zealander (best: MD Crowe 329 [30 & 299] v Sri Lanka at Wellington in 1990-91).
  • New Zealand's 586/7 dec. is their 2nd highest ever total in Tests (highest: 671/4 dec. v Sri Lanka at Wellington in 1990-91). It is also the 2nd ever highest total against Sri Lanka (highest: same as above). It is the highest ever total by any side at Carisbrook, Dunedin (previous best: Pakistan 507/6 dec. in 1972-93; previous New Zealand best: 350 v India in 1967-68).
Day 1
  • Lunch: NZ 92/1 (Young 41*, Horne 17*)
  • Tea: NZ 203/2 (Young 94*, Fleming 3*)
  • BA Young 50 off 105 balls, 6x4. 11th Test 50.
  • MJ Horne 50 off 80 balls, 9x4, 1x6. Maiden Test 50 in his 2nd Test.
  • BA Young and MJ Horne set a new record 2nd wicket partnership for New Zealand v Sri Lanka of 141 (previous best: 76 by JG Wright and AH Jones at Auckland in 1990/91).
  • BA Young 100 off 203 balls, 273 mins, 16x4. 2nd Test 100.
  • SP Fleming 50 off 54 balls, 8x4, 12th Test 50.
  • Play ended 3.2 overs early due to rain but came back 23 mins after the scheduled close of play to complete them.
  • BA Young 150 off 253 balls, 23x4. Test 150. First time a New Zealand batsman has scored 150 since AH Jones v Sri Lanka at Wellington in 1990/91.