Player of the Match
Player of the Match
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Highlights - New Zealand take 1-0 lead against Windies

Doug Bracewell took 4 for 55 as New Zealand beat West Indies by five wickets in the first ODI

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WATCH - Holder gets another one

43.2 JO Holder to HM Nicholls, out, caught behind! No room to play the cut but he takes it on. Holder bowls in the channel from around the wicket, and rolls his fingers on this one. Gets some grip and lift, and that's enough to take the edge as Nic

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WATCH - Nurse traps Latham in front

37.2 AR Nurse to TWM Latham, out, traps him in front. Given out lbw, review not taken. Tries to go too square with this flick shot. Nurse has slid it in from around the wicket. It appeared close - like it might go down leg. But the umpire and batsm

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WATCH - Williamson plays on to stumps

31.4 JO Holder to KS Williamson, out, played on! Inside edge and onto off stump. Short outside off and he tries to punch at it. Big gap between bat and pad, and that's a gone-r. Big break through

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WATCH - Nurse castles Worker

17.5 AR Nurse to GH Worker, out, what's happening here? The off stump is broken but no one seems to be celebrating. Ok, now Nurse is rejoicing. Good length on off stump and stays slightly low as the ball skids through after pitching. Zips under Wo

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WATCH - Williams gets first breakthrough for WI

16.4 KOK Williams to C Munro, out, soft dismissal! Good length on middle, and extra bounce does the trick this time. The ball sits up after pitching and takes the top of Munro's bat as he tries to punch off the back foot. Straight down short cover'

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7.6 RR Beaton to C Munro, 4 runs

7.6 RR Beaton to C Munro, 4 runs, half-chance. Pummels this full delivery back at the bowler who has barely recovered in his follow through as this flies to his left. He gets a fingertip on it - and he's holding that finger now as he walks off the

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6.4 JO Holder to C Munro, 4 runs

6.4 JO Holder to C Munro, 4 runs, gorgeous. Gets right behind the line of this length ball. It's not too full. He's offered the full face and punched it past the non-striker

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5.1 RR Beaton to GH Worker, 4 runs

5.1 RR Beaton to GH Worker, 4 runs, another boundary. NZ are racing away. Back of a length and climbing up in the corridor, but he's nicely in control as he arches back and nudges it past first slip

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WATCH - Gabriel drops Munro

4.4 ST Gabriel to C Munro, 2 runs, dropped off his own bowling. Full and in at off stump. Goes with hard hands and drives this back towards the bowler at head height. He can only get one hand on it and mid-on has to clean up

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4.3 ST Gabriel to C Munro, 4 runs

4.3 ST Gabriel to C Munro, 4 runs, shot. Fully in control this time. Length ball in the corridor, punched firmly with a high elbow to beat mid-off

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4.1 ST Gabriel to C Munro, 4 runs

4.1 ST Gabriel to C Munro, 4 runs, overpitched on leg stump, no effort to keep this flick down. Gets the front leg to the pitch and beats deep square to his right

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2.4 ST Gabriel to GH Worker, 4 runs

2.4 ST Gabriel to GH Worker, 4 runs, shot. Length at leg stump, big backlift helps him whip this powerfully through midwicket. Slightly aerial, but that's not usually a risk in the Powerplay

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WATCH - Powell's maiden ODI fifty

West Indies were 134 for 5 when Rovman Powell walked out to bat and scored a crucial 59 off 50 balls to take his team to 248 for 9

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49.5 DAJ Bracewell to R Powell, out

49.5 DAJ Bracewell to R Powell, out, carved inside out over cover and it looks like it's going for a six.. but no! Kane Williamson covers a lot of ground to run towards deep extra cover (from long off) and takes a sharp jumping catch on the run. Powell's

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49.4 DAJ Bracewell to R Powell, 6 runs

49.4 DAJ Bracewell to R Powell, 6 runs, full and wide outside off, Powell gets under the ball in a flash and smashes this over long off's head. Great sound off the bat

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48.5 TA Boult to KOK Williams, 2 runs

48.5 TA Boult to KOK Williams, 2 runs, back of a length on middle and angling past the batsman. Tries to play a late dab but plays it too fine instead, just past the outstretched gloves of the keeper. It came off the batsman's gloves as well

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WATCH - Powell brings up maiden fifty in style

48.3 TA Boult to R Powell, 4 runs, overpitched full outside off, sliced over point's head and this is trickling away for four more! Powell's maiden fifty!

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48.2 TA Boult to R Powell, 6 runs

48.2 TA Boult to R Powell, 6 runs, just over the ropes for six more! Low full toss because of the attempted yorker that goes all wrong. Front foot moved towards the leg side, bends his knee to get under the ball and muscles this over Boult

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48.1 TA Boult to R Powell, 6 runs

48.1 TA Boult to R Powell, 6 runs, Deep midwicket almost takes a one-hander, but it's a maximum! Short outside off and this time Powell's pull connects. Off the middle of the bat, and while Henry sticks his hand out in the deep, the ball just does

New Zealand 2nd innings Partnerships

1st108C MunroGH Worker
2nd10KS WilliamsonGH Worker
3rd57LRPL TaylorKS Williamson
4th26LRPL TaylorTWM Latham
5th29LRPL TaylorHM Nicholls
6th19LRPL TaylorTD Astle