5th ODI (D/N), Thiruvananthapuram, Nov 1 2018, West Indies tour of India
(14.5/50 ov, target 105)
India won by 9 wickets (with 211 balls remaining)
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"It turned out to be that way. It was a clinical performance. Credit has to go to the bowling unit, pitching the ball in the right place. We wanted ot bowl first anyway and we got lucky. We were surprised West Indies batted,"Virat Kohli says. He is also Man of the Series. "Both games, very professoinal performance. It's always a good feeling when the team does well as a whole. The changeroom atmosphere is important and when you play like that everyone is delighted. We just want to keep building on this. Two areas I can think of is the third seamer, Khaleel has been outstanding and No. 4 as well, Rayudu taking responsibility. When Hardik comes in, we'll get more depth in the side. God forbid, if anything happens to Bhuvi or Bumrah, we have another guy who can come in and pick up wickets. We just want these guys to build on this. The intent is to help the team as much as possible. Rohit was outstanding. Kuldeep picked up wickets. Bumrah too. But to get runs as captain always gives me confidence. It won't happen all the time, but when I'm going, I want to keep going longer. I don't play for awards, just to impact the series and help the team win."

Ravindra Jadeja is Man of the Match for his four-wicket haul today "I'm enjoying my game at the moment. Whenever I come on the field, I just try to give my best. Whatever opportunity I get, I'll try to take it with both hands. [DRS to get Hetmyer wicket] In that case, the ball didn't spin much, it went straight. I bowled with cross seam. We were not sure about where the ball pitched. That was the doubt"

5.20 pm "Not the finish we were looking for. We lacked consistency in the last couple of games. We didn't bat well enough. Still I think we should admirable performance coming to India and playing India," Jason Holder says. "I felt the pitch would have been good. I didn't expect it to play that slow though. A lot of the dismissals from our batsmen were through poor shots. I think it was a lack of application. We could have made in excess of 300 if we had given ourselves a chance, if we had taken a few balls to settle in. Relatively happy with the youngsters. Hope and Hetmyer were bright spots. Oshane Thomas was good here. But like I said, more consistency with the bat and some wickets through the middle overs would help"

Suresh Guna: "MSD stranded on 9999 ODI runs for India :("

Shastri: Back on track [after two below par games]. But sometimes, a wake-up call is needed. Having said that, this West Indies team is a really good team who is going to improve with exposure. Some very good hitters in there. [On Rayudu] It's never easy when you are out for some time and make a comeback. You want to express yourself, but there is a fear. I thought he handle the pressure extremely well, batted beautifully in the last game, his second fifty was tremendous. [On Khaleel] He has got the skill, he is raw, doesn't have the experience, but he's got a good bouncer, yorker and slower ball.

Kuldeep: Very difficult to control when you get a wicket like this, you need to pitch it in the right areas. A couple of reviews didn't go my way. I thought the game in the Vizag was

really good, there was dew and taking three wickets in that game was very good.

Bhuvneshwar: It has been a good experience. We had enough time to go to the NCA and come back. I was trying to polish a few variations, the slower one, the knuckle ball. If you look at every department, the team is doing good, Rayudu came in at No. 4 and did well.

5.00 pm India win the trophy with a display so dominant that the mid-innings break wasn't even needed. It is also their sixth series win on the trot at home. That dominant top three has been hard to crack. Over 450 runs for Kohli. Nearly 400 runs for Rohit. They've been utterly ruthless. India's bowling line-up also perked up since the return of the No. 1 ranked Jasprit Bumrah since the third game onwards.

West Indies, who began so promisingly at the start of the series, faded away today on a pitch that was rather difficult to bat on. The ball kept holding up and yet none of them made the requisite changes to their game and kept on driving on the up, which resulted in them collapsing to 104 all out, with Ravindra Jadeja picking up four wickets and giving the selectors a fine headache. Can they really bench him now when Hardik Pandya comes back? It'd be a hard call to make but considering the World Cup will take place in conditions that won't really turn, it might well be fair.

Bishoo to Sharma, 1 run
slogs it away to the midwicket boundary and that's that. Rohit and Kohli high-five even as they run through
Bishoo to Sharma, no run
good length on off stump, blocks
Bishoo to Kohli, 1 run
shortish and outside off, punches it to the sweeper
Bishoo to Kohli, FOUR runs
shortish and outside off, Kohli backs away and cuts it behind point. India only two away from victory
Bishoo to Sharma, 1 run
tosses it up on leg stump, Rohit works it down to long-on
end of over 145 runs
INDIA: 98/1CRR: 7 • RRR: 0.19 • Need 7 runs from 35 overs
Rohit Sharma61 (53)
Virat Kohli28 (27)
Fabian Allen1-0-5-0
Devendra Bishoo1-0-9-0

Blessen Varghes: "Kerala has been getting rough side of the stick, of late. Massive floods, Sabarimala issue, Fire in Trivandrum yesterday, and just when they thought they can watch their favourite stars in action, an entire match ends by the mid-innings break!"

Allen to Sharma, 1 run
knocks it down to long-on
Allen to Kohli, 1 run
pulls hard to deep midwicket
Allen to Sharma, 1 run
follows the batsman moving to leg, Rohit hits to long-on
Allen to Kohli, 1 run
rocks back to punch the flatter delivery on off stump to long-on
Allen to Kohli, no run
full and outside off, Kohli drives to extra cover
Allen to Sharma, 1 run
too short. too much room. And Rohit pulls powerfully to the left of deep midwicket

sangit: "May be Rohit read the piece by Gaurav Sundararaman and said 'not in this match pal, not in this match'. " --- Also, Rohit has gone past 1000 in ODIs in 2018

Aravinda Krishn: "Overs 11 and 12 - Of the 12 balls, Kohli faced a mere 2 balls and scored 2 runs while Sharma faced the remaining 10 and scored 30 runs! To rub it in, he scored 1 of the last ball denying batting to Kohli."

end of over 139 runs
INDIA: 93/1CRR: 7.15 • RRR: 0.32 • Need 12 runs from 35 overs
Rohit Sharma58 (50)
Virat Kohli26 (24)
Devendra Bishoo1-0-9-0
Keemo Paul2-0-22-0

Muhammed Riyas: "When everyone talks about Kohli's greatness and habit of hitting frequent tons, Rohit's achievements are at another level, as if he just doesn't care the normal numbers, and plays with absolute monster figures. 3 times 200s, 7 times 150s, 201 sixes, HS 264 and counting.."

Bishoo to Sharma, 1 run
shortish and outside off, he cuts to the sweeper
Bishoo to Sharma, SIX runs
clock the air-miles on that! It's straight again. It's the result of his coming down the track and going through with the shot. It's scintillating
Bishoo to Kohli, 1 run
leading edge as Kohli looks to flick against the turn without getting to the pitch of the legbreak. Bishoo dives to his left, but he is never getting there
Bishoo to Sharma, 1 run
steps out, which Bishoo spots and pulls his length back. Rohit still finds runs to long-off
Bishoo to Sharma, no run
flows into the drive, staying beside the tossed up delivery on middle. Can't beat cover