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India vs West Indies, 5th ODI at Thiruvananthapuram, Nov 01 2018, West Indies tour of India

5th ODI (D/N), Thiruvananthapuram, November 01, 2018, West Indies tour of India
(14.5/50 ov, T:105) 105/1

India won by 9 wickets (with 211 balls remaining)

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453 runs
West Indies Innings
India Innings
Match Flow
West Indies  (50 ovs maximum)
c †Dhoni b Kumar044000.00
c Dhawan b Ahmed1639741041.02
b Bumrah055000.00
c Kohli b Jadeja2438403163.15
lbw b Jadeja911141081.81
c Jadhav b Ahmed2533392075.75
c Jadhav b Bumrah411140036.36
c Rayudu b Kuldeep Yadav518290027.77
not out 815281053.33
c Jadhav b Jadeja515121033.33
lbw b Jadeja022000.00
Extras(lb 1, w 7)8
TOTAL31.5 Ov (RR: 3.26, 135 Mins)104
Fall of wickets: 1-1 (Kieran Powell, 0.4 ov), 2-2 (Shai Hope, 1.4 ov), 3-36 (Marlon Samuels, 11.5 ov), 4-53 (Shimron Hetmyer, 15.5 ov), 5-57 (Rovman Powell, 16.6 ov), 6-66 (Fabian Allen, 20.6 ov), 7-87 (Jason Holder, 25.2 ov), 8-94 (Keemo Paul, 28.1 ov), 9-103 (Kemar Roach, 31.3 ov), 10-104 (Oshane Thomas, 31.5 ov)
0.4 to KOA Powell, caught behind and the crowd absolutely loses it. The first ODI in this stadium and it's a sea of blue in the stands and they rises as one as Bhuvi pitches the ball up. Tthe upright seam hits the deck and moves away. The length is full. So Powell is on the drive - but it's an on the up drive, with the hands pushing away from the body - and that does him in. The little bit of movement does him in. 1/1
1.4 to SD Hope, bowled him and it's insane bowling! Movement off the pitch again - and that's all the more venomous when it's pitched up, at Bumrah's pace. Hope is coming forward, a little lazily, and is surprised that the ball bounces as much as it does. Tends to happen with Bumrah - hits the deck so hard, generating all his pace in the last couple of steps and that ridiculous right shoulder and so even length deliveries kick up. Hope tries to negotiate it by standing up taller, but he also ends up playing away from his body and the gap between bat and pad is massive. Misjudgment, inside edge, stumps broken. 2/2
20.6 to FA Allen, taken at long leg! The short ball does it, as is the angle of the ball, coming sharply into the right-hander. Allen goes for the hook, but with the ball always climbing on him - at point of contact, it was above his throar - the top-edge was the likeliest result.. 66/6
16.6 to R Powell, Powell departs. It was bouncer which caught Powell unprepared who ends up half-pulling it towards deep square leg, where Dhawan takes a couple of steps forward to take one of the easier catches. A finger-on-the-lips celebration by Khaleel. 57/5
25.2 to JO Holder, taken at mid-off. Driving on the up on this pitch, where the ball keeps stopping on the batsman, is risky business. Even Holder pays enough mind to that as he looks to beat Jadhav inside the circle. Makes contact with the high part of the bat - that means there's no timing - and the fielder even has to run up and dive in order to get under it. Khaleel celebrates by putting two fingers on his lips - he was reprimanded by the ICC for his celebrations in the last ODI. 87/7
11.5 to MN Samuels, and a soft dismissals! Jadeja gets his first. It was slower through the air, just around off stump, Samuels was once again early in the shot, ends up offering a dolly to Kohli at extra cover. 36/3
15.5 to SO Hetmyer, fuller but Hetmyer plays it back, misreads the length altogether and is rapped on the front pad. Anil Chaudhary denies the appeal, Dhoni says he is not sure about where it pitched, but Jadeja insists on the review. Replays show it pitched in the line, beat the bat to rap Hetmyer right in front and would have gone on to hit middle and leg. Dhoni chuckles at the end of it. 53/4
31.3 to KAJ Roach, and that's the third catch for Jadhav. Overhead this time at long-off. It was in the batsman's half who looks go aerial, makes a fair connection but Jadhav times his jump well to snatch it. 103/9
31.5 to O Thomas, plumb in front, Jadeja gets a four-for! length ball, spinning back and hits the batsman on the back leg. West Indies decide to review, more in hope, I must say. And that's three reds on replay, would have hit middle and leg. 104/10
28.1 to KMA Paul, taken at long-on! It's a steepler, demanding Rayudu to run forward and to his right as well. But by the time the ball is on its way down, he is already in position, taking the catch ever so cleanly. Top-edged sweep from Paul and he is tempting into the shot only because of the amount of flight Kuldeep puts on it. Lovely wristspin bowling. 94/8
India  (T: 105 runs from 50 ovs)
not out 63566554112.50
b Thomas65710120.00
not out 33295760113.79
Extras(lb 1, nb 1, w 1)3
TOTAL14.5 Ov (RR: 7.07, 65 Mins)105/1
Fall of wickets: 1-6 (Shikhar Dhawan, 1.5 ov)
1.5 to S Dhawan, chopped on! Action replay of the Guwahati game! It was a length ball, not much room there, but Dhawan went for the cut, gets an inside edge on to the stumps. 6/1
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  • West Indies innings
  • Powerplay 1: Overs 0.1 - 10.0 (Mandatory - 30 runs, 2 wickets)
  • Powerplay 2: Overs 10.1 - 40.0 (Mandatory - 74 runs, 8 wickets)
  • West Indies: 50 runs in 14.5 overs (89 balls), Extras 5
  • Drinks: West Indies - 53/4 in 15.5 overs (R Powell 15)
  • Over 15.5: Review by India (Bowling), Umpire - AK Chaudhary, Batsman - SO Hetmyer (Upheld)
  • Over 22.5: Review by India (Bowling), Umpire - P Wilson, Batsman - KMA Paul (Umpires Call)
  • Over 28.4: Review by West Indies (Batting), Umpire - P Wilson, Batsman - KAJ Roach (Upheld)
  • West Indies: 100 runs in 30.3 overs (183 balls), Extras 7
  • Innings Break: West Indies - 104/10 in 31.5 overs (D Bishoo 8)
  • Over 31.5: Review by West Indies (Batting), Umpire - AK Chaudhary, Batsman - O Thomas (Struck down)
  • India innings
  • Powerplay 1: Overs 0.1 - 10.0 (Mandatory - 52 runs, 1 wicket)
  • India: 50 runs in 9.3 overs (58 balls), Extras 3
  • Powerplay 2: Overs 10.1 - 40.0 (Mandatory)
  • 2nd Wicket: 50 runs in 51 balls (RG Sharma 24, V Kohli 23, Ex 3)
  • RG Sharma: 50 off 45 balls (5 x 4, 3 x 6)
  • India: 100 runs in 14.2 overs (87 balls), Extras 3
Greenfield International Stadium, Thiruvananthapuram
TossWest Indies, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Player Of The Series
Series resultIndia won the 5-match series 3-1
Match numberODI no. 4064
Hours of play (local time)13.30 start, First Session 13.30-17.00, Interval 17.00-17.45, Second Session 17.45-21.15
Match days1 November 2018 - daynight (50-over match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
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