Only ODI, Dublin (Malahide), May 3 2019, England tour of Ireland
(43.1/45 ov)
(42/45 ov, target 199)
England won by 4 wickets (with 18 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
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Scorer: Justin Smyth
Commentator: Andrew Miller
Scorecard summary
Ireland198(43.1 overs)
Mark Adair32 (30)
Tom Curran3/35(8.1)
England199/6(42 overs)
Ben Foakes*61 (76)
Tom Curran*47 (56)
end of over 435 runs
ENG: 199/6CRR: 4.73 
Tom Curran47 (56)
Ben Foakes61 (76)
Josh Little8-0-45-4
Mark Adair8-0-48-0

7.43pm Well, that wraps things up for the prologue to England's season. It's been a terrifically entertaining day. From Alan, Justin and myself, goodbye!

Eoin Morgan: "At certain stages we knew it would be challenging, but the bowlers did a great job, and three or four of us batted really poorly. But Foakes outstanding on debut, he and Curran got us over the line, last year against Scotland we got beaten at our own game, but today we found a way to win."

Man of Match is Ben Foakes "Nipping about a bit, had to take what was on offer. Because we kept them under 200, the rate never got away from us." Well, that was brief.

Will Porterfield "The start we got, was tricky in the morning, but we can't fault the fight with three debutants, didn't look out of place. The lads that played today have a bright future. Seven ODIs in next 15-20 days, great time for us."

7.34pm Tom: "Didn't we have basically the same result last time England played at Malahide? " Last but one visit had similarities ....

7.28pm Gosh, that was more of a thriller than we had bargained for when the pitch inspection was taking place some seven and a half hours ago. It's been a blazing contest, lit up by debutants galore. Ben Foakes and Josh Little share top billing, Jofra Archer attracts the scrutiny, and England head home for their Biggest Summer of Cricket Of All Time with more questions than answers ... though, in the form of Willey, Curran, Plunkett et al, mostly good ones, to be fair.

Little to Curran, (no ball) FOUR runs
round the wicket, hauled out through the leg side, and that's an extra too, so that is the end of that!
end of over 4211 runs
ENG: 194/6CRR: 4.61 • RRR: 1.66 • Need 5 from 18b
Tom Curran43 (55)
Ben Foakes61 (76)
Mark Adair8-0-48-0
Josh Little8-0-40-4

Robin: "To be fair England hasn't had a debutant wicketkeeper since Davies in 2009. Just off the top of my head Prior, Bairstow, Kieswetter, Buttler, Billings have probably all kept wicket just not on debut." Never let facts get in the way of a good stat

Adair to Curran, 1 run
in the blockhole, flogged on the up, and the game is surely up now
Adair to Curran, 2 runs
slapped uppishly, wide of the lumbering Boyd Rankin at mid-on, who gives away the second run
Adair to Foakes, 1 run
slower ball, Foakes waits well and opens the face to third man
Adair to Foakes, 2 runs
squeezed through third man... England are down to single figures
Adair to Curran, 1 run
slashed on the up to deep cover, Curran in a rush to finish this, and dropped by Tucker, sprinting in! So near, he made the ground, but lost his composure, and maybe now, the match...
Adair to Curran, FOUR runs
low full toss, smashed one bounce to the rope! That is a massive start to the over

Right, last roll of the dice. This needs to be the over, surely, to get the breakthrough

end of over 418 runs
ENG: 183/6CRR: 4.46 • RRR: 4.00 • Need 16 from 24b
Tom Curran35 (51)
Ben Foakes58 (74)
Josh Little8-0-40-4
Mark Adair7-0-37-0

Usman: "I don't know why everyone is forgetting that this is England." Oh, I haven't, don't you worry...

Little to Curran, 1 run
up on the toes, bashed to deep cover, another single as England ... seemingly ... close in
Little to Curran, no run
full length, slapped to cover
Little to Curran, no run
swish! A touch impetuous for a change, pulling when the ball wasn't quite there for the shot. Whistles past the off stump

Hypocaust: "Ben Foakes is the first English keeper to make a fifty on men's ODI debut" Well, well ...

Little to Foakes, 1 run
round the wicket now, a touch more cramped on the back foot, but worked into the on-side

Vanja Patrakar: ".... but can he do it in cold murky day in Dublin? Tom Curran ticking all boxes today."

Little to Foakes, 2 runs
too short, wide enough to have a slash with impunity, pulled forcefully in front of square
Little to Foakes, FOUR runs
flipped to the leg side, pierces midwicket, another boundary to force Ireland's head to droop a touch more
end of over 408 runs
ENG: 175/6CRR: 4.37 • RRR: 4.80 • Need 24 from 30b
Ben Foakes51 (71)
Tom Curran34 (48)
Mark Adair7-0-37-0
Josh Little7-0-32-4

Ronak: "Hats off to Foakes but how good has his Surrey team-mate Tom Curran has been with the bat tonight? Sensible batting for the most part and seeing the bigger picture of not losing to Ireland." Surrey will be wondering where all this 50-over knowhow has been hiding all summer. They've been a shambles in the Royal London Cup

Adair to Foakes, 1 run
thumped on the up to long-on, another single as Foakes keeps the strike
Adair to Curran, 1 run
eased into the off side. England are just beginning to assert their authority. Which means there has to be a twist, right?
Adair to Foakes, 1 run
tucks the single to add a fifty on ODI debut to his hundred on Test debut. He's a player alright
Adair to Foakes, 2 runs
overthrows! Driven, via the bowler's hand, to mid-off, whose shy is awry

George Macphers: "Andrew slogging can win you matches. " Well duh, it's the only way I've ever won any game. But I've also lost most of them by slogging too!

Adair to Curran, 1 run
width, outside off, chopped firmly to deep point.
Match details
The Village, Malahide, Dublin
TossEngland , elected to field first
SeriesEngland tour of Ireland
Player Of The Match
Ben Foakes
Series resultEngland won the one-off match
Match numberODI no. 4127
Hours of play (local time)10.45 start, First Sssion 10.45-14.15 Interval 14.15-15.00, Second Session 15.00-18.30
Match days03 May 2019 (50-over match)
ODI debut
Lorcan Tucker
Mark Adair
Josh Little
Dawid Malan
Ben Foakes
Jofra Archer
Kumar Dharmasena
Paul Reynolds
TV Umpire
Aleem Dar
Reserve Umpire
Alan Neill
Match Referee
Sir Richie Richardson