Player of the Match
Player of the Match

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Commentator: Vishal Dikshit

20 | 10 Runs 1 Wkt | SNOVA: 125/6 | RR: 6.25

  • Radha Yadav10 (4b)
  • Lea Tahuhu2 (8b)
  • Amelia Kerr4-0-29-2
  • Shikha Pandey3-0-17-0

11.12pm Harmanpreet collects the trophy from Diana Edulji, runs across to the team and celebrates amid screams as the confetti goes off! Radha Yadav is holding the trophy in the middle. That's all from us today, it's the end of the series, and if you didn't watch this match, you didn't spend your Saturday night right. Here's the report if you missed all the action. Goodbye and good luck, from Vishal Dikshit and Shashank Kishore

Time for the presentation:

Jemimah Rodrigues is the Player of the Series: We did pretty well, hats off to Radha for the last-ball finish, Harry di played a super innings in a final game so credit goes to her. Honestly, there were nerves, we were under pressure. But once Harry di started, we knew we'd win. And then Radha did it. We were under pressure for some time. We were nervous for some time, Tahuhu also ran those twos well. For me, it's important to get consistent, I've been working a lot on my batting, Raman sir have been suggesting things and these small things make a lot of difference.

Harmanpreet, the winning captain: I knew if I play till the end, we will winnings. That's what I was telling Lea, to give me the strike. I was trying to hit the ball in the open areas and I'm happy we got that. There were a lot of thoughts in my head when I got out, but Rahda went out and did the job, she's the superstar today. We have a long batting line-up but credit to Radha for the way she played. We needed 40-42 when five overs were left so my idea to just take as much strike as possible. We lost early wickets, but Jemi and Priya played really well and then the one between me and Lea was also good, she kept giving me confidence. I'd want to thank the crowd, the BCCI, very happy to see that so many people came and I heard that a lot of people are waiting outside too.

11pm A terrific match, and what an advertisement for the Women's T20 Challenge. We saw a collapse, we saw a comeback, we saw some good opening bowling, and then those two wickets from Jahanara Alam before the Harmanpreet show. It wasn't over because she got out in the last over before Radha Yadav hit the winning runs.

10.44pm The Supernovas players rush on the field, Harmanpreet brings out a jump in the dugout, Mithali Raj ends on the losing side and Harmanpreet has a big, beaming smile on her face, with hugs all around. Radha Yadav gets some high fives!

Mithali Raj: After the top-order crumble, the partnership between Kerr and Sushma was crucial. They (Supernovas) are very strong and I never thought that we would fight back. It was a great knock from Harman, so very proud of the way we fought back. This is what you get to see in international standards, this is how you get exposeure. Like Devika Vaidya bowled really well today when we gave her the chance. It was a far, far better performamce today. Each and every player - domestic or one who wants to come back into the India side - did very well. Harman is a very important player and someone the team would want to rely on for the T20 World Cup next year.

Sciver: I think Radha was alright before going out. She had a couple of words from the coach before going out.

Devine: You always have to have the confidence in a chase like this and with Harman out there, we were in total control. Yes, definitely we would have loved to stay back and play a few more matches.

Radha Yadav: I just knew that I had to do it. I wanted to hit the winning runs and was too excited.

Priya Punia: I played to my strangths this time as advised by the coaches. We had Harry di and Sophie so we knew we'd do it.

Navjot S Bhatia: "Bravos girls...!! Heartening to see such a thrilling finale..! Way to go..!!"

Anitha: "Feel bad for Mithali. She may not get to play the next version of this tournament. But, what a wonderful set of 4 matches."

Kerr to Yadav, FOUR runs, she's done it with a drive through the covers, it's a four and Supernovas have won the inaugural Women's T20 Challenge by four wickets!. Radha is pumped after that shot and punches the air. Oh my, Tahuhu leaps and ends up holding her right shoulder, hope she hasn't hurt herself

Scores level, the field comes in. One to get off the last ball. Long-on still in the deep though

Kerr to Yadav, 2 runs, comes down again, it's wide outside off and she scythes it towards deep point in the gap. Easy two that one

Three from two now

Darshit karia: "Oh my.. what a contest?? How many times the momentum has swung the either way?? There is really a great future for the league.. come on girls show the world YOU CAN DO IT.."

Kerr to Yadav, 2 runs, comes down and drives that with some power to long-off. Tahuhu ran the first one very hard with her head down and runs real quick to come back for the second

A tense Harmanpreet sitting in the dugout

Kerr to Yadav, 2 runs, lots of flight outside off, she sweeps against the turn and gets a top-edge over the bowler's head. They quickly come back for the second

Another twist, who would have thought. Seven to get from four, Radha Yadav on strike. The crowd is getting on its feet

Kerr to Kaur, OUT, she has holed out to deep cover! It's the trademark loft over the covers from Harmanpreet after coming down, she drove with the turn, and Velocity clearly have a fielder there. Hayley Matthews waits and then dives forward to get both hands under it. What a big wicket, and just in time

H Kaur c Matthews b Kerr 51 (37b 4x4 3x6) SR: 137.83

Kerr to Kaur, no run, turning away from outside off, she slices on off and takes a couple of steps before sending Tahuhu back. Almost resulted in a run out

PP: "Wow, That's stunning innings by Harmanpreet! Sensational Winning the match single handed." Seven to get from six balls, actually. Kerr will bowl it

Supernovas 2nd innings Partnerships

1st9AC JayanganiPS Punia
2nd44PS PuniaJI Rodrigues
3rd0H KaurPS Punia
4th6H KaurNR Sciver
5th5SFM DevineH Kaur
6th51H KaurLMM Tahuhu
7th10LMM TahuhuRP Yadav