Player of the Match
Player of the Match

3.28pm And as team India collect their series award, it's time for us to say goodbye. Hope you enjoyed ESPNcricinfo's coverage of this match. On behalf of Thilak and Saurabh, this is Sreshth signing off.

3.17pm Time for the presentation.

Kohli, the winning captain: "Clinical performance. We wanted to try out players but priority was to win games. Deepak was great, Bhuvi professional as always. Much better wicket than in Miami. West Indies got to a decent total because of the wicket, but we were professional with both ball and bat. Deepak is similar to Bhuvi. With the new ball, Deepak's skill is up there with Bhuvi. Swing has been his USP in the IPL too. Really lethal with the new ball - puts the batsmen in real trouble. We are looking at Rishabh as the future, definitely. Got a lot of skill and talent. It's about winning and finishing games like these. International cricket you need to tackle pressure differently. He has come a long way since he's started. If he plays like this regularly, we will see his potential shine for India. We want to be as professional as possible in the ODIs and Tests. We want results, to win games of cricket. The WI ODI team is even stronger, so it will be hard work, but we will try to have fun as a team for a month."

Deepak Chahar is the Man of the Match for his three-over spell of 3-1-4-3.

Krunal Pandya is the Player of the Series. He says, "Quite satisfying. Played all three games. To contribute to winning way feels good. I am not thinking where I am playing, my main focus is to improve every day, every game. Pollard is a brother to me. He knows my friends, I know his friends. Whoever uses brains comes on top."

Brathwaite, the losing captain: "Didn't start well with the bat again. Kudos to Pollard. As a team, we talked about progress, we took it to the last over. We knew 140 was below par but the bowlers fought again. Not sure why the top-order isn't firing. Today, we didn't start well - if the top three play the way they do, we may have to take some decisions, but if they play how we know they play, we can get 180 easily. I, personally, need to perform as skipper. We have had some changes in the squad, so we need to establish ourselves as a unit further. We have seen some restructuring in batting from game to game and we are still searching for our perfect batting."

Pavan: "Giving consistent opportunities for Pant makes him more dependable and consistent Batsmen. Good decision to include him in the squad"

Deepak Chahar: "Atmosphere was good for swing bowling. Plan was to make the new ball move, and bowl full. Good weather helped. I didn't know I was going to bowl the new over, because Sundar was bowling in the early games. But weather and wicket was good so I enjoyed. Plan was to bowl outside off to left-handers, because they want to play towards midwicket. I tried to first assess how much swing there was, and then chose how to bowl - whether to deliver the inswinger or the outswinger. Once I noticed movement, I focused on the inswingers. If the ball comes inwards, then it's difficult for batsmen because there are more wicket-options like leg-before, bowled or caught behind. Since there was moisture, I decided to bowl fuller. When I practice, I bowl with the older bowl, because sometimes it doesn't swing with the new ball when playing a match. I usually take the first two balls to see whether there is swing. If there isn't, then I need to change lengths and make my variations. The ball usually swings for 3 overs white the white-ball, but it was happening today. I assess as early as possible - sometimes even the game's first ball."

Parth Taco: "That shot to end it by Pant was like Dhoni passing on the baton. "

2.57pm And that's India's fourth clean-sweep of a three-match T20I series. Ravi Shastri walks down to congratulate the Indian team while both teams shake hands. The series was played in good spirit, but it's still a long tour with ODIs and Tests to follow. How India bowled, though, towards the end, will need some thinking in the camp, but overall, Deepak Chahar's performance and Rishabh Pant's batting will make India very pleased.
Sumit : "Pant does a Dhoni to douse the fire I might have mistakenly started :)"

Brathwaite to Pant, SIX runs, what a shot to end the series! Full, on middle, and he checks an uppish drive over the bowler's head for six. India win by seven wickets

Six balls to go. India need three for a 3-0 sweep.

19 | 3 Runs | INDIA: 144/3 (3 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 7.57, RRR: 3.00)

  • Manish Pandey2 (5b)
  • Rishabh Pant59 (41b)
  • Sheldon Cottrell4-0-26-0
  • Oshane Thomas4-0-29-2
Cottrell to Pandey, no run, full, wide outside off, and Pandey can't get to it. Through to the keeper
Cottrell to Pandey, no run, back of a length, outside leg stump, tries to pull but gloves it instead
Cottrell to Pant, 1 run, fullish, wide outside off. Pant is forced to stretch at it. Mistimes to long off
Cottrell to Pandey, 1 run, full, on leg stump. He comes down the wicket to drive to long on

Sones: "@Sreshth, you mentioned Kohli's innings as " terrific ". It was just a well-paced innings, considering the T20 format. " -- Some of the shots, though, were marvellous

Cottrell to Pandey, no run, full, on middle. Defended to mid-on

Saurabh: "And Pant now has a higher T20I score than Dhoni's highest T20I score"

Cottrell to Pant, 1 run, full pitched, on middle, and clipped to backward square for a single

18 | 12 Runs 1 Wkt | INDIA: 141/3 (6 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 7.83, RRR: 3.00)

  • Rishabh Pant57 (39b)
  • Manish Pandey1 (1b)
  • Oshane Thomas4-0-29-2
  • Sheldon Cottrell3-0-23-0
Thomas to Pant, 1 run, full, on middle. Drilled to mid-on for a quick single
Thomas to Pant, SIX runs, low full toss, on leg stump, and Pant drops his knees before clipping a shot over deep backward square. Elite

budwizest: "@amlaan - i think this has to be the final word on this -

Thomas to Pandey, 1 run, just outside off, and driven to mid off for a single

Manish is here

Thomas to Kohli, OUT, dug away, but straight to point! Looks to guide this yorker over the infield, but finds Evin Lewis. A terrific innings comes to a close

V Kohli c Lewis b Thomas 59 (45b 6x4 0x6) SR: 131.11

Thomas to Kohli, FOUR runs, length ball, outside off, and he pulls this square to deep midwicket

amlaan: @Sreshth ...publish this and close the chapter. -- your wish is my command

Thomas to Kohli, no run, hits the stumps but with no power, and therefore Kohli survives. Looks to dig this away, but the ball trickled onto his stumps

17 | 9 Runs | INDIA: 129/2 (18 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 7.58, RRR: 6.00)

  • Rishabh Pant50 (37b)
  • Virat Kohli55 (42b)
  • Sheldon Cottrell3-0-23-0
  • Sunil Narine4-0-29-0
Cottrell to Pant, FOUR runs, full, on leg, and flicked over short fine leg! What a shot, epic wristwork
Cottrell to Pant, no run, back of a length on off. Ball gets big on Pant, and he mistimes it to midwicket

aman : "Hope chahar D. Gets the MoM today and not one of kohli or pant "

Cottrell to Kohli, 1 run, slower ball, full on off, and he drags a shot to deep midwicket

India 2nd innings Partnerships

1st10S DhawanKL Rahul
2nd17V KohliKL Rahul
3rd106V KohliRR Pant
4th17MK PandeyRR Pant