Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Match Notes

  • County chief thrilled by NatWest Series opportunity

    Paul Millman, Chief Executive of Kent County Cricket, told reporter AndyJalil that - in spite of the near wintry conditions of grey skies and cold wind, plus a stoppage for rain, that: "We are thrilled to be included on the circuit for the one-day

  • NatWest Series thriving thanks to Zimbabwe

    The NatWest Series is thriving, thanks to Zimbabwe's unexpected and spiritedstart to the tournament

  • Zimbabwe move in on hat-trick of wins

    After 30 overs of the West Indian innings, Zimbabwe were on the verge ofanother sensational victory

  • Zimbabwe run spree

    Zimbabwe continued their run spree at the expense of a very tired-lookingWest Indies team, totaling 256 for four in fine style off their 50 overs

  • Zimbabwe are transformed

    Far from resembling the dejected side they were after their recent Testseries with England, Zimbabwe now exude confidence in their play and almost a swagger in their demeanour as they dominate the NatWest Series