Player of the Match
Player of the Match

This tournament keeps throwing up super matches and although this one was one-sided for most parts, it did come alive during the last hour. Thanks for your comments and feedback, this is Devashish Fuloria signing off. Ciao ciao.


"It would have been nice to get over the line in the end, " says George Bailey. "Our goal was to do it in the 29 overs, but we never got going. There was no value in the result as such, semis was our main aim. Michael Clarke is still improving and there is still a big series ahead. There are plenty of positives around and it was good to see the last two fight it out."

"We knew it was going to be tough, defending 253," says Angelo Mathews. "Thirimanne and Jayawardene batted well to get us to that score. I have never seen a crowd like this in the Oval before, and it was good to have the support. Our first target was the semis. Will enjoy tonight and see how it goes after that."

Mahela Jayawardene is the Man of the Match: "It felt really good (to get to 11000), but winning this was the icing on the cake. We are playing hard and passionate cricket, but we need to enjoy the cricket. That has been the mantra of our success in the past and hope it continues in the future. Seniors have a responsibility and it is our job to help Angi out, that makes us a happy camp. We are looking forward to another tough match in the semi-final."

Sri Lankan supporters have found their voice after being put to an agonising wait by the last Australian pair. You wonder how crucial those wickets would have been now - Voges, Wade.. all throwing it away. The batting looked easy while the last pair were there. But Sri Lanka did well to hang in there. Kulasekara was amazing at the start of the innings, but there was no doubt the team was feeling the pinch towards the end as all of us were too. In the end it took a moment of brilliance by Dilshan to settle the nerves. Sri Lanka are now headed to Cardiff to play India in the semi-final, New Zealand and Australia are out.

BJ: "As a Kiwi, obviously I'm upset that it didn't finish in our favour. As a cricket fan though, that was highly entertaining and at the end of the day the right team (imo) has made it to the semis. Well done Sri Lanka."

Vijay: "Air New Zealand NZ253 taking off from Gate 20... players to board in 10 minutes"

Tharindu: "Its like all that delay made the stage for that great moment, that superb catch of Dilshan..."

Night Watcher: "And who says ODI cricket has lost it's edge...Good for Sri Lanka!!! Even better for Cricket!!!"

Jono: "Sorry Kiwi's, dont hold it against us in the Bledisloe"

Dilshan to McKay, OUT, he catches it this time! Absolute blinder by Dilshan to set off wild celebrations on the ground. The crowd has found its voice! It was another flatter delivery, shorter too and the batsman punched it back.. Dilshan was moving to his right, but the ball was hit to his left at a comfortable height, but he quickly changed direction and plucked it out from nowhere, it was drifting away from him all the time.. Special catch to finally end Australia's resistance

CJ McKay c & b Dilshan 30 (72m 58b 2x4 0x6) SR: 51.72

Dilshan to McKay, no run, he drove it almost back to the bowler! Almost.. just a metre ahead of him.. Dilshan smiles..
Dilshan to Doherty, 1 run, full and flighted on off, Doherty drives that to long off for a single

Michael: "The Aussies get this and we might forget that whole underarm thing.... might."

42 | 2 Runs | AUS: 232/9 (22 runs required from 48 balls, RR: 5.52, RRR: 2.75)

  • Clint McKay30 (56b)
  • Xavier Doherty14 (36b)
  • Nuwan Kulasekara9-0-42-3
  • Tillakaratne Dilshan3-0-10-0
Kulasekara to McKay, no run, length delivery on off, the batsman comes solidly behind it to push it back to the bowler
Kulasekara to Doherty, 1 run, fuller delivery, it is pushed to mid-on and they take off for a single, Thirimanne fires in a throw and hits the stumps direct at non-strikers end but Doherty looked alright.. Slid his bat along..
Kulasekara to McKay, 1 run, he bowls a good slower delivery on the middle stump, but this is again easily dealt with, pushed to long on for a single

Roger S: "My good friend HNN and I are under the watchful eye of our serious manager (CG), but we can't stop looking at this game go down to the wire! Just lose the wicket Australia, we don't want to get fired!"

Kulasekara to McKay, no run, length delivery on off, the batsman takes a forward step and pushes it to cover
Kulasekara to McKay, no run, he goes full on off stump, McKay digs it out easily to mid on

Sanga: "Guys, this is not a practice match for ashes..."

Kulasekara to McKay, no run, length delivery just outside off, defended towards point

41 | 4 Runs | AUS: 230/9 (24 runs required from 54 balls, RR: 5.60, RRR: 2.66)

  • Xavier Doherty13 (35b)
  • Clint McKay29 (51b)
  • Tillakaratne Dilshan3-0-10-0
  • Nuwan Kulasekara8-0-40-3
Dilshan to Doherty, no run, now he goes back into the shell again, defends solidly
Dilshan to Doherty, 2 runs, that was the ball and that broke Doherty's concentration! Tossed up and slow, the batsman went for a booming drive, got an outside edge past slip.. Very lucky.. very very lucky
Dilshan to McKay, 1 run, on the pads, McKay goes back and nudges it to deep square leg for a single
Dilshan to McKay, no run, flatter delivery on a length, McKay pushes it to the off side, but no run
Dilshan to Doherty, 1 run, flatter delivery outside off, he waits in the crease and punches it to deep cover for a single
Dilshan to Doherty, no run, solid forward defence by Doherty, a slip is waiting for a catch

28 runs, 10 overs, 1 wicket .. The clock is ticking, and it's testing my nerves.. This was supposed to finish half an hour ago..

40 | 1 Run | AUS: 226/9 (28 runs required from 60 balls, RR: 5.65, RRR: 2.80)

  • Clint McKay28 (49b)
  • Xavier Doherty10 (31b)
  • Nuwan Kulasekara8-0-40-3
  • Tillakaratne Dilshan2-0-6-0
Kulasekara to McKay, no run, length delivery on off, McKay wristily drives it to midwicket

Calvin the Kiwi: "Please please please let Sangakarra somehow forget that Malinga still has an over up his sleeve!!!"

Kulasekara to McKay, no run, length delivery outside off, the batsman stays in the crease and punches it to point..

Tharindu: "As a Sri Lankan fan, this is like watching GameOfThrones, watching everything goes well until events change to break our hearts."

Kulasekara to McKay, 1 wide, he bowls a short delivery, bounces well over the batsman and it's another run...

Australia 2nd innings Partnerships

9SR WatsonPJ Hughes
36PJ HughesGJ Maxwell
14GJ BaileyGJ Maxwell
10AC VogesGJ Bailey
11AC VogesMR Marsh
47AC VogesMS Wade
36AC VogesJP Faulkner
5MG JohnsonAC Voges
24AC VogesCJ McKay
41XJ DohertyCJ McKay

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