40th Match, ICC Cricket World Cup at Colombo (RPS), Group A (D/N)
(41/50 ov, target 177)
Pakistan won by 4 wickets (with 54 balls remaining)
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PAK Innings
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end of over 419 runs
PAK: 178/6CRR: 4.34 
Abdul Razzaq20 (24)
Umar Akmal44 (59)
Jason Krejza10-0-44-1
Brett Lee8-1-28-4

Pakistan win by four wickets Umar can take a lot of credit for steering the chase home with an unbeaten 44. Shafiq set it up with a patient 46 but Brett Lee and Jason Krejza aside, Australia were impotent. Finally, after 34 games without defeat in the World Cup, Australia have been toppled. Intriguingly this sets up a likely clash between Australia and India in the quarters, while Pakistan will probably play West Indies. Andrew McGlashan will have plenty more in his bulletin and we also have a gallery. Amazing how simple Pakistan made it in the end. There is a man who deserves plenty of credit - Waqar Younis - and Osman Samiuddin has an excellent interview with him by. Plenty to savour and in time our YouTube channel will have interviews and whatnot so look out.

Ponting, in that typically Aussie way, describes his team's batting effort as 'ordinary'. It was a lot less than that. Afridi on the other hand is full of bounding energy and when asked to explain his dismissal, smiles broadly and pleads "don't ask! don't ask!". Ah, how can you not love that man!?

Umar is named man of the match for his unbeaten 44. Lee was probably the outstanding performer of the day but losers and losers. That's all from us - Sahil Dutta, Andrew Miller and Andrew McGlashan. India take on West Indies tomorrow which will decide the who plays who in the quarters.

Krejza to Abdul Razzaq, FOUR runs
that's it! Australia's proud undefeated run in World Cups finally comes to an end. Razzaq creams this through cover, calmly tucks his bat under his arm and walks off! Comfortable win in the end and Pakistan top the group!
Krejza to Abdul Razzaq, FOUR runs
just one hit away now! Too short from Krejza and Razzaq gets deep into his crease to haul this through midwicket for four
Krejza to Umar Akmal, 1 run
open-faced steer to point gives Umar a single and takes Pakistan even closer
Krejza to Umar Akmal, no run
tossed up outside off but Umar's drive is careful
Krejza to Umar Akmal, no run
driven off the back foot with the spin to mid-on
Krejza to Umar Akmal, no run
finds really huge spin from a long way outside off, caught Umar by surprise but the batsman adjusted nicely to dab to point

Krejza to finish off his spell, he's been very good today.

end of over 402 runs
PAK: 169/6CRR: 4.22 • RRR: 0.80 • Need 8 runs from 60b
Abdul Razzaq12 (22)
Umar Akmal43 (55)
Brett Lee8-1-28-4
Jason Krejza9-0-35-1
Lee to Abdul Razzaq, no run
full-pitched to finish the over. Very straight too, but so was Razzaq's bat
Lee to Abdul Razzaq, no run
still more hostility from Lee! Bangs in a short ball that climbs past Razzaq and crashes into Haddin's gloves
Lee to Umar Akmal, 1 run
slower ball, or at least the pitch made it a slower ball. Umar waits, nudes to leg and jogs through
Lee to Abdul Razzaq, 1 run
smoothly driven through cover. Nine needed now and finally the heads are dropping. Ponting has been stroppy all tournament and looks thoroughly annoyed at the moment
Lee to Abdul Razzaq, no run
good line from Lee, around off stump. Razzaq drives loosely but without alarm
Lee to Abdul Razzaq, no run
ooh, already he's found something that Tait couldn't. It zips off the track and climbs past Razzaq's outside edge

Just 10 runs to go for Australia's decade-long record. Here's Lee. Hat-trick anyone?

end of over 395 runs
PAK: 167/6CRR: 4.28 • RRR: 0.90 • Need 10 runs from 66b
Umar Akmal42 (54)
Abdul Razzaq11 (17)
Jason Krejza9-0-35-1
Shaun Tait8-1-37-0
Krejza to Umar Akmal, 2 byes
the turn and bounce beats everyone, including Haddin. Just jumped from a length and Haddin couldn't collect cleanly
Krejza to Abdul Razzaq, 1 run
Razzaq is attempting another cut and without quite timing it earns a single to cover
Krejza to Umar Akmal, 1 run
flicked firmly down the ground for a riskless single
Krejza to Umar Akmal, no run
Umar whips his bottom hand through the ball with the spin but picks out midwicket
Krejza to Abdul Razzaq, 1 run
better this time, guiding the ball with a straight bat to cover
Krejza to Abdul Razzaq, no run
ooh, bottom-edge lands close to the stumps but Razzaq survives
end of over 386 runs
PAK: 162/6CRR: 4.26 • RRR: 1.25 • Need 15 runs from 72b
Umar Akmal41 (51)
Abdul Razzaq9 (14)
Shaun Tait8-1-37-0
Jason Krejza8-0-32-1
Tait to Umar Akmal, no run
flash and miss outside off! To be fair to Umar it was there to hit but for some reason he missed it
Tait to Umar Akmal, 2 runs
Tait lands a rapid yorker that Umar neatly, thoughtfully even, guides to third man for a well-run couple
Tait to Abdul Razzaq, 1 run
looked like an edge here! Fell just short of Haddin who fumbled the take to allow Razzaq through
Tait to Abdul Razzaq, no run
poor old Tait, he's busting his body to drag something out of the old ball and tired pitch but the short ball gets barely shin high
Tait to Abdul Razzaq, no run
this time Tait lands a quick one, sliding past the edge through to Razzaq

Brett Lee is warming up, he's been Australia's only real threat.

Tait to Abdul Razzaq, 1 wide
18 to go as Tait slings a wide one outside off
Tait to Abdul Razzaq, 2 runs
Tait and his off-colour day continues, full on the pads, Razzaq tickles a couple and the target is under 20 now!