20 | 9 Runs 1 Wkt | MI: 141/9 (25 runs required, RR: 7.05)

  • Abu Nechim4 (7b)
  • Doug Bollinger4-0-39-1
  • Suresh Raina2.3-0-12-1

The pitch got slower and slower and even if Tendulkar hadn't retired hurt, it would have been difficult. But once he went back, Mumbai imploded spectacularly.

Tendulkar: I am feeling slightly drained out .. lots of weakness and it was struggling.. so thought rather than throwing my wicket away, I will keep it for later. I didn't have the strength to hit the ball.. so i left. I thought Chennai played better cricket than us and deserved to win. The loss has come at the right time for us. It's a wake-up call for us. Our fielding wasn't up to the mark, the catching can be better. It can happen in cricket. Nothing to worry, no need to panic. We just need to stay calm. Hopefully, I will be ready for the next game."

MS Dhoni : We didn't cash it after the kind of start we got. After the 13th over or so, we didn't cash in but it was a very slow wicket. The wicket was on the slower side. Just the fear was Tendulkar, he loves this wicket. good that that the heat got him! Apart from that we did a good job with the ball. With Bollinger and Thushara coming in, they have bowled well in the final overs. It was above par score. Two points are important. It's good to get points against top-ranked team. We will take one game at a time. Albie i hope he gets fit for the next game.It upsets the team composition. Murali would have been terrific on this wicket but in the end of the day I am happy with Ashwin and Jakati.

Man of the match is Suresh Raina: Dhoni handled the bowlers well. AShwin, Jakati, Thushara,. Bollinger did a good job. Stumper (Steve Rixon) gave us a good fielding session."

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Please hang on for the quotes from the post-match ceremony.

Bollinger to Harbhajan Singh, OUT, The off stump has been pegged back. Full, straight, tilting in from round the stumps, Harbhajan goes for the swing across the line and misses. Timber!

Harbhajan Singh b Bollinger 33 (23b 2x4 3x6) SR: 143.47

Rahul Oak: "Mumbai Indians should really be named 1990's Indians. So nostalgic watching a batting collapse after Sachin. The only thing that comes close is Kumble diving over the ball to concede a boundary. Oh, the good old days!"

Bollinger to Harbhajan Singh, no run, banged in short outside off, Harbhajan goes for the pull but no wood on leather
Bollinger to Harbhajan Singh, SIX runs, Delicious thump! He cleared the front foot and smashed the low dipping full toss over long-off
Bollinger to Harbhajan Singh, no run, yorker outside off stump, dug out to the off side ..

Mum Indians 2nd innings Partnerships

1st46SR TendulkarS Dhawan
2nd16SR TendulkarSS Tiwary
2nd4AT RayuduSS Tiwary
3rd3SS TiwaryDJ Bravo
4th13SS TiwaryKA Pollard
5th4R SathishKA Pollard
6th3R SathishR McLaren
7th0Harbhajan SinghR McLaren
8th16SR TendulkarHarbhajan Singh
9th36Harbhajan SinghAN Ahmed

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