20 | 10 Runs | PWI: 138/9 (36 runs required, RR: 6.90)

  • Steven Smith24 (25b)
  • Krishnakant Upadhyay11 (8b)
  • Vinay Kumar4-0-32-3
  • Zaheer Khan4-0-21-2

This has been a convincing performance from Bangalore, they are well and truly back into the top four of the points table and are looking dangerously unstoppable. Three successive wins for them now and 15 points taking them to the third spot

Gayle provided them with his customary quick-fire 50, and the Royal Challengers Bangalore side was later helped by Dilshan's half-century and Tiwary's 36.

Pune lost three early wickets and barring a decent stand between Uthappa and Majumdar, never looked in the reckoning to come close to winning this one. Another defeat for Pune and they are well and truly out of the IPL.

Zaheer Khan: I get the feeling we are peaking at the right time, we started poorly, now we are doing well. We had a few areas to work on, we are putting in some good effort here. I am happy with the way my fitness, don't want to jinx it by talking about it. Gayle is a special guy, he has helped us get into the top four.

Smith: It was good fun, fought back quite well after Gayle and Dilshan were doing well. Wanted to play with a bit of freedom.

Kohli: The last two games, we have bowled well, peaking at the right time which is good. We wanted to give Saurabh Tiwary some game time, before we get to the playoffs.

Gayle is he man of the match.

Gayle: Yeah timing them well, don't know whether this is the best nick I have been. (In jest), Murali has stolen my Orange Cap away, so wearing this one, I sleep the whole day after breakfast to get in shape for the game!

This is Gayle's 11th man of the match award in 40 games, which is the same as Yusuf Pathan. Those were the days, when Pathan was a match-winner too. He plays tomorrow when Kolkata take on Mumbai, but more on that when I, Suneer Chowdhary, come back tomorrow with the commentary duties. Had a good time again and I hope you enjoyed yourself too!

Vinay Kumar to Smith, 1 run, pitched right up and driven to extra-cover for a single, that is a facile win for Bangalore
Vinay Kumar to Smith, 2 runs, slower, shorter and forehanded back through the bowler for a couple of runs

Change of bats for Smith.

Vinay Kumar to Upadhyay, 1 run, shorter run-up, slower, gets an outside edge to third-man
Vinay Kumar to Upadhyay, no run, from over the wicket this time, outside the off stump, wanted to go for another heave, misses
Vinay Kumar to Upadhyay, no run, again from round the stumps, outside the off stump, wanted to pull it away, short of length, missed
Vinay Kumar to Upadhyay, SIX runs, slower one and it is swung away across the line, sails over deep mid-wicket for a six!

19 | 6 Runs | PWI: 128/9 (46 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 6.73, RRR: 46.00)

  • Krishnakant Upadhyay4 (4b)
  • Steven Smith21 (23b)
  • Zaheer Khan4-0-21-2
  • Vinay Kumar3-0-22-3
Khan to Upadhyay, 1 run, pitched right up yet again, he is doing this well, driven to long-on for a single
Khan to Smith, 1 run, pitched right up to the bat, wanted to heave it away, gets an outside edge over the covers for a single
Khan to Upadhyay, 1 run, short from Zaheer, almost takes the batsman by surprise, last minute decision to pull, hits the toe end of the bat and it goes to mid-off for a single
Khan to Upadhyay, no run, pitched right up to the bat from round the stumps, digs out well, but back to the bowler
Khan to Upadhyay, 2 runs, pitched up to his pads, half volley, clipped away in the air to the deep square-leg fielder for a couple
Khan to Smith, 1 run, full-toss from round the wicket, punched to deep mid-wicket but there is a fielder there

52 needed from 12. One wicket standing. Skipper Smith on strike.

18 | 5 Runs 2 Wkts | PWI: 122/9 (52 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 6.77, RRR: 26.00)

  • Steven Smith19 (21b)
  • Vinay Kumar3-0-22-3
  • Zaheer Khan3-0-15-2
Vinay Kumar to Sharma, OUT, length ball, goes for a pull and misses the bat, but not stumps! Kumar celebrates with a jig and Pune have lost their ninth. The end isn't too far.

R Sharma b Vinay Kumar 0 (3m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Vinay Kumar to Smith, 1 run, yorker length, it was a very slow ball, Smith had his bat up in an attempt to smash it away but had to dig it out in the end.
Vinay Kumar to Smith, 2 runs, slower one, wanted to slog it away, mistimes to long-on and Kohli misfields yet again, allowing the batsmen to come back for the second
Vinay Kumar to Sharma, 1 leg bye, short of length ball, outside the leg stump, wanted to flick it, hits his pad and they are off for a leg-bye

Rahul Sharma comes in at 10. Far too much left to be done. The pitch played to its true colours towards the second half of the innings, it wasn't easy for someone coming in.

Vinay Kumar to Thomas, OUT, from round the wicket, yorker, goes through the defences and the middle stump is flattened. Eight down now

AC Thomas b Vinay Kumar 7 (9m 6b 1x4 0x6) SR: 116.66

Vinay Kumar to Smith, 1 run, full-toss, drilled down the ground to long-on for a single

17 | 8 Runs | PWI: 117/7 (57 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 6.88, RRR: 19.00)

  • Alfonso Thomas7 (5b)
  • Steven Smith15 (18b)
  • Zaheer Khan3-0-15-2
  • Muttiah Muralitharan4-0-16-2
Khan to Thomas, FOUR runs, up and over the short cover fielder, Thomas gave himself room and blasted it over the short cover fielder, not too much chance for the fielders in deep
Khan to Thomas, no run, outside the off stump, full-toss and the batsman is unable to punch it back to the bowler
Khan to Smith, 1 leg bye, on his pads, pitched right up to the bat, he was moving around in his crease, misses getting any bat to it

Warriors 2nd innings Partnerships

1st4MD MishraMJ Clarke
2nd0MJ ClarkeMK Pandey
3rd18RV UthappaMJ Clarke
4th50RV UthappaAP Majumdar
5th12AD MathewsAP Majumdar
6th18AP MajumdarSPD Smith
7th6SPD SmithB Kumar
8th10AC ThomasSPD Smith
9th4SPD SmithR Sharma
10th16SPD SmithK Upadhyay