Day 4

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Day 2

594dAlan Gardner at Lord's

Kapil Lord's debut silences Strauss

Just as he was really getting started, Andrew Strauss was abruptly stopped as Worcestershire's Aneesh Kapil had a debut to be reckoned with

Worcs 4th innings Partnerships

1st21M KlingerDKH Mitchell
2nd5VS SolankiDKH Mitchell
3rd9VS SolankiMM Ali
4th0MM AliJG Cameron
5th35JG CameronMG Pardoe
6th19BJM ScottJG Cameron
7th4BJM ScottA Kapil
8th3DS LucasA Kapil
9th54RA JonesA Kapil
10th0A RichardsonA Kapil