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Player of the Match

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720dThe Report by Mohammad Isam

Otago win after tie in Super Over

Two heroes of the night turned villains then turned heroes again, but Lions' Quinton de Kock made the last couple of mistakes to facilitate an incredible tie in the Super Over

720dESPNcricinfo staff

De Kock's eventful day ends in defeat

Quinton de Kock was pleased to score runs on the subcontinent, but disappointed in finishing on the losing end of the Super Over against Otago Volts

Otago 2nd innings Partnerships

1st16NT BroomHD Rutherford
2nd11BB McCullumHD Rutherford
3rd51DC de BoorderHD Rutherford
4th19RN ten DoeschateDC de Boorder
5th4DC de BoorderJDS Neesham
6th2NL McCullumJDS Neesham
7th33IG ButlerJDS Neesham
8th31N WagnerJDS Neesham