3.2 Vijay Mallya, the Bangalore owner, pumps his fist as McCullum holes out, the batsman looked to club that to long-on, mishits it and the fielder at mid-on is waiting to end McCullum's innings, what a match Kallis is having 18/1
    3.4 Kallis is on fire here, easy to choose the Man of the Match now, Kallis has got rid of Redmond now, it was a quick short ball, Redmond goes for the pull, it was onto him too early, he can only scoop it to cover 19/2
    5.3 How much better can Kallis' day get? He bowls a slower ball and Rutherford lofts it high in the air to Kumble at mid-off, easy catch and Kallis and Bangalore pick up a third wicket 32/3
    8.3 Otago lose their fourth, Broom leaves his crease after missing the ball outside off, doesn't realise Boucher has stopped the ball, he takes a couple of steps down the pitch before realising where the ball is, tries to get back but the bails are off 49/4
    14.2 Akhil strikes with his second ball, a shortsih ball just outside off, Cumming lashes it to Uthappa at backward point, more fireworks go off at the Chinnaswamy 90/8
    10.2 Kumble strikes, McCullum's got to go, he went for the reverse-sweep, misses the ball and is struck in front of middle 67/5
    11.3 van der Merwe gets rid of Mascarenhas, another lbw victim, Otago are sinking fast here, that was a poor decision though, it looked to be sailing over the stumps 70/6
    12.1 another lbw, the quicker one from Kumble, Butler is struck on middle and off, low on the pads, massive appeal and the umpire lifts his finger, no complaints about that decision 75/7
    17.2 a slower ball from Vinay gets him a wicket, 104kmh, short of length and heading for offstump, the batsman was through with his shot too early, the off bail is dislodged 106/9
    not out
    17.5 Otago are going home, Bangalore have walloped them by 80 runs, Kallis finishes the match by taking the catch at long-on, another cheap wicket for Vinay 108/10
    10 (b 4, lb 4, w 2)
    108 all out (17.5 Overs, RR: 6.05)
    Fall of wickets: 1-18 (Brendon McCullum, 3.2 ov), 2-19 (Aaron Redmond, 3.4 ov), 3-32 (Hamish Rutherford, 5.3 ov), 4-49 (Neil Broom, 8.3 ov), 5-67 (Nathan McCullum, 10.2 ov), 6-70 (Dimitri Mascarenhas, 11.3 ov), 7-75 (Ian Butler, 12.1 ov), 8-90 (Craig Cumming, 14.2 ov), 9-106 (Derek de Boorder, 17.2 ov), 10-108 (Neil Wagner, 17.5 ov)
    P Kumar201306.5081010
    JH Kallis411834.50153000
    R Vinay Kumar2.502027.0573000
    A Kumble302026.66102100
    RE van der Merwe401914.75131000
    B Akhil201015.0051000

Match Details


Royal Challengers Bangalore , elected to bat first

Player Of The Match


Hours of play (local time)

20.00 start, First Session 20.00-21.20, Interval 21.20-21.40, Second Session 21.40-23.00

Match days

12 October 2009 - night match (20-over match)

TV Umpires

Reserve Umpire

Match Referee


Royal Challengers Bangalore 2, Otago 0

Match Notes

Otago 2nd innings Partnerships

1st18BB McCullumAJ Redmond
2nd1AJ RedmondHD Rutherford
3rd13NT BroomHD Rutherford
4th17CD CummingNT Broom
5th18CD CummingNL McCullum
6th3AD MascarenhasCD Cumming
7th5CD CummingIG Butler
8th15CD CummingDC de Boorder
9th16WC McSkimmingDC de Boorder
10th2WC McSkimmingN Wagner