5th Match (D/N), Dhaka, Mar 18 2012, Asia Cup
(47.5/50 ov, target 330)
India won by 6 wickets (with 13 balls remaining)
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It's presentation time:

Misbah: "Excellent innings by Kohli. Credit goes to their batsmen, it's easy out there under lights, 329 is still a good score. The best innings (Kohli) I have ever seen."

Dhoni: "They batted brilliantly, we used 8 bowlers. Sachin and Virat batted brilliantly, Rohit can be a good finisher. Kohli was brilliant. Once you cross 300 it's difficult irrespective of how flat the pitch is, we did it in Hobart. We've got the talent in the bowling departmet also. It's about how you handle pressure, they will learn from games like these."

Kohli picks up his award from Akshay Kumar: "I still can't believe what happened out there honestly. I'm really satisfied. We were waiting for these 3-4 overs of 15-20 runs. I'm a fan of Rohit Sharma, love watching him bat. I would rate this knock and Hobart equally. To be able to chase 330 against this bowling is satisfying."

So here's the equation. Pakistan are through to the final. India are on eight points but not there yet. They will wait on the result of the next game. A win for Bangladesh, with or without a bonus point, means that they are through, so India get knocked out. Therefore, Bangladesh need nothing less than a win. Sri Lanka are out so they will play for pride.

That sums it up. India will be watching the next game intently. Pakistan should pick a specialist keeper for the finals. And the team winning the toss, field first!

Thanks for your company and the mails. Cheers everyone!

End of match: This is India's highest chase in ODIs, beating their Natwest final heroics in 2002. No shirt-waving this time from the dressing-room! But I'm sure there must be plenty of it hapenning elsewhere.

Like a feedbacker said, this is like India's chase against Pakistan in 1998, where they chased down 317 odd. That was at the Bangabandhu Stadium, also in Dhaka.

You might not want to stand in Kohli's way right now because he's punching the air, with stump in hand. He never tires, apparently. Gavaskar said that we were witnessing the future, with Kohli and Rohit at the crease.

Interesting tweet here: "@Vivek_Chandra: Ganguly:183 in 1999. Captain:2000 * Dhoni:183 in 2005. Captain: 2007 * Kohli:183 in 2012. Captain: Very Soon?"

Umar Gul to Dhoni, FOUR runs
Dhoni has the final honours! Short of a length outside the off stump, he hops at the crease and thumps it past cover point

Field comes up

Umar Gul to Raina, 1 run
clips it to the on side for a single and that puts Dhoni on strike
Umar Gul to Raina, SIX runs
went rows back! Picks a length ball on off and middle and whips it high in the air over deep square leg for a massive one
Umar Gul to Raina, no run
this one kicks up outside the off stump and he nearly edges it to the keeper
Umar Gul to Raina, 1 wide
drifts down the leg side and wide called

Dhoni made an unbeaten 183 against Sri Lanka in Jaipur in 2005

Umar Gul to Kohli, OUT
a top edge ends Kohli's special knock! Like Rohit he tries to launch a length ball over the on side and gets a top edge that swirls to point, easily taken, he walks back to the applause, equals the highest score by an Indian batsman in a chase
V Kohli c Mohammad Hafeez b Umar Gul 183 (211m 148b 22x4 1x6) SR: 123.64
end of over 4711 runs
INDIA: 318/3CRR: 6.76 • RRR: 4.00 • Need 12 runs from 18b
Suresh Raina5 (3)
Virat Kohli183 (147)
Aizaz Cheema8-0-60-0
Umar Gul8-0-53-1
Aizaz Cheema to Raina, FOUR runs
Raina into the act, fetches a short delivery from the off stump and thumps it over midwicket, in the air but totally safe
Aizaz Cheema to Raina, no run
fullish on the off stump and forced back to the bowler

Kohli has equaled Dhoni's highest

Aizaz Cheema to Kohli, 1 run
full on the pads and worked down to long-on
Aizaz Cheema to Raina, 1 run
fetches a short delivery from wide outside off and slaps it down to square leg and sets off quickly
Aizaz Cheema to Kohli, 1 run
drifts on the pads again and he whips it uppishly down to fine leg
Aizaz Cheema to Kohli, FOUR runs
the full toss bug continues! Down the leg side and he just eases it away wide of short fine leg
end of over 467 runs • 1 wicket
INDIA: 307/3CRR: 6.67 • RRR: 5.75 • Need 23 runs from 24b
Virat Kohli177 (144)
Suresh Raina0 (0)
Umar Gul8-0-53-1
Shahid Afridi9-0-58-0

Should have mentioned at the 40th over that Pakistan are through to the final. They didn't concede a bonus point

Umar Gul to Kohli, 1 run
forces a full ball down to long-on
Umar Gul to Kohli, 1 wide
short down the leg side and he tries to pull, misses it and wide called

No celebrations from Afridi, like when he normally picks up a wicket. When you look at the batting to come, you wish you had scored 370 instead

Umar Gul to Sharma, OUT
a little late in the day for Pakistan, Rohit tries to biff a length ball over the infield on the on side but gets a top edge that swirls just behind midwicket, Afridi pedals backwards and catches it
RG Sharma c Shahid Afridi b Umar Gul 68 (109m 83b 5x4 1x6) SR: 81.92
Umar Gul to Sharma, no run
bowls it straight at the stumps and he pushes it back to the bowler
Umar Gul to Kohli, 1 run
drifts on the body and he clips it behind square down to deep square leg