12th Match, Sydney, Oct 2 2019, The Marsh Cup
(44.3/50 ov, target 349)
NSW won by 77 runs
Player Of The Match
New South Wales
New South Wales Innings (50 overs maximum)
DP Hughes c Stoinis b Tye152143-134106.29
J Edwards c †Philippe b Tye1226-1046.15
MC Henriques  b Stoinis6758-53115.51
M Gilkes  b Coulter-Nile8251-74160.78
DR Sams c Tye b Coulter-Nile62-01300.00
NL Bertus c Stoinis b Tye25-0040.00
PM Nevill (c) †not out1112-1091.66
AJ Nair not out74-00175.00
Extras(b 2, lb 1, nb 1, w 5)9
TOTAL(50 Ov, RR: 6.96)348/6
Fall of wickets: 1-64 (Jack Edwards, 13.6 ov), 2-180 (Moises Henriques, 32.2 ov), 3-285 (Daniel Hughes, 43.6 ov), 4-291 (Daniel Sams, 44.2 ov), 5-303 (Nicholas Bertus, 45.5 ov), 6-339 (Matthew Gilkes, 48.5 ov)
NM Coulter-Nile1005925.90---00
JA Richardson1006906.90---10
AJ Tye1008638.60---11
MP Stoinis704716.71---20
AC Agar403408.50---00
MR Marsh803804.75---00
DJM Short1012012.00---00
Western Australia Innings (target: 349 runs from 50 overs)
JR Philippe c Fallins b Conway6450-73128.00
DJM Short c Hughes b Conway1928-1167.85
SE Marsh  b Nair3337-1189.18
MR Marsh (c)c J Edwards b Conway01-000.00
MP Stoinis c Henriques b Fallins15-0020.00
CT Bancroft c †Nevill b Abbott15-0020.00
HWR Cartwright lbw b Nair7468-53108.82
AC Agar c Hughes b Nair3035-1185.71
NM Coulter-Nile  b Fallins1712-02141.66
JA Richardson not out1516-1093.75
AJ Tye  b Abbott810-1080.00
Extras(lb 4, w 5)9
TOTAL(44.3 Ov, RR: 6.08)271
Fall of wickets: 1-70 (D'Arcy Short, 11.4 ov), 2-85 (Josh Philippe, 13.3 ov), 3-85 (Mitchell Marsh, 13.4 ov), 4-90 (Marcus Stoinis, 14.6 ov), 5-103 (Cameron Bancroft, 17.2 ov), 6-145 (Shaun Marsh, 25.5 ov), 7-224 (Ashton Agar, 37.3 ov), 8-239 (Hilton Cartwright, 39.1 ov), 9-251 (Nathan Coulter-Nile, 40.6 ov), 10-271 (Andrew Tye, 44.3 ov)
SA Abbott7.331722.26---00
DR Sams2030015.00---00
HNA Conway803033.75---10
J Edwards4040010.00---00
D Fallins705027.14---20
AJ Nair1005935.90---10
MC Henriques604106.83---10
Drummoyne Oval, Sydney
TossWestern Australia , elected to field first
SeriesThe Marsh Cup 2019
Player Of The Match
Daniel Hughes
Hours of play (local time)09.30 start, First Session 09.30-13.00, Interval 13.00-13.45, Second Session 13.45-17.15
Match days2 October 2019 (50-over match)
Paul Wilson
Tony Wilds
Match Referee
Peter Marshall
PointsNew South Wales 5, Western Australia 0