Match Details


Australia Women , elected to field first

Player Of The Match


Hours of play (local time)

10.30 start, First Session 10.30-13.40, Interval 13.40-14.25, Second Session 14.25-17.55

Match days

20 February 2016 (50-over match)

Women's ODI debut

Reserve Umpire

Match Referee


New Zealand Women 2, Australia Women 0

Match Notes

AUS Women 2nd innings Partnerships

69NE BoltonBL Mooney
17MM LanningBL Mooney
18EA PerryBL Mooney
15AJ BlackwellEA Perry
26EA PerryJL Jonassen
1EA PerryGM Harris
10EA PerryM Schutt
18RM FarrellEA Perry
17EA PerryKM Beams
2KM BeamsHL Ferling