4th Match, Group B (N), Karachi, Jun 25 2008, Asia Cup
(36.5/50 ov, target 375)118
India won by 256 runs
player of the match

So a rather easy for the Indians. Hang on for the post-match ceremony

Dar The spinners bowled well again today. Our pace bowlers had problem bowling on these flat tracks.

Man of the Match: Suresh Raina: "I played really well here and hopefully will maintain the tempo against Pakistan. They bowled really well in 25 to 35 overs. Dhoni just asked me to play my natural game. I just played straight. We are ready for the important game against Pakistan.

Dhoni: "It was a good game to start of the tournament. It was good to win the toss; I had lost quite a few in earlier tournaments including the IPL. We got a good start and after that Raina played well. We practised taking singles and twos in the middle overs. If you score runs against sides like Hong Kong they would say you just scored against them! It was good opportunity for them as well, they will learn a lot from this experience. I have made a conscious effort to bat up the order. May be if I had batted in the final in Bangladesh, there might have been a different result, may be. I will bat up now on."

That's it from us. Alvida!

Sehwag to Nadeem Ahmed, OUT

Caught by Dhoni. It held its line after landing around the off stump line, he got a thin nick to defensive poke. Game over.

Nadeem Ahmed c †Dhoni b Sehwag 0 (2m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Sehwag to Afzaal Haider, OUT

does it on his own with a yorker. Really full on the middle stump and he played all around it

Afzaal Haider b Sehwag 0 (8m 10b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Sehwag to Afzaal Haider, no run

huge shout for lbw but not given. The front leg was pressed across and he couldn't get back his bat around it in time. It hit him in front of middle and leg, umpire reckons it would have gone down leg

Sehwag to Afzaal Haider, no run

flighted outside off, driven to mid-off

Sehwag to Afzaal Haider, no run
end of over 368 runs
HKG: 118/8CRR: 3.27 • RRR: 18.36 • Need 257 runs from 14 overs
Najeeb Amar13 (16)
Afzaal Haider0 (6)
Yusuf Pathan10-0-37-1
Virender Sehwag2-0-5-0
Pathan to Najeeb Amar, FOUR runs

turning away and cut through backward point

Pathan to Najeeb Amar, FOUR runs

short and wide, cut hard to deep point boundary

Pathan to Najeeb Amar, no run

on the leg stump line, defended back to the bowler

Pathan to Najeeb Amar, no run

a tad quicker, on the middle stump, defended down the track

Pathan to Najeeb Amar, no run

beaten on the flirt outside off

Pathan to Najeeb Amar, no run

leans forward to defend a delivery on middle and leg line

end of over 351 run
HKG: 110/8CRR: 3.14 • RRR: 17.67 • Need 265 runs from 15 overs
Afzaal Haider0 (6)
Najeeb Amar5 (10)
Virender Sehwag2-0-5-0
Yusuf Pathan9-0-29-1
Sehwag to Afzaal Haider, no run

turning in to the middle stump, jabbed to the leg side

Sehwag to Afzaal Haider, no run

fuller and pushed to covers

Sehwag to Afzaal Haider, no run

floated on the off, defended off the front foot

Sehwag to Afzaal Haider, no run

just outside off stump, guided to backward point

Sehwag to Najeeb Amar, 1 run

on the leg and middle, swept to deep square leg

Sehwag to Najeeb Amar, no run

tossed on the middle and leg, driven to mid-on