1st T20I (N), Melbourne, Feb 17 2017, Sri Lanka tour of Australia
(20 ov, target 169)172/5
Sri Lanka won by 5 wickets
Player Of The Match
end of over 209 runs
SL: 172/5CRR: 8.60 
Chamara Kapugedera10 (7)
Seekkuge Prasanna8 (9)
Andrew Tye 3-0-32-0
James Faulkner 4-0-27-0

11.18pm Kapugedara, the comeback man, pumps his fist and celebrates with Prasanna. Sri Lanka go 1-0 up. Tharanga nicked behind for a duck, but Dickwella and Munaweera power-hit their way to a 74-run stand to set a strong platform, Asela launched from there and eventually Kapugedara sealed it. In hindsight, Finch could have opted for Head's offspin rather than bringing Stanlake back after he had conceded a 24-run over or used Turner more on this sluggish track.

Finch: Credit to the Sri Lankans. They came out swinging and attacked the chase. When you have the power to hit down the ground and also scoop over the keeper, it is tough to bowl to. I thought Turner gave us a chance there, but unfortunately it did not go our way. I thought we were a bit short. We lacked maybe a 15-plus over. There were a lot of positives too and I am looking forward to Geelong.

Tharanga: Thanks to the Sri Lankan supporters. We have beaten South Africa and Australia - one of the best teams in the world - and it is a good feeling. All the batters enjoyed the game. Fielding is the area where we have to improve. The bowlers, though, did well to keep them to 168.

Asela Gunaratne is the Player of the Match

That is all we have for you from this match. Dan Brettig's report will tell you the full story. Until next time, goodbye and good night.

Tye to Kapugedera, FOUR runs

Kapugedara does it for Sri Lanka! Too full and outside off, he creams a drive through the covers and seals victory for the visitors

SL need 1 off the last ball. Silly mid-on silly mid-off in place. Finch directing the traffic at the MCG

Tye to Kapugedera, 2 runs

slower short ball outside off, Kapu drags it over midwicket and hares across for the second. Wayward throw from the deep. Udana jumps off his seat in the SL dressing room. Kapu punches gloves with his partner

Tye to Prasanna, 1 run

116.8ks, slower short ball on the off stump, attempts a pull and squirts a bottom-edge to cover

Tye to Kapugedera, 1 run

hip-high short ball on middle and leg, pulled away to long leg

Tye to Prasanna, 1 bye

118.2ks, shortish slower ball again. Prasanna pulls early again and can't touch it. Paine quickly hunts the ball down. The pair eye a bye. Paine ferries the ball to Tye, the bowler, who swipes the bails, but Prasanna is in

Tye to Prasanna, no run

115.8ks slower short ball outside off, Prasanna swings early and can't touch it

It has boiled down to 6 off 6 balls. Tye to bowl the last over. Third man back. Mid-off is in the circle

end of over 196 runs
SL: 163/5CRR: 8.57 RRR: 6.00
Seekkuge Prasanna7 (6)
Chamara Kapugedera3 (4)
James Faulkner 4-0-27-0
Ashton Turner 2-0-12-2
Faulkner to Prasanna, 1 leg bye

110.8ks slower ball on middle and leg, he eyes up the leg side and misses. The ball grazes the thigh and rolls to the off side

Aashish Calla: "Kapugedera again! This is what, his 25th comeback to the SL team, or is it the 26th??"

Faulkner to Kapugedera, 1 run

full-toss outside off, flashed to deep backward point

Faulkner to Kapugedera, no run

more back of the hand stuff outside off, beats the cut

Faulkner to Prasanna, 1 run

full on middle and leg, tickled to short fine leg

Faulkner to Prasanna, 1 wide

back of the hand slower one again, this is too wide outside off. Past the tramline. Prasanna swishes and does not connect

Faulkner to Kapugedera, 1 run

hip-high slower ball on the leg stump, pulled in the air over midwicket

Faulkner to Prasanna, 1 run

back of the hand slower ball outside off, 107ks, the batsman drives early and outside-edges it in front of the keeper

SL need 12 off 12 balls.

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