3rd ODI, Canterbury, Jul 7 2019, Australia Women tour of England
(32.5/50 ov, target 270)75
AUS Women won by 194 runs
Player Of The Match
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• The Report by Valkerie Baynes

Ellyse Perry bags seven wickets as Australia take 6-0 lead in Women's Ashes

Perry's career-best 7 for 22 hands Australia a 6-0 points lead to put England under the Ashes blowtorch

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Scorecard summary
Australia Women269/7(50 overs)
England Women75/10(32.5 overs)
Laura Marsh21 (45)
Fran Wilson17 (42)

5.15pm: There is now an 11-day break until the Test match, but we will be back to bring you coverage of that must-win game (for England) and the T20Is to follow. Valkerie's report is up, detailing the extent of Australia's record-breaking day, which surely gives them one hand on the Ashes. Anyway, thanks for following and all your comments. From us it's bye for now!

5.05pm: Time for the presentations, starting with Heather Knight: [Batting today?] "Not good enough. It's very tough to take, because a lot of girls are hurting in that dressing room. Australia bowled well, they came at us hard and we didn't really have an answer to that. We haven't started how we wanted to with the bat, we haven't found a way to start our innings and get our feet going. But we can't feel sorry for ourselves, obviously it will hurt a lot but we'll have to turn this around very quickly to prepare for the Test match and try to restart the series because we're still a chance. We're still in the series and there's four points if we can win that Test match. We need to have honest conversations about why things haven't worked for us. Not sure why that is, but credit to Australia. They played brilliantly today and were too good for us. We know it was a good wicket, don't think there were demons in it and we pulled it back well, managed to stay in the game and thought at halftime it was a chaseable total. [Perry?] Very good spell, she came at us hard and we didn't have an answer for it, credit to her. We come out and try to win every game. The last two games were more frustrating, today we were blown away, First two we competed for long period of time. Today hurts more. [Preparation?] I thought it was reasonably odd, affected by the weather, not tested as much as we'd like but we played some good cricket. [Test match next?] We'll reassess where we're at and where we need to take it. We've got to go out there and be positive, change of format will be good for us. Got to play better as a top order and keep the good things we've had, believe in the dressing room we've got the skill and character to turn it around. We don't play any multi-day cricket, so we've got a warm-up game against Australia A and using the red ball, which we don't use very often. The A team play against Australia as well so there's opportunities there."

Australia's Meg Lanning: "Very pleased. I thought all-round we were even better than the last game. With the bat we were in a position to get a few more but England came back at us. But the bowling performance was excellent, Ellyse Perry leading the way. They've got good variety, use the conditions really, nice to see them doing well. We were in a position to get 300 but England adjusted their bowling, took pace off and slowed us down with wicket in the middle. But we knew if we did the same, attacked the stumps, we could do well with the ball, too. Our opening bowlers showed the way, put them under pressure and didn't give them balls to hit. [Surprised at margin?] It's been a little closer than the scoreboard suggests, the first game was close and we were lucky to get over the line. But we've been improving and we expect England to come at us hard again in the Test. We play the one-day format really well, got good variety and our batting is strong and deep. Our bowling has been excellent for a long time, tying the batting down and taking wickets. But now we have to turn our attention to a Test, which we don't play a lot. We'll play pretty similarly, try to take the game on as we always do. We've got options, but we feel in a good spot moving forward and hopefully we can play a really good game."

Ellyse Perry is Player of the Match: "Yeah, it was my day today, which was nice, but pleasing to win all three ODIs and finish this section of the series as we did. To be as comprehensive as we were was great. [Like Canterbury?] Fortunately I've played here before, the slope works really well for us, so it was nice to attack the stumps and let it swing down the hill a bit. But it worked today, Megan Schutt was brilliant at the other end and kept the pressure on. It's a beautiful ground, we've got some nice memories and nice to be on the top changing room with the balcony. Moving into red-ball cricket is exciting for everyone, many ways it's starting again, so we'll work with our coaches, and the next bit of prep should be really fun. [Tests different?] You've got more time, don't have to be too aggressive, keep asking questions and see how we go. It's an honour to play in this team, I've had 11 years and today one went my way."

Australia win by 194 runs. They go six points clear in this Ashes series and England need to win all four remaining games to win back the trophy. Ellyse Perry was the star today. She took 7 for 22, the best figures by Australian in women's ODI's and the fourth best figures of all time. She tore through England's top order. They wilted against some crafty late swing but in reality they struggled to do the basics of playing straight and covering the line.

Perko: "England should be made to follow on."

Jonassen to Marsh, OUT

LBW this time! This misery is over for England! She tried to sweep again, this slid on into the front pad, right in front of off, it wasn't going down or over. Easy decision this time.

Laura Marsh lbw b Jonassen 21 (52m 45b 4x4 0x6) SR: 46.66
Jonassen to Marsh, no run

tossed high on off, she defends on the front foot

Jonassen to Marsh, 1 wide

drifting down leg and called a wide

Jonassen to Marsh, no run

shorter outside off, she's back and cutting to point

Jonassen to Marsh, no run

full on off, she defends

Jonassen to Marsh, no run

huge LBW appeal but given not out. This was drifting in and sliding on into the front pad. The umpire said it was sliding down. It was close

end of over 32Maiden
ENG-W: 74/9CRR: 2.31 RRR: 10.88
Kate Cross8 (36)
Laura Marsh21 (40)
Delissa Kimmince 2-2-0-0
Jess Jonassen 6-1-14-0
Kimmince to Cross, no run

an LBW shout but it's not out. Missing leg. This was a good length nipping back into the right hander but it was going down and maybe too high

Kimmince to Cross, no run

short and wide, she shapes to cut but plays over the top of it

Kimmince to Cross, no run

good length on off, she strides forward to defend

Kimmince to Cross, no run

fuller on off, she pushes into the covers off the front foot

Kimmince to Cross, no run

good length, angled into middle and leg, thick inside edge to midwicket

Kimmince to Cross, no run

back of a length outside off, she's slapping a flat batted pull back at the bowler

end of over 311 run
ENG-W: 74/9CRR: 2.38 RRR: 10.31
Kate Cross8 (30)
Laura Marsh21 (40)
Jess Jonassen 6-1-14-0
Delissa Kimmince 1-1-0-0
Jonassen to Cross, 1 run

drifting into leg, she's tucking this off the pads to square leg

Jonassen to Cross, no run

caught and bowled chance dropped! It was driven waist high straight back to Jonassen and she spilled the easy chance! Should have been held

Jonassen to Cross, no run

flatter and full on off, driven back to the bowler

Jonassen to Cross, no run

tossed up outside off, driven to mid off

Jonassen to Cross, no run

an attempted lap sweep from outside off, she's taken on the pad but well outside the line

Jonassen to Cross, no run

floated up outside off, she leans forward and defends

end of over 30Maiden
ENG-W: 73/9CRR: 2.43 RRR: 9.85
Laura Marsh21 (40)
Kate Cross7 (24)
Delissa Kimmince 1-1-0-0
Megan Schutt 9-1-21-2
Kimmince to Marsh, no run

good length wide of off, she is leaving this alone

Kimmince to Marsh, no run

good length wide of off, she's back and late cutting to short third man and Haynes makes a good diving stop

Match details
St Lawrence Ground, Canterbury
TossEngland Women, elected to field first
SeriesAustralia Women tour of England
Player Of The Match
Ellyse Perry
Ellyse Perry
Match numberODI no. 1160
Match days7 July 2019 - day (50-over match)
England Image
Graham Lloyd
England Image
Martin Saggers
TV Umpire
England Image
Sue Redfern
Reserve Umpire
England Image
Tim Robinson
Match Referee
England Image
Wayne Noon
PointsAustralia Women 2, England Women 0