2nd T20I, Port Elizabeth, Feb 23 2020, Australia tour of South Africa
(20 ov, target 159)146/6
South Africa won by 12 runs
player of the match
Quinton de Kock
South Africa
end of over 204 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 146/6CRR: 7.30 
Mitchell Starc2 (2)
David Warner67 (56)
Anrich Nortje4-0-24-1
Kagiso Rabada4-0-27-1

6.12pm: That'll be it from us for today. Firdose Moonda is busy putting the finishing touches to her report, which will be available here shortly, and we'll be back with you for Wednesday's decider at Newlands. Until then, from Alan, Venkat and myself, it's thank you and goodnight!

Time for the presentation:

Player of the match is Quinton de Kock. It's a batsman's game! "We've played here a number of times and I've realised that the new ball is key, so I was trying to capitalise on the powerplay. We thought 160 was par. We understand this wicket, especially late afternoon, for the team batting second it's always going to be difficult. [Adjustment] It's very difficult, but at this level of cricket you should be good enough to understand what needs to be done. [Death] Our death bowling had struggled a little bit. They came here and bowled really well, stuck to their plans. [Fielding] The guys know how good they are at fielding. They understood that they needed to come out here and show some fight. It's going to be a good game, expecting a good wicket at Newlands."

Here's Aaron Finch: "The way our bowlers brought it back was outstanding. Anytime you've got a player like Quinton, who goes hard in the powerplay and gets away, it's so hard to stop, I thought we did a great job to drag it back. And I thought we were in the hunt for most of the chase. We just didn't get that kick at the end that we needed. It was a good contest and its a nice, well it's not nice, but one-all going to Cape Town. [Running] In the powerplay, when teams are sitting right back on the circle, it's just about adapting. Just a bit short in the end. [Lack of RH at the death] David didn't get quite as much of the strike as he would have liked at the end. Both teams bowled well at the end, not ideal but a great game still. Our middle order trying to get a bit more time there... it would have been nice for them to get that winning feeling."

Interested to see how Finch explains that defeat. Easy to say the middle order didn't finish the job, but Warner completely lost his rhythm in the final ten overs.

"Carey has been absolute garbage after World Cup," declares Aaron [not Finch!]. "Wade doesn't deserve a spot after such a soft dismissal. Mitch Marsh is a temporary for Glenn [Maxwell]"

5.55pm: What a choke by Australia! Warner couldn't get on strike in the second half of the innings, and didn't hit a boundary after the 13th over... that said, the middle order had the game set up for them, and couldn't turn a strong position into that all important W. South Africa were so good at the death... Rabada's 19th over in particular was absolutely vital, with Ngidi and Nortje crucial too. Australia only managed 19 off the last four overs, would you believe!

Ramble: "Think the women's team did a great job inspiring the men's team in how to win a close one!"

This is the first time David Warner has finished not out in a run chase and his team has lost, across all T20 cricket, according to Gaurav Sundararaman! Unbelievable...

Nortje to Starc, 1 run

low full toss on leg stump, dug out towards point, and SA go wild! South Africa win by 12 runs, and square the series 1-1... we're going into a decider, folks!

South Africa's game. What a comeback!

Nortje to Warner, 1 leg bye

slower ball, low full toss on the pads, thuds into the front leg and dribbles out to short midwicket

15 off 2. Australia need a no-ball!

Nortje to Warner, no run

full outside off, Warner flays it straight to short extra cover on the edge of the ring and they don't take the run!

15 off 3 balls. Warner on strike.

Nortje to Starc, 1 run

slower bounce, bottom edged into his boot and it dribbles back down the ground. Nortje does the fielding, and they race through for a single

16 off 4. Australia need boundaries, urgently.

Mitchell Starc, in at No. 8 ahead of Pat Cummins.

Nortje's maiden T20I wicket, would you believe!

Nortje to Agar, OUT

bowled 'im! Off stump is pegged back, Nortje roars in celebrations and the crowd are raucous! Not a clever shot, just trying to swing as hard as he could into the leg side but couldn't get bat on it. Offcutter from Nortje, on the money, and it pinged into the top of off stump!

Ashton Agar b Nortje 1 (6m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 20

Agar is struggling. 1 from 4 balls. Nortje stays over the wicket, 16 needed from 5 balls.

Nortje to Warner, 1 run

gives himself room outside the leg stump, cracks it out to the sweeper at deep cover but it's only one!

Nortje, over the wicket.

17 needed from 6 balls. Warner needs to find at least a couple of boundaries.

Our forecaster has dipped all the way down to 9.32% for Australia's win probability.

end of over 193 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 142/5CRR: 7.47 RRR: 17.00 • Need 17 runs from 6b
Ashton Agar1 (4)
David Warner66 (53)
Kagiso Rabada4-0-27-1
Lungi Ngidi4-0-41-3

Superb death bowling from Kagiso Rabada. Just brilliant.

Rabada to Agar, no run

length ball, Agar sits deep looking to hammer it over midwicket but can only inside edge into the pad!

17 off 7 is the equation. Just three runs so far this over

Rabada to Agar, 1 wide

speared down the leg side, and given as a wide! Free runs, not what South Africa need at this stage...

Rabada to Agar, no run

yorker outside off, Agar looks to spear it away into the off side but can't get bat on it!

Rabada to Warner, 1 run

attempted yorker, turns into a low full toss, slashed away to Pretorius at extra cover who just about manages to stop it, and they can't make it back for the second

19 needed from 9 balls. How many will Australia back themselves to get off Nortje's final over?

Rabada to Agar, 1 run

length in the channel, slashed hard out to deep point

Rabada to Agar, no run

back of a length, worked back to the bowler on the bounce

Ashton Agar, the finisher, is in at No. 7

"Warner and Smith batting have blown this," declares David. "They went far too long just pushing for singles"

Rabada to Wade, OUT

leading edge back to the bowler, and the crowd go beserk! Slower ball, length in the channel, Wade looked to work into the leg side, closing the bat face, and could only chip a straightforward return catch to Rabada. Game on....

Matthew Wade c & b Rabada 1 (3m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50

Rabada, round the wicket. 20 from 12 needed.

Australia's chances down at 66.8% according to our forecaster... it's squeaky-bum time!

Arjun: "This game is going to Super Over. There, I said it."