Scarborough, Sep 8 - 10 1926, Australia tour of England
(30 ov)244 & 79/3
Match drawn
CI Thornton's XI 1st INNINGS
Jack Hobbs st †Oldfield b Grimmett84----0.00
Herbert Sutcliffe  b Grimmett8----0.00
Ernest Tyldesley c Gregory b Ryder26----0.00
Percy Holmes c & b Mailey50----0.00
Greville Stevens lbw b Grimmett0----0.00
Vallance Jupp st †Oldfield b Mailey28----0.00
Wilfred Rhodes c †Oldfield b Mailey9----0.00
Gubby Allen st †Oldfield b Grimmett10----0.00
Arthur Gilligan (c)c Andrews b Mailey6----0.00
Maurice Tate  b Grimmett10----0.00
Bert Strudwick not out 9----0.00
Extras(b 2, lb 2)4
TOTAL(104.2 Ov, RR: 2.33)244
Fall of wickets: 1-32, 2-89, 3-154, 4-154, 5-199, 6-202, 7-219, 8-219, 9-232, 10-244
Jack Gregory1223102.58---00
Sam Everett1223703.08---00
Clarrie Grimmett30106852.26---00
Charles Macartney611502.50---00
Arthur Mailey24.265342.17---00
Jack Ryder1472311.64---00
Herbie Collins621302.16---00
Australians 1st INNINGS
Bill Woodfull c Hobbs b Rhodes31----0.00
Bert Oldfield  b Rhodes19----0.00
Charles Macartney  b Jupp38----0.00
Herbie Collins (c) b Jupp0----0.00
Johnny Taylor lbw b Rhodes27----0.00
Tommy Andrews not out 42----0.00
Jack Ryder c Tate b Rhodes8----0.00
Jack Gregory st †Strudwick b Jupp19----0.00
Sam Everett c †Strudwick b Jupp0----0.00
Clarrie Grimmett c Holmes b Rhodes0----0.00
Arthur Mailey lbw b Jupp3----0.00
Extras(b 1, lb 4, nb 1, w 1)7
TOTAL(75.2 Ov, RR: 2.57)194
Fall of wickets: 1-49, 2-70, 3-89, 4-94, 5-154, 6-166, 7-186, 8-186, 9-187, 10-194
Maurice Tate941301.44---00
Gubby Allen502204.40---00
Greville Stevens602003.33---00
Arthur Gilligan831001.25---00
Wilfred Rhodes2956352.17---00
Vallance Jupp18.235953.21---00
CI Thornton's XI 2nd INNINGS
Herbert Sutcliffe not out 42----0.00
Percy Holmes  b Macartney8----0.00
Arthur Gilligan (c)c Grimmett b Collins16----0.00
Maurice Tate c Gregory b Grimmett1----0.00
Ernest Tyldesley not out 12----0.00
TOTAL(30 Ov, RR: 2.63)79/3
Fall of wickets: 1-20, 2-50, 3-54
Clarrie Grimmett1543612.40---00
Charles Macartney941311.44---00
Herbie Collins603015.00---00
North Marine Road Ground, Scarborough
TossCI Thornton's XI, elected to bat first
SeriesAustralia tour of England
Match daysday(3-day match)
England Image
John Moss
England Image
Lucky Denton
Wed, 08 Sep - day 1 -Australia 1st innings 3/0 (Bill Woodfull 1*, Bert Oldfield 1*)
Thu, 09 Sep - day 2 -Australia 1st innings 34/0 (Bill Woodfull 21*, Bert Oldfield 11*)
Fri, 10 Sep - day 3 -Thornton's 2nd innings 79/3 (30 ov) - end of match