Cheltenham, Aug 7 - 9 1926, Australia tour of England
(7.4 ov, target 36)287 & 39/1
Australians won by 9 wickets
Gloucestershire 1st INNINGS
Frederick Seabrook c Grimmett b Gregory11----0.00
Alfred Dipper  b Grimmett22----0.00
Harry Smith lbw b Mailey15----0.00
Lionel Hedges c †Ellis b Grimmett4----0.00
Reg Sinfield not out 28----0.00
Beverley Lyon lbw b Grimmett35----0.00
Douglas Robinson (c) b Grimmett0----0.00
Robert Melsome st †Ellis b Grimmett15----0.00
Charlie Parker c Gregory b Richardson5----0.00
George Wedel lbw b Grimmett4----0.00
Tom Goddard c Andrews b Grimmett0----0.00
Extras(b 1, lb 3, w 1)5
TOTAL(57.5 Ov, RR: 2.48)144
Fall of wickets: 1-18, 2-42, 3-53, 4-54, 5-108, 6-108, 7-128, 8-135, 9-144, 10-144
Jack Gregory1031711.70---00
Stork Hendry30401.33---00
Clarrie Grimmett25.576772.59---00
Arthur Mailey1114013.63---00
Arthur Richardson841111.37---00
Australians 1st INNINGS
Jack Ryder lbw b Wedel36----0.00
Johnny Taylor lbw b Goddard95----0.00
Charles Macartney c Melsome b Wedel15----0.00
Herbie Collins (c) b Wedel2----0.00
Tommy Andrews c †Smith b Goddard62----0.00
Stork Hendry  b Melsome9----0.00
Arthur Richardson lbw b Goddard13----0.00
Jack Gregory  b Parker15----0.00
John Ellis not out 16----0.00
Clarrie Grimmett run out 0----0.00
Arthur Mailey  b Parker20----0.00
Extras(lb 4)4
TOTAL(79.1 Ov, RR: 3.62)287
Fall of wickets: 1-59, 2-89, 3-93, 4-214, 5-215, 6-228, 7-251, 8-251, 9-251, 10-287
Reg Sinfield2017903.95---00
Tom Goddard1745833.41---00
Charlie Parker24.157823.22---00
George Wedel1223933.25---00
Robert Melsome612914.83---00
Gloucestershire 2nd INNINGS
Alfred Dipper c Collins b Gregory42----0.00
Frederick Seabrook c Macartney b Mailey24----0.00
Harry Smith c Richardson b Grimmett1----0.00
Lionel Hedges st †Ellis b Mailey17----0.00
Reg Sinfield c Andrews b Grimmett2----0.00
Beverley Lyon c Mailey b Gregory26----0.00
Douglas Robinson (c)c Gregory b Mailey32----0.00
Robert Melsome c Gregory b Grimmett0----0.00
Charlie Parker c Gregory b Grimmett8----0.00
George Wedel c Hendry b Mailey7----0.00
Tom Goddard not out 9----0.00
Extras(b 8, lb 2)10
TOTAL(70.5 Ov, RR: 2.51)178
Fall of wickets: 1-42, 2-45, 3-67, 4-76, 5-117, 6-118, 7-119, 8-159, 9-161, 10-178
Jack Gregory1514222.80---00
Clarrie Grimmett28105942.10---00
Arthur Mailey20.546142.92---00
Charles Macartney74600.85---00
Australians 2nd INNINGS (target: 36 runs)
Jack Ryder not out 28----0.00
Johnny Taylor lbw b Wedel0----0.00
Charles Macartney not out 11----0.00
TOTAL(7.4 Ov, RR: 5.08)39/1
Fall of wickets: 1-12
Reg Sinfield20603.00---00
Charlie Parker201507.50---00
George Wedel301214.00---00
Beverley Lyon0.40609.00---00
College Ground, Cheltenham
TossGloucestershire, elected to bat first
SeriesAustralia tour of England
Match daysday(3-day match)
England Image
Robert Burrows
England Image
Walter Buswell
Sat, 07 Aug - day 1 -Australia 1st innings 228/6 (Arthur Richardson 5*)
Sun, 08 Aug - rest day
Mon, 09 Aug - day 2 -Australia 2nd innings 39/1 (7.4 ov) - end of match