Leicester, May 1 - 4 1948, Australia tour of England
(f/o) 130 & 147
Australians won by an innings and 171 runs
Australians 1st INNINGS
Sid Barnes lbw b Sperry78-----
Bill Brown  b Jackson26-----
Keith Miller not out 202-----
Donald Bradman (c)c †Corrall b Etherington81-----
Neil Harvey lbw b Walsh12-----
Ron Hamence st †Corrall b Walsh7-----
Sam Loxton lbw b Jackson4-----
Ian Johnson c Lester b Jackson6-----
Ron Saggers c Lester b Jackson6-----
Doug Ring run out 2-----
Bill Johnston st †Corrall b Jackson12-----
Extras(b 10, nb 2)12
TOTAL(129.2 Ov, RR: 3.46)448
Fall of wickets: 1-46 (Bill Brown), 2-157 (Sid Barnes), 3-316 (Donald Bradman), 4-344 (Neil Harvey), 5-373 (Ron Hamence), 6-393 (Sam Loxton), 8-407 (Ron Saggers), 9-411 (Doug Ring), 10-448 (Bill Johnston, 129.2 ov)
James Sperry2758413.11---00
Maurice Etherington2629413.61---00
Walter Cornock301304.33---00
Vic Jackson37.239152.43---00
Jack Walsh29012524.31---00
Gerald Lester702904.14---00
Leicestershire 1st INNINGS
Les Berry (c) b Loxton1-----
Gerald Lester c †Saggers b Ring19-----
Francis Prentice c Barnes b Johnson22-----
Maurice Tompkin lbw b Ring15-----
Vic Jackson c Brown b Johnson17-----
Walter Cornock run out 10-----
Thomas Chapman c Loxton b Ring4-----
Jack Walsh c Loxton b Ring33-----
Maurice Etherington not out 0-----
Paddy Corrall run out 0-----
James Sperry c Barnes b Ring0-----
Extras(b 4, lb 5)9
TOTAL(57.5 Ov, RR: 2.24)130
Fall of wickets: 1-1 (Les Berry), 2-34 (Gerald Lester), 3-56 (Maurice Tompkin), 4-74 (Francis Prentice), 5-79 (Vic Jackson), 6-90 (Thomas Chapman), 7-130 (Jack Walsh), 8-130 (Walter Cornock), 9-130 (Paddy Corrall), 10-130 (James Sperry, 57.5 ov)
Bill Johnston601502.50---00
Sam Loxton611111.83---00
Ian Johnson2395022.17---00
Doug Ring22.594551.97---00
Leicestershire 2nd INNINGS (FOLLOWING ON)
Les Berry (c)c Miller b Johnson20-----
Gerald Lester c Ring b Johnson40-----
Francis Prentice c & b Johnson3-----
Maurice Tompkin c Johnston b Johnson5-----
Vic Jackson not out 31-----
Walter Cornock  b Johnson6-----
Thomas Chapman c †Saggers b Johnson16-----
Jack Walsh lbw b Johnston1-----
Maurice Etherington  b Johnson0-----
Paddy Corrall c Bradman b Miller8-----
James Sperry  b Miller13-----
Extras(b 2, lb 1, w 1)4
TOTAL(74.1 Ov, RR: 1.98)147
Fall of wickets: 1-45 (Les Berry), 2-66 (Gerald Lester), 3-77 (Francis Prentice), 4-77 (Maurice Tompkin), 5-83 (Walter Cornock), 6-113 (Thomas Chapman), 7-116 (Jack Walsh), 8-117 (Maurice Etherington), 9-131 (Paddy Corrall), 10-147 (James Sperry, 74.1 ov)
Bill Johnston27104211.55---00
Sam Loxton731201.71---00
Doug Ring1122602.36---00
Sid Barnes401102.75---00
Ian Johnson2184272.00---00
Keith Miller4.111022.40---00
Grace Road, Leicester
TossAustralians, elected to bat first
SeriesAustralia tour of England
Match daysday (3-day match)
England Image
Alec Skelding
England Image
Claud Woolley
Sat, 01 May - day 1 - Australia 1st innings 407/8 (Keith Miller 175*, Doug Ring 0*)
Sun, 02 May - rest day
Mon, 03 May - day 2 - Leics 2nd innings 113/5 (Vic Jackson 19*, Thomas Chapman 16*)
Tue, 04 May - day 3 - Leics 2nd innings 147 (74.1 ov) - end of match