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1st ODI (D/N), Southampton, June 22, 2010, Australia tour of England and Ireland
(46/50 ov, T:268) 268/6

England won by 4 wickets (with 24 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
103* (85)
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end of over 4611 runs • 1 wicket
ENG: 268/6CRR: 5.82 
Eoin Morgan103 (85)
Michael Yardy1 (1)
Ryan Harris 9-2-42-3
James Hopes 5-0-30-0

England win by four wickets. Morgan leads the players off, England's good run continues and they have shown Australia they are a mighty different team to the side that got mauled 6-1 last year. At 97 for 4 England looked to be tottering a fraction but Morgan was completely calm, taking his time early on before picking up 14 boundaries on his way to a remarkable century from 85 balls.

Mark Kidger is excited with it all: "How many consecutive ODIs have England won now? Is it 6? When was the last time that we won so many on the bounce? It must be a while ago!" While Ace, sums things up quite nicely: "Every team's finishing batsmen should watch all of Morgan's innings. That's how you finish it off for your team, splendid batsman!"

Brydon will have his bulletin ready shortly so do check that out, and for anyone who could be interested in that other sporting tournament, do check out our sister site ESPNSoccernet.

Eoin Morgan, unsurprising, is named man of the match. That's all from us, good game today and it promises a good series, so I hope you'll join us for the second game at Cardiff on June 24.

Harris to Morgan, FOUR runs

there it is! Eoin Morgan wins the game and makes his hundred! What an innings! Full ball crashed down the ground for four, Morgan screams as he brings up the landmark and punches the air

Harris to Yardy, 1 run

gentle start for Yardy, full toss on leg stump, clipped down to fine leg for a single to bring Morgan back on strike

Michael Yardy is the new man.

Harris to Bresnan, OUT

good delivery brings an end to an excellent innings from Bresnan, full, swinging in, quick and crashed into the stumps, but Bresnan has really done his job there

Tim Bresnan b Harris 27 (39m 29b 3x4 0x6) SR: 93.1
Harris to Morgan, 1 run

oh! Almost had it there, he cut it firmly but straight to third man, Morgan moves to 99

Harris to Morgan, FOUR runs

well, Morgan trying to reach his hundred in style, clears his front foot out the way and smites it through midwicket for four

Harris to Bresnan, 1 run

good piece of fielding from Harris, and probably saved Morgan's chance of a hundred, it was punched back down the ground and Harris stuck a hand out to keep it to one

Well with only five overs to go, England by default have taken the Batting Powerplay. Ryan Harris is back on.

end of over 455 runs
ENG: 257/5CRR: 5.71 RRR: 2.20
Tim Bresnan26 (27)
Eoin Morgan94 (82)
James Hopes 5-0-30-0
Nathan Hauritz 8-0-44-0
Hopes to Bresnan, 1 run

oops, Bresnan misreads the script and steals a single and the strike

Hopes to Bresnan, no run

Bresnan doing the right thing as far as Morgan is concerned, blocking into the off side

Hopes to Morgan, 1 run

this time it's blocked into the covers and Morgan rushes through for a single, he's just one hit away now

Hopes to Morgan, 2 runs

better shot this time, worked round to square leg and he takes a couple

Hopes to Morgan, no run

perhaps Morgan is going to try and hit his way to a hundred, here he saunters down the wicket and swishes at thin air

Hopes to Bresnan, 1 run

good from Hopes, drifting it into Bresnan, who drops it into the off side and scampers through for a single to bring Morgan back on strike

end of over 449 runs
ENG: 252/5CRR: 5.72 RRR: 2.66
Eoin Morgan91 (79)
Tim Bresnan24 (24)
Nathan Hauritz 8-0-44-0
James Hopes 4-0-25-0
Hauritz to Morgan, no run

Morgan on the reverse-sweep, will he make his hundred? He times the shot excellently but picks out the fielder at point

Hauritz to Bresnan, 1 run

follows up the two boundaries with a little nudge into the leg side for a single

Hauritz to Bresnan, FOUR runs

tossed up and a big heave from Bresnan, fetched it from well outside off but timed it excellently, gets four to midwicket

Hauritz to Bresnan, no run

nicely bowled again and Bresnan defends

Hauritz to Bresnan, no run

Bresnan this time is defending watchfully into the off side

Hauritz to Bresnan, FOUR runs

floated well up outside off, Hauritz really searching for a wicket, but Bresnan thumps it cleanly past extra cover for four more

end of over 4310 runs
ENG: 243/5CRR: 5.65 RRR: 3.57
Eoin Morgan91 (78)
Tim Bresnan15 (19)
James Hopes 4-0-25-0
Nathan Hauritz 7-0-35-0
Hopes to Morgan, no run

sees out the over with a careful defence

Hopes to Morgan, FOUR runs

Morgan on fire here, really top innings this, hint of width and Morgan cut superbly, just behind point and it raced away for another boundary