2nd Test, Lord's, June 22 - 26, 1972, Australia tour of England and Scotland
272 & 116
(T:81) 308 & 81/2

Australia won by 8 wickets

England 1st Innings
Australia 1st Innings
England 2nd Innings
Australia 2nd Innings
Match Details
England 1st Innings 
Geoff Boycott  b Massie1129470037.93
John Edrich lbw b Lillee1043622023.25
Brian Luckhurst  b Lillee1230050.00
Mike Smith  b Massie341071123031.77
Basil D'Oliveira lbw b Massie3249725065.30
Tony Greig c †Marsh b Massie541171524046.15
Alan Knott c Colley b Massie43821134052.43
Ray Illingworth (c)lbw b Massie3047642063.82
John Snow  b Massie3761744060.65
Norman Gifford c †Marsh b Massie320250015.00
John Price not out 42600200.00
Extras(lb 6, nb 6, w 1)13
TOTAL91.5 Ov (RR: 2.96)272
Fall of wickets: 1-22 (Geoff Boycott), 2-23 (Brian Luckhurst), 3-28 (John Edrich), 4-84 (Basil D'Oliveira), 5-97 (Mike Smith), 6-193 (Alan Knott), 7-200 (Tony Greig), 8-260 (Ray Illingworth), 9-265 (John Snow), 10-272 (Norman Gifford)
Dennis Lillee2839023.21---00
Bob Massie32.578482.55---00
David Colley1624202.62---00
Greg Chappell611803.00---00
John Gleeson912502.77---00
Australia 1st Innings 
Keith Stackpole c Gifford b Price5890062.50
Bruce Francis  b Snow011000.00
Ian Chappell (c)c Smith b Snow561131436149.55
Greg Chappell  b D'Oliveira13130337314043.23
Doug Walters c Illingworth b Snow1850012.50
Ross Edwards c Smith b Illingworth281371481020.43
John Gleeson c †Knott b Greig12432004.16
Rod Marsh c Greig b Snow5068746273.52
David Colley c Greig b Price2543683058.13
Bob Massie c †Knott b Snow021000.00
Dennis Lillee not out 22833007.14
Extras(lb 7, nb 2)9
TOTAL122.1 Ov (RR: 2.52)308
Fall of wickets: 1-1 (Bruce Francis), 2-7 (Keith Stackpole), 3-82 (Ian Chappell), 4-84 (Doug Walters), 5-190 (Ross Edwards), 6-212 (John Gleeson), 7-250 (Greg Chappell), 8-290 (Rod Marsh), 9-290 (Bob Massie), 10-308 (David Colley)
John Snow32135751.78---00
John Price26.158723.32---00
Tony Greig2967412.55---00
Basil D'Oliveira1754812.82---00
Norman Gifford1142001.81---00
Ray Illingworth721311.85---00
England 2nd Innings 
Geoff Boycott  b Lillee612171050.00
John Edrich c †Marsh b Massie638531015.78
Brian Luckhurst c †Marsh b Lillee410110040.00
Mike Smith c Edwards b Massie30991572030.30
Basil D'Oliveira c GS Chappell b Massie316230018.75
Tony Greig c IM Chappell b Massie311150027.27
Alan Knott c GS Chappell b Massie1226242046.15
Ray Illingworth (c)c Stackpole b Massie1239452030.76
John Snow c †Marsh b Massie011000.00
Norman Gifford not out 1648671033.33
John Price c GS Chappell b Massie1936483052.77
Extras(nb 4, w 1)5
TOTAL55.2 Ov (RR: 2.09)116
Fall of wickets: 1-12 (Geoff Boycott), 2-16 (Brian Luckhurst), 3-18 (John Edrich), 4-25 (Basil D'Oliveira), 5-31 (Tony Greig), 6-52 (Alan Knott), 7-74 (Ray Illingworth), 8-74 (John Snow), 9-81 (Mike Smith), 10-116 (John Price)
Dennis Lillee2165022.38---00
Bob Massie27.295381.93---00
David Colley71801.14---00
Australia 2nd Innings (T: 81 runs)
Keith Stackpole not out 57791038072.15
Bruce Francis c †Knott b Price925321036.00
Ian Chappell (c)c Luckhurst b D'Oliveira633371018.18
Greg Chappell not out 724290029.16
Extras(lb 2)2
TOTAL26.5 Ov (RR: 3.01)81/2
Fall of wickets: 1-20 (Bruce Francis), 2-51 (Ian Chappell)
John Snow821501.87---00
John Price702814.00---00
Tony Greig301705.66---00
Basil D'Oliveira831411.75---00
Brian Luckhurst0.50506.00---00
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Lord's, London
TossEngland, elected to bat first
Series result5-match series level 1-1
Match numberTest no. 699
Match daysday (5-day match)
Test debut
Ross Edwards
Ross Edwards
Bob Massie
Bob Massie
Arthur Fagg
David Constant
Thu, 22 Jun - day 1 - England 1st innings 249/7 (Ray Illingworth 23*, John Snow 28*)
Fri, 23 Jun - day 2 - Australia 1st innings 201/5 (Greg Chappell 105*, John Gleeson 0*)
Sat, 24 Jun - day 3 - England 2nd innings 86/9 (Norman Gifford 3*, John Price 2*)
Sun, 25 Jun - rest day
Mon, 26 Jun - day 4 - Australia 2nd innings 81/2 (26.5 ov) - end of match