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England vs Australia, 3rd Test at Birmingham, , Jul 30 2009 - Ball by Ball Commentary

3rd Test, Birmingham, July 30 - August 03, 2009, Australia tour of England and Scotland
263 & 375/5

Match drawn

Player Of The Match
29 & 103*
AUS 2nd Innings
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That's it from Edgbaston, where the draw leaves England with their 1-0 lead heading to Leeds for the fourth Test beginning on Friday. For now from myself Brydon Coverdale, and Will Luke, it's goodbye.

Here's the presentations. Andrew Strauss: "We're pretty disappointed. We came to the ground this morning with pretty high hopes. All credit to Marcus North and Michael Clarke, they batted exceptionally well." Strauss is optimistic that Flintoff will be fit for Friday's third Test at Headingley.

Ricky Ponting: "The North and Clarke partnership today was something pretty special. It was good for us to get through the way we have."

The Man of the Match is Michael Clarke, for his unbeaten match-saving century. Well played that man. "The wicket played much better than I expected it to today. There was a bit of spin but it was consistent spin."

Clarke raises his bat and takes the applause, and the captains have agreed that is the end of the game. What a super innings from Michael Clarke, he and Marcus North came together with Australia far from safe in this match and they killed off England's hopes of victory. The rain, of course, was the deciding factor earlier in the match. Handshakes all round.

Bopara to Clarke, FOUR runs

there it is, Clarke swivels a pull behind fine leg to the boundary and that's his 12th Test century

Bopara to Clarke, no run

yes? No? Pushes it towards mid-on and thinks of a run, but sends Manou back

end of over 1124 runs
AUS: 371/5CRR: 3.31 
Michael Clarke99 (190b 13x4)
Graham Manou13 (28b 1x4)
Paul Collingwood 2-0-8-0
Ravi Bopara 8-1-40-0

Right. That's it from me. Here's Brydon for the last rites. See you on Friday. T'ta

PD Collingwood to Clarke, 3 runs

flicked to leg and he'll take three

This is almost a stalemate. Don't really understand what Clarke's tactics are here, whether he's just trying to inflict some pain on England and make them wait and wait

PD Collingwood to Clarke, no run

Clarke comes forward and defends on the front foot

PD Collingwood to Clarke, no run

and again, Clarke defends on the front foot

PD Collingwood to Clarke, no run

forward defensive......

Right. Clarke. 96. One clean hit will do it

PD Collingwood to Manou, 1 run

punched out to the off side for a dangerously risky single

Crowd are beginning to leave. They've had enough. A few boos around the ground, but they're mostly content

PD Collingwood to Manou, no run

defended to point

Drinks. This match continues to drift absolutely nowhere. This is faintly farcical really. What's going to happen? Well they're all enjoying a jolly good drink for now, and they're carrying on. Surely, surely they'll call it quits when Clarke reaches three figures? Manou on strike

end of over 1111 run
AUS: 367/5CRR: 3.30 
Michael Clarke96 (186b 13x4)
Graham Manou12 (26b 1x4)
Ravi Bopara 8-1-40-0
Paul Collingwood 1-0-4-0
Bopara to Clarke, no run

defended on the front foot

Bopara to Clarke, (no ball)

got him! Caught at first slip brilliantly - but it's a no-ball! It's a no-ball! What drama. Superb catch by Anderson

Bopara to Clarke, no run

wide of the off stump and left alone

Bopara to Clarke, no run

worked to midwicket

Bopara to Clarke, no run

stroked back to the bowler

Bopara to Clarke, no run

left alone outside off. Clarke's taking his time, to say the least. He's absolutely killing England here

Bopara to Clarke, no run

the most solid of defensives. Flintoff's in his eyeline at short extra-cover and will doubtless be offering some words of encouragement

end of over 1104 runs
AUS: 366/5CRR: 3.32 
Michael Clarke96 (179b 13x4)
Graham Manou12 (26b 1x4)
Paul Collingwood 1-0-4-0
Ravi Bopara 7-1-39-0
PD Collingwood to Clarke, 1 run

steals a single but it's off the pad I think. No - a run

PD Collingwood to Clarke, no run

firmly defends on the front foot

Clarke's having a laugh at the fielders in the deep, and shadows a few defensives. England are digging into him and he's replying in kind - all very good natured and good fun

PD Collingwood to Clarke, no run

shoulders arms

Clarke on strike

PD Collingwood to Manou, 1 run

pushed out to the off side

PD Collingwood to Manou, 2 runs

neatly played, guiding it down to third man for a single. No! Manou wants two

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