1st T20I (N), Southampton, Aug 29 2013, Australia tour of England and Scotland
(20 ov, target 249)209/6
Australia won by 39 runs
Player Of The Match
156 (63)
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• The Report by Andrew McGlashan at the Ageas Bowl

Finch stuns England with blazing 156

Aaron Finch, the 26-year-old Victorian, ransacked England's bowling with an eye-popping world record 156 as Australia secured their first victory in any format for 200 days.

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Scores: Sanjay Murari
Comms: Alan Gardner
Scorecard summary
Australia248/6(20 overs)
England209/6(20 overs)
end of over 2014 runs • 1 wicket
ENG: 209/6CRR: 10.45 
Joe Root90 (49)
Stuart Broad4 (2)
James Faulkner 4-0-39-1
Shane Watson 4-0-42-1

10.10pm: We've just seen more than twice as many runs in 40 overs as England scored in 98 at The Oval last Friday. What does that tell us? Probably something terrible... Anyway, Gnasher's report will chronicle tonight's circus freakshow of batting - join us again in a couple of days for the rematch. Cheerio

10pm: Right, time for the post-match rubdown. England captain, Stuart Broad: "We're really disappointed that we lost but full credit has to go to the way Australia batted, Finch especially. We tried everything but he was unstoppable, he hit 14 sixes, it was incredible. His first ball went for six. We knew it was going to be a good wicket but not quite that good. The batsmen want to pitch a tent up here and the bowlers want to get on the flight to Durham. Hopefully we get the same excitement up there, though. Joe did incredibly well in his first international T20 innings, it's what we've come to expect."

Australia captain, George Bailey: "I think the only innings I've seen like [Finch's] was Chris Gayle in the IPL. When he hits sixes he tries to hit them 40 rows back... We've found that Watto is so good at playing spin bowling, with a view to the next World T20, we can have him come in at four and take them out. We knew it was going to be a really good wicket and would be a hard ground to defend. There are always a few things to work on, though. I thought we bowled back of a length a bit more, and changed things up. We were a bit short to Root, who likes it there. Fawad Ahmed's last over was nice, his first game, big occasion but he go through it okay."

Aaron Finch, to the surprise of no one, is named Man of the Match: "It's good to come here from the Australia A side and play some good cricket. It was one of those days, not easy for the quicks, no spin, so I managed to get it away." Nice line in understatement, there, from the man who made the highest-ever score in Twenty20 internationals earlier tonight.

9.50pm: By most available metrics, Australia smashed that. It was a contest that rained sixes (until England batted), sweated fours, the highest-scoring T20 international ever - England made their second-highest score and still lost by a distance. Aaron Finch stamped his mark so hard on the game that England will still feel sore when they wake up tomorrow morning. Joe Root's jaw might also smart, after getting clocked by his third ball, but again he showed he doesn't mind wearing one - and that was his first T20I knock, too.

Faulkner to Root, 1 run

dropped, off the last ball! Root swished across the line, got a thin inside edge but Wade grassed it, they scamper one more as the ball ran behind the keeper - but it's fairly academic, as Australia win by 39 runs

Faulkner to Broad, 1 bye

Broad swings and misses, they run anyway as Wade underarms past the stumps

Faulkner to Broad, FOUR runs

no but he'll get four instead, standing up and levering the ball back over the bowler's head, mid-off is up and the ball races away

Out comes Stuart Broad - can he get Root on strike?

Faulkner to Buttler, OUT

gone, leg stump out of the ground! Good follow up from Faulkner, full and fast and Buttler is castled attempting to slog

Jos Buttler b Faulkner 27 (25m 17b 1x4 2x6) SR: 158.82
Faulkner to Buttler, SIX runs

length ball, Buttler steps away and smears the ball over wide long-off, don't think he caught that cleanly but it sailed over the rope

Faulkner to Buttler, 2 runs

pitched up, wide of the stumps and clouted on the full through midwicket for a couple

end of over 1914 runs
ENG: 195/5CRR: 10.26 RRR: 54.00
Joe Root89 (48)
Jos Buttler19 (14)
Shane Watson 4-0-42-1
James Faulkner 3-0-26-0

If he can get back on strike, Root is in with a chance of scoring England's first T20 international hundred, you know

Watson to Root, 2 runs

back away and drills a full ball through square, they come back for two

Watson to Root, FOUR runs

sliding to leg, flicks across the line, good, firm connection and the ball slips to the boundary behind deep square leg

Watson to Root, no run

tries to scoop another full ball, misses and is hit on the toe

Watson to Root, 2 runs

short, proper bouncer, Root pulls into the air, takes his hand off the bat and it loops over square

Watson wasn't happy with that wide call, saying Root had move out of the way, I think

Watson to Root, 1 wide

Root goes across, Watson drops short and slides down the leg side

Watson to Root, FOUR runs

plays the reverse ramp, catches it on the full and flicks the ball low, straight to the man on the edge of the circle - but unfortunately that man is Fawad Ahmed, who completely misjudges it and the ball escapes his grasp like a bar of soap and runs for four

Watson to Buttler, 1 run

excellent yorker from Watson, right up on Buttler's toes, he blocks it for one past the bowler

end of over 186 runs
ENG: 181/5CRR: 10.05 RRR: 34.00
Joe Root77 (43)
Jos Buttler18 (13)
James Faulkner 3-0-26-0
Mitchell Johnson 4-1-41-2

This is now the highest match aggregate for a T20 international, surpassing the 428 piled up by New Zealand and Australia at Christchurch in 2010

Faulkner to Root, 2 runs

this has been an excellent over from Faulkner, pitched up in the blockhole and clubbed to long-on for one more

Faulkner to Buttler, 1 run

full and straight, squeezed off the pads to fine leg

Faulkner to Root, 1 run

comes forward, bunts a full ball into the ground to long-on for one

Faulkner to Root, no run

Root tries to get cute, goes across his stumps and tries to scoop, Faulkner had delivered the ball out of the back of the hand and the lack of pace foils him, it bounces over the stumps and through to Wade

Faulkner to Buttler, 1 run

gets forward, hacks across the line and gets one down the ground to long-off

Faulkner to Root, 1 run

full and sliding to leg, squirts the ball out through square

Faulkner back into the attack, replacing Hazlewood

end of over 1717 runs
ENG: 175/5CRR: 10.29 RRR: 24.66
Joe Root73 (39)
Jos Buttler16 (11)
Mitchell Johnson 4-1-41-2
Josh Hazlewood 4-0-43-2

England need 74 from the last three overs. Not even Michael Hussey could win it from here

Johnson to Root, 1 run

Root moving about in his crease, trying to call Johnson's bluff, it's a low full toss outside off and prodded into the covers

Best performances - batters
Aaron Finch portrait
AJ Finch AUS
156 runs (63)
11 fours
14 sixes
Productive shot
on side drive on front foot
34 runs
2 fours
4 sixes
Joe Root portrait
90 runs (49)
13 fours
1 six
Productive shot
pull/hook on back foot
27 runs
5 fours
0 six
Best performances - bowlers
Jade Dernbach portrait
JW Dernbach ENG
Mitchell Johnson player pic
MG Johnson AUS
Match details
The Rose Bowl, Southampton
TossEngland, elected to field first
SeriesAustralia tour of England and Scotland
Player Of The Match
Aaron Finch
Aaron Finch
Series resultAustralia led the 2-match series 1-0
Match numberT20I no. 328
Hours of play (local time)18.30 start, First Session 18.30-19.50, Interval 19.50-20.10, Second Session 20.10-21.30
Match days29 August 2013 - night (20-over match)
T20I debut
Fawad Ahmed
Fawad Ahmed
England Image
Rob Bailey
England Image
Tim Robinson
TV Umpire
England Image
Michael Gough
Reserve Umpire
England Image
David Millns
Match Referee
Sri Lanka Image
Roshan Mahanama
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